Medical Examiner Changes Opinions On Key Information in Zimmerman Trial

Dr. Bao Picture

The defense in George Zimmerman’s murder trial exposed two inconsistencies of opinion by Trayvon Martin’s medical examiner, Dr. Shiping Bao, in court today.

In a November deposition, Dr. Bao estimated that Trayvon Martin may have been alive for 1-3 minutes after sustaining the gunshot injury. Today, Dr. Bao testified that he changed his opinion, stating that Martin could have been alive for 1-10 minutes after the trauma. When Don West, lead defensive attorney for George Zimmerman, questioned the medical examiner about it, Dr. Bao said he changed his opinion three weeks ago, based on a similar case he worked on. He then reminded that this was just his opinion and that opinions are “no truth or false.”

The second change in opinion followed minutes later when the defense continued asking about Dr. Bao’s November deposition, concerning his opinion on whether the presence of THC or other marijuana byproducts in Trayvon Martin’s blood would have an effect on his actions that night. His original statement was that it would not. Today, the medical examiner said that in the last 60, after consulting a biologist by the name of Dr. Brooks in Washington State, he changed his opinion while preparing for today’s testimony, stating that “marijuana could have no effect or some effect.”

Now, because this occured during a limited inquiry period (a cross examination without the jury present), this segment of Dr. Bao’s of testimony will not be presented to the jury.

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