Who Is Walter & Who Is Patrick in ‘Kayla Berg’ YouTube Abduction Video?

UPDATE 10/12/16 @ 5:41 am:According to the Antigo Police Department, the video has nothing to do with the disappearance of Kayla Berg. They write:

The Antigo Police Department has been investigating the Hi Walter, its Patrick, I have a new girlfriend video that was on youtube.com. The Antigo Police with the help of another law enforcement agency has been able to identify that this video is 100% fake and was a video that was produced to be placed on youtube.com. The Antigo Police Department has identified the video producer/camera man, actor and actress in the video. THIS VIDEO HAS NO CONNECTION TO THE DISAPPEARANCE OF KAYLA BERG.
Thank you to everyone for their assistance in this investigation

Original story below.

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A video re-discovered on YouTube is causing a stir in the Antigo, Wisconsin Police Department as people link it to missing teen Kayla Berg, who disappeared in August 2009.

The video, titled “Hi Walter Its me Patrick,” was posted on October 11, two months after Berg, 15, disappeared in Wausau, Wisconsin after going for a ride with her brother’s friend from Antigo to her boyfriend’s house.

The video went viral after its re-discovery today on a YouTube account dedicated to “creepy videos.” The video has since been deleted but can be viewed above.

It was later discovered that a Facebook fan page for “Hi Walter Its me Patrick” was created in July 2016. View it here.

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It was then discovered that a Spanish-speaing analysis video for the original video was published to YouTube by an account called “Walterr’s Horror” in August 2016. Watch it below.

Hi Patrick! It's Me Walterr! || Walterr's HorrorLlévame en tus redes: Facebok: facebook.com/WalterrsHorror Twitter: twitter.com/CareoLuxxx Visita también careo-lux-productions.com.mx2016-08-03T01:35:46.000Z

It is currently unclear who Walter or Patrick are. However, it is not Wausua resident Michael Ausloos, who unfortunately looks similar to the man in the video. The Antigo Police put out this message this afternoon:

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Some Redditors have suggested that the message might be directed to Walter E. Ellis, a Milwaukee serial killer apprehended four days before Berg went missing.

The Milkwaukee Journal Sentinel writes:

Ellis’ DNA has been found on at least nine females killed between 1986 and 2007, Flynn said. Police officials have said they think someone else killed one of those victims, a white 16-year-old runaway whose throat was slashed. The other victims, all prostitutes and African-American, were strangled. And at least two were also stabbed.

But if Ellis is indeed “Walter,” they are still looking for “Patrick,” the man in the video.

Police have descended on a home in Marathon County, Wisconsin, but were unable to locate anyone.

The official Facebook page of the Antigo Police Department has turned to the public for help.

Berg’s mother, Hope Sprenger, told ABC News affiliate WAOW Wisconin 9 that the video could be her missing daughter. “[It] sounded like her, looked like her, it gave me chills… Disturbing. It made me sick to my stomach. The clothing could be a big possibility. We do believe she was wearing that type of shirt, we know she had jeans. I thought it looked a lot like her. I pray to God it’s not.”

Antigo Police confirmed that the girl in the video does look like Berg.

Police Chief Eric Roller told ABC 2 WBAY News about the people in the video, “We’ll do whatever we can to find out who’s in there and identify them. Sometimes that’s hard on the web because of wherever this stuff may originate from [but] we’re going to do everything we can to get to the bottom of it.”

However, some YouTube commenters believe the video is a hoax because the man, who calls himself Patrick, sounds scripted.

Watch the video above. Viewer discretion is advised.

Read more about Kayla Berg and this disturbing video in Spanish at AhoraMismo.com:

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