Is Mail Delivered on Columbus Day 2016 in the U.S.?


The question of, “Will mail be delivered on Columbus Day?” is answered with a giant “No.” All post offices and federal offices of any kind will be closed for the holiday, which means that no businesses nor homes will get mail. This also counts out USPS packages. According to USPS, because it is a federal holiday, all federal offices are closed. However, a few states do not honor the holiday. It is not a public holiday in California, Nevada or Hawaii.

On a plus side, you may still receive packages from FedEx and UPS on Columbus Day. According to UPS, business will run as usual on Columbus Day, Monday, October 10, 2016. In addition, FedEx reports it is also open for business on Columbus Day this year, so there will be normal delivery service on the holiday. According to Amazon, there may be delays in shipping for Columbus Day, so don’t panic if your package has not arrived yet.

Columbus Day is always on the second Monday in October. Unlike post offices, most restaurants and stores will be open. In addition, some banks will be open, while others are closed.

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