Justine Damond Photos: Remembering the Australian Healer’s Life

justine damond, justine ruszczyk, zach damond, don damond Facebook

Justine Damond with Don and Zach Damond.

Known as Justine Damond professionally, Justine Ruszczyk devoted her life to healing.

On July 15, Justine, 40, of Australia, was shot and killed by a police officer, Mohamed Noor, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The officer’s body cameras were not activated, authorities said, and Justine Damond’s family says the yoga teacher and motivational healer was the person to call 911 because she wanted to alert police to an assault in an alley.

justine ruszczyk, justine damond

FacebookJustine Ruszczyk (Justine Damond).

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, which is investigating the shooting, released its most detailed accounting of it yet on July 18. BCA identified Justine Damond as Justine Ruszczyk; Damond was the name she used professionally.

“BCA agents interviewed Officer Harrity earlier today,” BCA wrote on July 18 referring to Noor’s partner, Matthew Harrity. “Officer Noor has declined to be interviewed by BCA agents at this time. Officer Noor’s attorney did not provide clarification on when, if ever, an interview would be possible.”

According to the BCA’s preliminary investigation, “officers Harrity and Noor responded to a 911 call from a woman now identified as Ruszczyk of a possible assault near her residence just after 11:30 p.m. Saturday. Officer Harrity was driving. Officer Noor was in the passenger seat. The officers drove south through the alley between Washburn and Xerxes avenues toward West 51st Street in search of a suspect. All squad lights were off.”

5w5d Salty swim selfie happiness

A post shared by @ justinedamond on

As they reached West 51st Street, continued BCA, “Officer Harrity indicated that he was startled by a loud sound near the squad. Immediately afterward Ruszczyk approached the driver’s side window of the squad. Harrity indicated that Officer Noor discharged his weapon, striking Ruszczyk through the open driver’s side window. The officers immediately exited the squad and provided medical attention until medical personnel arrived. Ruszczyk was pronounced dead at the scene. Both officers have been placed on standard administrative leave.”

Officer Harrity told investigators “that the officers saw an 18-25 year old white male who was bicycling eastbound on West 51st Street immediately before the shooting. This individual stopped at the scene and watched as the officers provided medical assistance to Ruszczyk. BCA agents would like to speak with this person, and anyone else who may have witnessed the incident. These individuals are asked to contact the BCA at 651-793-7000.”

justine damond, don damond

FacebookJustine Ruszczyk and Don Damond.

“Two Minneapolis police officers responded to a 911 call of a possible assault just north of the 5100 block of Washburn Avenue S. just before 11:30 p.m. Saturday,” the state’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension said in a news release. “At one point, an officer fired their weapon, fatally striking a woman.” The shooting occurred around 11:30 p.m. on a Saturday, July 15.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune is reporting: “Three sources with knowledge of the incident said Sunday that two officers in one squad car, responding to the 911 call, pulled into the alley. Damond, in her pajamas, went to the driver’s side door and was talking to the driver. The officer in the passenger seat pulled his gun and shot Damond through the driver’s side door, sources confirmed. No weapon was found at the scene.”

Justine Damond was engaged to be married, according to her Facebook page. She was engaged to a casino vice president named Don Damond, and she was already in the process of forging a new family with him, using his name for her meditation classes and work in Minnesota, where she had moved.

justine damond, don damond, justine ruszczyk

Justine and Don Damond.

She wrote with one joking photo on Facebook of her and Don, “My heartfelt wish for you: As you get older, your self will diminish and you will grow in love. YOU will gradually be replaced by LOVE.- George Sanders – (AND SECONDED BY ME!!)”

Outrage was growing the day after the shooting with vigils and rallies in Justine’s memory. Her stepson, Zach Damond, demanded answers from police in an emotional video that was posted to Facebook by an advocacy group.

Justine Damond had a website devoted to her healing efforts, which she wrote stemmed from watching family members die of cancer.

justine ruszczyk, justine damond

FacebookA photo Justine Ruszczyk (Justine Damond) posted on her Facebook page.

She wrote on the website that her interest in “supporting people to heal and transform themselves developed after she saw family members suffer greatly from depression, alcoholism and cancer,” the website’s bio reads.

“After losing much of her family to cancer she has spent many years on a personal investigative journey to discover how habits and disease develop, and how people can change and live in joy, expressing their full potential. Her adventure led her initially away from western medicine, to the world of complimentary/alternative therapies, Mind-Body medicine, and studies in eastern philosophies, consciousness and quantum physics. But eventually she came to rest in the best place of all – right in the middle – where she embraces wisdom and knowledge from many sources.”

justine damond

Justine Damond Ruszczyk.

She wrote on the website that she had “recently relocated to Minneapolis from Sydney,” and added, “Justine consults to individuals, groups and organisations while exploring the new home of the mid-west USA.”

The mayor of Minnesota has expressed great concern about the shooting of Justine Damond.

Betsy Hodges, the mayor, wrote on Facebook, “As Mayor of our City, a wife, and a grandmother, I am heartsick and deeply disturbed by what occurred last night. My thoughts are now with everyone affected by this tragic incident, especially the deceased woman and her family.”

Going by the name Justine Damond, Justine ran Tuesday night classes on meditation for the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community in Minnesota, which is “a center for conscious living.”

“Originally trained as a Veterinary Surgeon, Justine has also studied and practiced yoga and meditation for over 17 years, is a qualified yoga instructor, a personal health & life coach (EFT, Theta and Reconnective Healing practitioner) and meditation teacher, embracing and teaching the neuro-scientific benefits of meditation with trainings under internationally renowned neuroscientist Dr Joe Dispenza from What the Bleep,” the site’s bio for Justine reads.

justine damond

Justine Damond.

According to LinkedIn, she received a bachelor’s degree in veterinary science from the University of Sydney in Australia.

“We are so sad to report the tragic shooting of Justine Damond. Justine was one of the most loving people you would ever meet. We can’t even imagine LHSC with out her. The article mentions there will be a vigil at 6pm tonight,” the Lake Harriet center posted on Facebook.

justine damond, justine ruszczyk

Justine Damond (Ruszczyk).

Damond’s son and Justine’s future stepson, Zach Damond, said in a video posted online: “My mom is dead because a police officer shot her for reasons I don’t know, and I demand answers,” Zach Damond said. “If anybody can help, just call police and demand answers. I’m so done with all this violence. It’s so much bullsh*t. America sucks.”

justine damond

FacebookJustine Damond. (Justine Ruszczyk).

He added, “These cops need to get trained differently. I need to move out of here. I just know she heard a sound in the alley, so then she called the police, and the cops showed up and she was a very passionate woman, and she probably, she thought something bad was happening. Next thing I know, they take my best friend’s life. So, I’m just done. F*ck the police. Some of you are good, but like I’m just done. I’m so done. This has to stop. This has to stop. That was my mom.”

Justine Damond wrote with the below photo, “Two girls ready to head out and one teeny lady in the background NOT impressed!!!!”

justine damond, justine ruszczyk

Justine Damond Ruszczyk is on the right.

You can read more about Justine Damond Ruszczyk here:


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Please!… no emails!… Jesus is Lord!


Maybe now something will be done about these blood thirsty murdering cops now that a dainty and pure white women has been needlessly killed. Of course I’m waiting for the cop enablers to say it has nothing to do with race which is a lie especially being that her son stated and acknowledged he’s tired of the killings showing he’s aware many were not justified and unfortunately it took her death by police to even admit it


Mensa? Really? Please, just stop it. Seriously. Your ranting was so incoherent and juvenile I’m amazed you can even spell mensa.

How can you possibly bring race into the equation when there are literally no facts available at this time. The only information available is that an unarmed white woman was shot by an on-duty officer. That is it. Nothing more. That being said, it will be very interesting to hear why an unarmed, non-violent woman, who called 911, was shot by the officer in the passenger seat. That will take some serious explaining. I’m guessing heads will roll.

And unfortunately, John Mayor is still on Heavy.com and not taking his meds. Hmmm… wonder if mensa517 and John Mayor are “friends”. If not they should be… deserve each other. I’m sure they would “get along” quite nicely….


YOU need to stop and quit pretending that we’re living in some “fair and balanced” world. We all know that if this was a person of color, the news sites would not be humanizing them or letting us know what a shining beacon of light they were. This lady gets that sort of treatment because she’s a blond white woman. Her life is no more precious or important than Sandra Bland’s or Charlene Lyle’s. Of course, it’s expected that “heads will roll” now that a white woman has been killed. But we very easily forget that heads should have “rolled” when those other women were killed as well. Instead, we ended up hearing testimony about how these cops “feared” for their lives. The point is that people of color deserved to be humanized just as much as she does.


Apparently my post was coherent enough for you to get my point. Attack me with your pusillanimous commentary if you want. And deflect from the truth about the eneqal treatment afforded blacks in this god forsaken, oppressive, a partied country we live in. Sick inbred people like to hide the tuth. You’ve nothing more than the racist you’ve just outed yourself as. Pretend all you want as if racism and inequality doesn’t exist, when in fact, the facts speak for themselves. Troll on asshole


Hi Mensa!… it’s the REAL John Mayor here!:…
Apparently, there’s a “junior wacko” who frequents Heavy.com, who insists on harassing me and other Heavy Comment Loggers and Readers!… and who– on numerous occasions!– has used my handle to spread “its” disease! “It” is TRULY troubled, and won’t be stopped by way of “textual chastisement”!… as “it”, has no time for CONSCIENCE, and “social decency”! “It” is like a “social cockroach”, that/ which will not be removed unless its “nest” is uncovered, and the “cyber spray” is applied! Nevertheless!… I’ve attempted to get the attention of Heavy.com on a method to address this Identity Theft that “junior wacko” has engaged in! And that being, the correlation of a user’s IP address to a chosen handle (that/ which would be “time stamped”!), that would afford Heavy the ability to know who used what first!… and thereby, pulling the plug on souls like “junior wacko” from attempting to mimic, and misrepresent, innocent Heavy Comment Loggers! For the time being, we’re just going to have to bear this sad character’s abusive behavior, until Heavy finds a way to curtail it!
Please!… no emails!… Jesus is Lord!


We don’t own anything on Heavy.com, that’s why I share my name with everyone!


Actually they’ve blocked me a few times after my responses to racist comments, leaving me the impression, they condone his type of behavior.


Hi again Mensa!:…
In addition to the problems that were systemic with Heavy.com just weeks ago, there now appears to be a host of new problems with Heavy’s new format! And for example!…
When I tap “see More Comments” I SHOULDN’T EXPECT that the comments I was viewing are no longer on the screen!… the “more comments”/ “additional comments” should be added to the ones that were already on the screen! And for two basic reasons!… a) if I’m Posting to a comment, I don’t want to find– and I’m guessing others SHOULDN’T want to find!– that a response to a given comment is not on the screen with the comment someone has Posted about!… and vice versa! I– nor anyone else!– SHOULDN’T have to go back and forth in order to make sense of Postings, and responses to Postings! and b) When Readers and Comment Loggers are reviewing comments, these– normally!– tend to go up and down the screen to make sense of the totality of things! Who DOESN’T do this?
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Lastly, most Comment Loggers and Readers… I’ll dare suggest!… would prefer to read BOTH, oldest to the newest, AND, the newest to the oldest! Nevertheless!… E-V-E-N if a Reader’s preference is one way versus the other, providing BOTH OPTIONS makes R-A-T-I-O-N-A-L S-E-N-S-E!
Please!… no emails!… Jesus is Lord!


F.Y.I. Using capslock is rude, shame on you! Farthermore, all that gibberish with the dots and dashes makes the text look so illegitimate that no one can understand what your writing!

anti galleta

White people response: collateral damage …..move along nothing to see here, and there is more n words to kill.


White person here. Don’t feel that way at all. Outraged af.
You are Full of Shite.

Still Frostin the days away

I’m not upset at all. Look on the bright side. It didn’t happen to my kid.

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