Fortnite Arena Mode Getting Major Changes in Season 8

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If you’re a competitive player who likes playing Fortnite, then chances are good that you’re doing it exclusively in the Arena mode.

While this is deemed to be the competitive playlist, there’s not really much of a difference between it and the regular lobbies, with the exception being there are less wacky guns and items in Arena.

Through Open League and up to Champions League, many players would even argue it’s an easier time there than it is in a regular game mode.

In Season 7, Epic changed up the mode to offer more points for placements over the course of the game, but the end result was an easier journey to Champions League, the premier ranking that players need to compete in the FNCS and other tournaments.

Before the launch of Season 8, Epic acknowledged their mistake and said they will be making even more changes.

On September 17, the first one came to the game, but there are more on the way.

Fills Are Here

Epic Games

Ever since Arena came out, anybody who played solo would have to stick to the Solo playlist, but that has now changed.

In Season 8, Epic has decided to experiment with “Fills,” meaning you can queue into Duos or Trios by yourself and still get a full team.

This is a nice idea if you have nobody to play with but don’t want to go through the grueling games that a solo experience can give you.

It’s also a nice way to get Arena points if you’re struggling because wiping a full Trio is enough to get your placement points back in many situations and then some.

This won’t be the end of the changes Epic gives us, but instead this is just the beginning. We don’t have a lot of details of what to expect in the future, but when the Competitive Preseason completes, we’ll likely get more.

What to Expect

fortnite season 8 new shotgun

Epic Games

On September 8, Epic came out with a blog post that revealed some of the changes the team was looking at implementing.

It announced that the Arena Hype from Season 7 will be reset on September 28, so there’s still a bit of time for you to jump into the mode without having to worry about your points. This is being used as a way to gauge the new items of Season 8 and whether they are ready for competitive formats.

They also mention the Fills option, something that has already been released, so we can check that one off the list.

Other details are very scarce as they simply leave us with this:

“We’ll be making more adjustments this season to make it more challenging to get to Champion League so quickly.”

fortnite galaxy cup 2.0

Epic Games

It sounds like the points might see another tweak, but it’s tough to tell what they mean exactly from that sentence alone. They could prioritize more points per elimination and hand out less placement points.

However, that would seemingly feel like a step backwards from how competitive is played. A lot of Arena players would feel a way to simulate the moving circles and late-game rotations of the FNCS is the way to go. As it stands right now, Arena is all about taking all the fights you can get whether you live or die.

For some players, that’s fine, but for anybody trying to get better at tournaments, it leaves a lot to be desired.

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