Destiny 2 Cross Save Postponed Right Before Launch

Destiny 2 Cross Save Postponed

One of the biggest features for Destiny 2, cross save, has been postponed. Set to release some time around today’s Daily Reset, Bungie announced on Twitter that the maintenance for this feature is delayed. Cross save is expected to go live at 12:30 p.m PT/3:30 P.M. ET. Given how complicated adding cross save must be, it’s understandable that Bungie might need more time.

For now, users will need to wait and see when cross save goes live. Given how anticipated this feature is by fans, we suspect Bungie wants to make sure everything is polished before launch. Nobody wants to have their character vanish when linking accounts

However, you can link your Steam and account while you wait. This will be necessary, as Destiny 2 is leaving Blizzard’s platform when Shadowkeep releases in October. Remember, transferring over your account is completely free and you’ll earn a free copy of all the content you own. If you need to move to Steam, just visit this page to begin the process. You will need to verify your Bungie account email to begin the process.

All we can do now is wait and see when Bungie plans to unleash cross save upon the Destiny 2 community. We will update this post if any changes or new information is released.

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