How Long and the Number of Chapters in Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus How Long

Metro Exodus is the latest game from developer 4A Games and it’s taking players out of the subway. Set in the varied wilds of post-apocalyptic Russia, Metro Exodus follows franchise protagonist Artyom and his comrades as they search for a better life beyond the irradiated hellscape of the metro. Boasting a full campaign and no online features, some may wonder just how long it takes to finish Metro Exodus.

During our playthrough, we spent around 30 hours exploring and battling our way through this lengthy campaign. However, unlike previous games in this series, Metro Exodus boasts a few different open worlds to explore. We say a few because this game is broken up into four major acts, each of which corresponds with a season.

Two of the seasons – Spring and Summer – drop Artyom in a new, semi-large open world that they are free to explore. In these sections, there are a number of sidequests for players to finish and optional locations to explore. While the latter two seasonsĀ  – Autumn and Winter – are fairly linear, they are still quite long.

Below are all of the chapters for Metro Exodus, however, we will be changing the name of one to avoid any spoilers. It will have the placeholder title “Winter 2,” but that’s not the official name of the chapter.

  • Introduction
  • Moscow
  • Winter
  • The Volga
  • Spring
  • Yamantau
  • The Caspian
  • Summer
  • The Taiga
  • Autumn
  • Winter 2
  • Finale

Metro Exodus features no New Game Plus mechanic, so once you finish the game you’ll have to start over. However, this game has different endings to various chapters and the overall game, which encourages repeat playthroughs. There are also quite a few trophy/achievements and several different difficulty settings.

Yet, if you want to just rush through Metro Exodus once and never touch it again, you’re looking at roughly a 30-40 hour journey on the Normal difficulty setting.