Christina Carlin-Kraft: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The former Playboy model Christina Carlin-Kraft has been identified as the homicide victim who was found strangled in her home in Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania. A spokesman for the DA’s office confirmed late Thursday night that Carlin-Kraft was the victim, according to a local CBS affiliate.

Carlin-Kraft was a Playboy model who had had brushes with the law during her brief lifetime.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Police Found Carlin-Kraft’s Body Wednesday Night, After They Were Called to Check on Her Welfare

The 36 year old Carlin-Kraft lived on the 100 block of Sibley Avenue. Police were called to her home at 9:15 on Wednesday to check on her welfare. It wasn’t immediately clear who called the police, or why someone was concerned about her welfare.

Police entered her home and found Carlin-Kraft’s dead body in the bedroom. Evidence indicated that she had been strangled. Carlin-Kraft’s family members identified her body to the media, but it wasn’t until Thursday night that the DA’s office confirmed the identity.

Authorities have not said whether they have any suspects in the case yet.

2. Carlin-Kraft Was a Former Playboy Model Who Liked to Do Photo Shoots for Swimwear and ‘Tasteful Lingerie’

Carlin-Kraft was a professional model. You can read her booking page here. She described herself as follows: “5’9″, 125 lbs, 34-24-34, Dark brown hair, olive complexion, and green eyes. Im of a Russian and German background with a hint of Swedish.”

She said that she had done “a tasteful photo shoot for Playboy that was beyond hollywood glamour” and that she wanted to work with “creative photographers who specialize in glamour and very high fashion.” Carlin-Kraft added, “I really do enjoy photoshoots for swim wear and tastefull lingerie. I’m willing to travel and i love to meet new exciting people with high energy and a kind heart. I look forward to working with you and hope to make this a great experience!”

3. Carlin-Kraft Recently Complained to the Police That Someone Was Stealing Items From Her Home

Just a few days before her murder, Carlin-Kraft contacted the police to complain that someone was stealing items from her home. ABC News reports that police found some of her possessions — including designer handbags and pieces of jewelry — in Southwest Philadelphia.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether this had anything to do with the model’s murder on Wednesday night.

Neighbors said they were shocked by the news, especially since the area is usually very quiet and peaceful. “We never had that type of thing in Ardmore. Hardly ever. It’s enough to make me cry,” a local man named Dave Farina told ABC News. “I’m praying for them that they find out who did it. And bring them to justice.”

4. In 2016, Carlin-Kraft Was Charged With Assault After She Fought With the Manager of a Swanky Manhattan Restaurant

Just two years ago, Carlin-Kraft stood in a Manhattan court as charges were read out against her. The former model allegedly hit and kicked the manager of a fine restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper West Side after a fight over the bill.

The criminal complaint said that Carlin-Kraft struck the manager, Sergey Anokhin, in the neck during a fight. The New York Post reported that she also kicked him in the groin; the newspaper also said that Carlin-Kraft was drunk at the time. The fight started because Carlin Kraft and her male companion did not want to pay their check; it’s not clear why. She was charged with misdemeanor assault, attempted assault, and harassment.

Prosecutors eventually agreed to drop the charges, on condition that Carlin-Kraft stayed out of trouble for the next six months.

5. Carlin-Kraft Was Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week on May 4, 2009

Carlin Kraft was born on November 11, 1983. She was 36 when she was murdered.

According to, Carlin-Kraft was single, although she does appear in photos with a man on her Facebook page.

Carlin Kraft was the Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week on May 4 2009. She described her photo shoot for Playboy as “beyond hollywood glamour”.

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