Sheldon Bream, Shannon Bream’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Sheldon Bream is a business owner in the Washington, D.C. area. He is married to Fox News reporter Shannon Bream. She hosts “Fox News @ Night” and also serves as the chief legal correspondent for the network. The Breams met while attending Liberty State University.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Sheldon and Shannon Met at Liberty University and Have Been Married for More Than 20 Years

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Shannon Bream/InstagramSheldon and Shannon Bream on their wedding day.

Sheldon Bream graduated from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia in 1993. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management and Business, according to his LinkedIn profile.

This is where he met Shannon, who was also a student and winner of the Miss Virginia beauty pageant crown in 1990. According to Woman Around Town, Sheldon and Shannon were both dating other people when they were introduced during their senior year.

They got married soon after graduating. Shannon has never been shy about expressing her undying love for her husband. On August 28, 2017, she posted the above photo to Instagram, showing the two of them smiling happily on a beach. The caption reads, “I thank God for this guy every single day. Literally. We ain’t perfect, but we’re perfect for each other.”

Sheldon and Shannon’s official wedding date is not easily found online. But Shannon’s social media posts and a television interview offered hints that suggest the wedding date was December 30, 1995. First clue: The above photo posted to twitter on December 30, 2016. In the tweet, she wishes Sheldon a happy anniversary.

Shannon Bream Tells Her Thanksgiving Wedding Band StoryAfter she talks about Trump's Supreme Court possibilities.2016-12-01T02:31:52Z

And second clue: During an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show in November of 2016, Shannon stated that she had been married for “nearly 21 years” at that point. In the segment, she recounted a time she misplaced her wedding band. She said Sheldon was understanding about it, but several months went by with no sign of the ring. Shannon said the ring reemerged on Thanksgiving, mixed in with an article of clothing she had not worn in awhile.

2. Sheldon Bream Launched His Own Speaking Company in 2018, Which Includes Fox News Contributors

Sheldon Bream founded his own company in April of 2018, called Bream Speaker Management. The business is based in Arlington, Virginia.

The company promises to connect event planners with talented speakers who are experts in their respective fields. They also work with partner bureaus to promote and book speakers. In the “about us” section of the website, Sheldon Bream explains that his “vision is to represent and promote speakers of integrity who educate and inspire their audiences.”

Bream Speaker Management did not have to look very far to recruit its initial lineup of regular speakers to promote. The list includes wife Shannon, Fox News contributors Richard Fowler and Jason Chaffetz, and conservative radio host Lawrence B. Jones. Retired Major General Vinny Boles rounds out the list.

Prior to starting his own business, Sheldon Bream worked for the Washington Speakers Bureau as Director of Bureau Relations. He worked there for more than 13 years.

3. The Breams Appear to Prefer Outdoor Adventures When It’s Time to Kick Back and Relax

Sheldon Bream is quiet on social media (his last tweet was in 2014) but wife Shannon shares pictures of him on a regular basis. Shannon’s Instragram and Twitter posts reveal the couple enjoys hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities when they’re able to get away from work and relax. The photo above was posted August 14, 2018 in Colorado. Shannon’s caption was, “Hiking with my Hunk ? #Colorado.”

In September 2017, Shannon posted a photo of a fish she caught during another trip to Colorado.

And when the couple is not out enjoying the wilderness, it’s still on their minds. Shannon shared the above photo of Sheldon Bream in Manhattan, looking either displeased or at least unaware that she was snapping a picture. He had a large case strung over one shoulder. Shannon wrote, “If you thought the big city was going to keep Mr. Bream from finding a place to keep honing his archery hunting skills you would be very, very wrong. ?❤ #countryboyatheart #citylife”

4. Sheldon and Shannon Do Not Have Children, But They Are Dog Parents

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I love that Jasper considers himself a lap dog.

A post shared by shannonbream (@shannonbream) on Aug 27, 2017 at 8:48pm PDT

Sheldon and Shannon are both in their mid-40s. They do not have children. But they have been proud parents to dogs! In 2012, when Shannon was covering the Supreme Court for Fox News, they had a chocolate lab named Miss Mocha.

These days, they are parents to the adorable dog in the picture above, Jasper. Sheldon was smiling for the camera while the large dog sat in his lap. Shannon’s caption was, “I love that Jasper considers himself a lap dog.”

5. Sheldon Bream Survived a Brain Tumor

Sheldon Bream battled and survived a brain tumor. Shannon wrote on Twitter in January 2018, “Sending you all good wishes and prayers @MarkHyman My husband is a healthy, strong, brilliant brain tumor survivor and you will be too!”

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