All Twilight Gap Timelost Fragement Locations in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Timelost Fragment Locations

The new Exotic quest for the Devil’s Run sidearm is officially live in Destiny 2 and it’s one of the shortest quests in the game. While the first part simply requires you to complete The Sundial while killing Champion tier enemies, the second half is a little more relaxed. After you visit Saint-14, he will ask you to go visit the Twilight Gap in the EDZ. Here you will be tasked with obtaining 10 Timelost Fragments to repair the gun. There are no enemies, but finding all the fragments can be a bit frustrating – especially if you’re unfamiliar with the map.

Here’s where to find every Timelost Fragment in no particular order.

1. Fragment One

Destiny 2 Timelost Fragment

You can find the first Timelost fragment to your right when you spawn. It’s located on the raised scaffolding near the back of the map. Just interact with the dead robot to obtain the first piece.

2. Fragment Two

From the crane, turn to your left and approach the big rock with a small patch of grass in front of it. You will see one of the robots lying dead against the boulder if you face the cliffs.

3. Fragment Three

Now head to where Control Point A is located and go to the entrance from the middle lane of the map. You will find the robot lying against the metal doorframe near some crates.

4. Fragment Four

After you have all the Timelost Fragments around Control Point A, go to the underground portion of the map. Directly across where the Heavy ammo spawns you will find your fourth dead robot lying on the ground.

5. Fragment Five

Once you obtain the fourth fragment, jump up to the flood above you where the main lanes converge. The fifth robot is lying against the large crates in the middle of the room.

6. Fragment Six

Now head out into the middle area and go to the large open crate on the A-side of this section. Inside the metal container is the sixth dead robot, so go up and inspect him.

7. Fragment Seven

Turn around and head towards where Control Point B spawns. Along the guardrail on the C-side of the outer ring is the location of the seventh robot. It will be laying against some crates and you will get a nice view of where all those pesky snipers typically hang out. Plus you can see where the eighth Timelost Fragment is from here!

8. Fragment Eight

From the seventh Timelost Fragment location, jump across the gap to the other side of the map. On the ground level in a tunnel to your left, you will see the robot laying against the concrete wall.

9. Fragment Nine

Go to the way back of the map behind where Control Point C spawns. You will find the ninth robot against some machines near the entrance to the outer lane where the cannons are firing.

10. Fragment Ten

Finally, go under the large cannon that occasionally fires shells out into the distance. The tenth and final Timelost Fragment is found at the front of the artillery piece. After you pick this up you’ll hear a lengthy dialogue exchange before being awarded the Devil’s Run Exotic.

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