Marc Mezvinsky: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



Millionaire Marc Mezvinsky is the husband of Chelsea Clinton and the father of their newborn baby, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Marc & Chelsea Welcomed a Baby Girl Named Charlotte on Friday

Clinton and Mazvinsky welcomed Charlotte into the world Friday night and announced the baby girl’s birth on Twitter on Saturday.

Clinton, 34, and Mezvinsky, 36, have been married since 2010. The marriage was an interfaith ceremony. Mezvinsky is Jewish and Clinton is Methodist. The wedding was at the former estate of John Jacob Astor IV.

Chelsea has regularly joked about her own family’s ‘unapologetic’ pressure for a grandchild. There was less pressure from the Mezvinskys.

President Obama recently made a joke about the pregnancy stating, “she has my motorcade and will be able to navigate traffic”, during a foundation event.

2. Marc Works on Wall Street



Mezvinsky is a Stanford alumnus who has worked as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs and at the hedge fun G3 Capital. He’s also the co-founder of the hedge fund Eaglevale Partners.

After leaving G3 Capital, he set out to start his own hedge fund.

3. His Father was a Former U.S Congressman Who Served Time in Prison for Fraud

Marc’s father, Edward Mezvinsky, is a former two-term Iowa congressman.

His father had also plead guilty to cheating dozens of investors out of $10 million in 2002, spending 5 years in prison until 2008 for fraud.

4. His Mother Is a Former NBC Correspondent

Marc’s mother, Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, is a former correspondent for NBC news during the 70’s and one term congresswoman, in 1992.

She walked her son Marc down the aisle, during Mezvinsky and Clinton’s wedding, due to Edward Mezvinsky being on the outs with his family. Marjorie Margolies divorced her husband Ed Mezvinsky in 2007.

5. Marc and Chelsea Met When They Were Teenagers



The two met during a 1993 Democratic political retreat when they were teenagers, she was 13 and he was 16. They got to know each better when they were at Stanford before they started dating.

Chelsea was dating a writer Ian Klaus, but the two broke up and when they did, she found comfort in Marc before the relationship became something deeper.




I am one of the victims of Marc’s father’s evil pyramid scene in which my husband and I gave $100,000.00 to this man with his promise to invest it and return it plus 25%. He stole our money along with so many others’. I have children now in college with student loans they may never be able to pay. Chelsea Clinton’s father -in-law stole my children’s financial freedom! Why doe the media downplay this connection to the Clintons?


There is no need to focus on his father here. They mentioned it but there is no nee to highlight it as this article isn’t about Mark’s father. I can see your frustration and you deserve to be heard, this just isn’t right venue for it. It’s like me, going on every blog talking about how my family was robbed of our history because of slavery. The fact that someone in their family probably owned slaves has nothing to do with the fact that this young couple just had a baby.

Kris Kringle

Sharon my take is that YOUR FAMILY was saved due to Slavery. I do not condone the institution but the fact is many African Slaves accepted Christ upon settling down in America. If you are going to hate something how about hating Planned Parenthood killing 125,000 babies per month NOW!


I understand and feel badly for you, but a 25% return is awfully high and reminds me of that old saying “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is” most peoe do not get that kind of return on their money. The article is about chelsea clinton and her husband mark’s new baby and the clintons enjoying this wonderful milestone. Just because mark father did what he did should not reflect on him or the clintons. Chelsea and mark seem like they have worked hard and achieved and are good people. They should not and certainly don’t deserve having any negativity thrown their way because mark’s father made the choices he did, that is ed mezvinsky ‘s life not chelseas, marks’, hillary or bills. Let them have their well deserved joy. Your kids will be fine. They can apply for scholarships like mine did. As long as your kids are healthy everything else is surmountable.

Truth Teller

Not sure where you get that is article is about this couples new baby. The title says “5 facts”, and the father and his criminal record is one of the facts. Fair game to comment on this fact. Just sayin…


The apple can’t fall far from either tree.


It’s going to take 3-4 more generations to wash that hillary horse face away.


Well that is just downright mean. The clintons are bright accomplished people and they did an amazing job with chelsea. Chelsea is a beautiful, smart and accomplished young woman that would make any parent incredibly proud. I am personally happy for them and wish them all the best on the birth of their new family member.

Rockie Springer

Definitely a paid troll. NO ONE in their right mind would EVER consider the Clinton’s bright or accomplished. Hillary’s ONLY accomplishment is avoiding prosecution. Fired from her first DC job for being corrupt, for being a liar. And her boss wrote it out. Hillary will NEVER be qualified for any elected office. Not one of the Clinton’s is bright or smart. Hillary cannot even remember her last lie. She lies about her lies. So give it up. Unless you really are that stupid, you are a paid troll. Hillary is paying over a million bucks hiring people to go through twitter and what not and “correct” comments. That is FACT. No decent bright honest respectable individual would EVER pay people to “correct” comments. That is pure deeply ingrained corruption. That is pure Hillary Clinton. Don’t bother responding. I do NOT interact with the chemically lobotomized, the utterly stupid, or paid trolls………….


Stupid Clinton Crime Family are mafia political CROOKED idiots who never run anything successful except theri fat mouths


Well that is just downright mean. The clintons are bright accomplished people and they did an amazing job with chelsea. Chelsea is a beautiful, smart and accomplished young woman that would make any parent incredibly proud. I am personally happy for them and wish them all the best on the birth of their new family member.


You had me until you said, “beautiful.” Then I knew you were delusional.

Rockie Springer

That is her Webster Hubbell coming through. Webster Hubbell is Chelsea’s father. And she sure does look like him too……………..

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