Hoax Nurse Jacintha Saldanha Had a History of Suicide Attempts

Jacintha Saldanha, the British nurse who killed herself after receiving a prank phone call by two Australian DJs, had a long history of suicide, reports revealed yesterday. According to the Daily Mail, the nurse had been treated for depression after two previous suicide attempts.

Saldanha, who reportedly tried to overdose on pills on a family trip to India last year and then attempted suicide again nine days later by jumping off of a building, received psychiatric care and was prescribed anti-depressants.

The woman’s family previously denied any history of depression and did not comment after reports of her previous suicide attempts broke.

Saldanha’s brother, Naveen Saldanha, who lives in India, said his sister never discussed her health issues when she visited:

“Jacintha never wanted the family to know of the incident and we played a behind-the-scene role,” Naveen said, speaking of her previous suicide attempt. “Even this incident (on January 8) was not discussed at home for the knowledge of it would have hurt my ailing mother Carmine. We told her that Jacintha was admitted to hospital for blood pressure problems.”

Obviously a lot more is going on here than a prank phone call. Maybe these reports will cut some slack to the Aussie DJs who prank dialed the hospital to obtain confidential information on Kate Middleton.

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