New Fortnite Impostor Game Mode Has Huge Lore Reveals

fortnite imposter ltm lore

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The latest Fortnite update may have been the one that finally destroyed Coral Castle, but there’s a lot more going on with this patch that affects more than just the Battle Royale mode.

Introduced with v17.40, there’s a new game mode called Impostors, which just looks like Epic’s version of Among Us in Fortnite, but there’s a lot more going on here.

In the trailer introducing the mode, we learn that the Imagined Order headed by Doctor Slone has actually been around for thousands of years, and there’s a whole room in their HQ that lets them look at several different Fortnite games at once.

This is getting a little bit too meta at this point, but it looks like every game we play in Fortnite does actually happen in terms of the lore.

Lots of Lore

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The trailer reveals how long the IO has been around and Slone also reveals that Jonesy wasn’t working alone with his betrayal.

Now, that’s where things get tricky. It’s tough to tell if she’s just saying this to set up the new game mode, or if there’s actually another person working with the IO that is on the side of the island dwellers.

Something else the mode does is give players the chance to explore the IO HQ, and there are some interesting things to look at. For example, heading into the Science Lab area reveals that the IO is working on some Kevin the Cube prototype.

The Island Control room is perhaps the most interesting because it gives players a look at what the IO sees on a daily basis – other players playing Fortnite. There are plenty of other things to check out, so make sure you make some time to do that while completing your tasks.

How Long Does it Last?

fortnite v17.40 patch notes

Epic Games

Something interesting about the Impostors mode is the fact that Epic didn’t say if this was going to be a limited-time mode or if it’s here to stick around. Usually, the developers would let you know if it’s not going to be here forever.

In the blog post, Epic made no mention of it being here for a limited time, so we might get to play it through the end of the season at least. It looks like Doctor Slone is becoming the big bad of all of Fortnite, and it’s nice to see because we haven’t really had anyone like that since Midas.

Even if you’re not at all interested in the lore the game has to offer, you might want to consider trying the Impostor mode just to earn a bunch of XP. The end of the season is getting closer, so you’ll want to make sure you unlock as many of the special outfits as you can before it ends.

Make sure you check out the actual map changes that have been made as well. Coral Castle is currently floating up high in the air, so give that a look before the aliens wipe it away for good.

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