How to Get the Night Vision Goggles in Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus Night Vision Goggles

If you want to survive in the harsh world of Metro Exodus then you’ll want to pick up a pair of Night Vision Goggles. Found in two locations, these goggles will help you see in the dark, making stealth infinitely easier. Since enemies can see your flashlight, the goggles serve as a great alternative for skulking around bandit camps or out in the wild.

Because there are two locations for these goggles – one of which is way later in the game – we will break this up into early and late game section.

Early Game

The first time you get a chance to obtain these goggles is when you are going to get the passenger car in The Volga. Inside this building, there is a locked door that requires a specific key to get inside. This key is given to Artyom from a prisoner you free in the bandit slave camp that Duke points out earlier. You can find this base on the left side of tracks just in front of Duke’s outpost.

After you kill all the guards and free al the prisoners in this camp, speak to one of the captives in the cell. He will gift you with a key to the locked door. Now make your way to the area where the passenger car is located and row a boat into the building. Once you dock, head left and you should see a staircase to your left. Go up it and unlock the door with the key you were gifted. The night vision goggles can be found inside of this room.

Late Game

The second place you’ll find night vision goggles is in The Taiga level, after your scout train crashes. Once you are free to explore you’ll eventually come across a broken bridge that is guarded by a group of bandits. After they jump down from the tree and taunt you, head into the riverbed to your left. Instead of going towards the church, turn left and go up the small hill to the rotting house.

Inside the house are several snakes – including one rather big one – and some supplies. Go down into the basement and use the crossbow to kill the blue snake. Once it’s dead you can find the night vision goggles on the shelf next to the snake’s body.

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