Controlled Chaos on ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With Owner

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Controlled Chaos entered the Shark Tank on January 8 with a solution to manage curly hair. We spoke to Alanna York, the salon owner who created the product, who owns a line of styling products called Use Me, about her curl cream. When asked why it’s so important to her that people love their hair, she said, “When people look good on the outside, they feel good on the inside. Sometimes I park outside of my salon for a few minutes just to watch customers leave after their appointments, feeling so happy and confident. It’s the greatest part of my job.”

Here’s what else she told us about…

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How Much Research Went Into It

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Tons. It was super important for me to create a product that not only performs as promised, but does what no other has ever done for curls. Controlled Chaos is the only product that has memory and keeps curls in place and happy through daily life, no matter what the weather or activity level is, and is socially conscious. Sourcing ingredients responsibly, from US growers, safer BPA free packaging and soy ink are just a few of the things that were at the top of my list to be as low-impact as possible as a company, while keeping performance at the forefront of priorities.

Empowering Curly Hair

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I have it- and it has always been my nemesis! I was tortured as a child and tried everything to fix my hair. I learned to work with it rather than against it, and stopped trying to change it. I embraced it and felt so much more confident. It’s downright embarrassing walking around like you were just struck by lightning. I love empowering others with that same feeling.

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Her ‘Tank’ Appearance

I pretty much do a Shark Tank type of pitch to random people all the time. Years ago, people would say, “You should be on Shark Tank!” And I had no idea what it was because I’m not a huge TV watcher, but after so many people said it, I had to Google it. When I saw the show, I thought “Hell yeah, I should be on Shark Tank!” So I applied. It took three tries and really narrowing the vision of the company to one product to make it more clear who and what we are and the third time is apparently a charm. We finally got chosen.

Nerves During the Show

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I was so incredibly nervous that I don’t even remember being there! The airing will be a total surprise to me too. I think I blacked out/ went to my happy place, and someone else took over for me during taping! Walking through those doors felt like I was watching TV. Of course since I saw first the show years ago, I became obsessed and have seen every episode, so being there was beyond surreal.

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