NBA 2K20 Demo: Everything You Can Do With MyPlayer

NBA 2K20 MyPlayer Demo

2K Sports Here's all you can do with your MyPlayer in the NBA 2K20 demo.

The NBA 2K20 demo has finally arrived and with no official announcement of a Prelude in sight, it looks like this is what we’re getting in the meantime.

This demo features the normal contents of the Prelude such as 2KU and the option to get a headstart on your MyPlayer.

Players will have the option to try out six different players so you’re sure to find something you like. There are more than 100 archetypes and 50 new badges to choose from so you might even find out that six different players aren’t enough to find out what works best for you.

What Can You Do With MyPlayer?

NBA 2K20 MyGM Info

2K SportsKawhi Leonard is a Clipper now.

The first thing you have the option of doing when you create your player is importing your face scan into the game.

You can either do that or choose to make your player from the ground up. Then you’ll name your player, select their dominant hand, position and jersey number. After that, you’ll select your player’s skill breakdown and physical profile.

After that is finished, you put in your attribute points that will best suit your playstyle. Your takeover will be important so make sure you read those before you finalize your character.

Finally, your character is complete and it will tell you what type of build you just made and give you NBA comparisons.

Next, you’ll select your MyPlayer’s badges and then you’ll be able to test our your player in a game on either the Raptors or Warriors, the 2019 NBA Finals participants.

Outside of there, there’s not a whole lot else you can do with your player as there’s no Pro-Am pickup games or anything of the sort.

If you’re primarily a park player you’ll at least be able to get in here to make and finetune your player before taking them to the final release.

The MyCareer option is there but there’s no way to select it, making a tease more than anything else.

NBA 2K20 releases September 6 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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