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MrDeadMoth is a Twitch streamer who was caught on video allegedly hitting a pregnant woman while playing the popular video game Fortnite. In a series of clips that have since been circulating around Twitter, the Australian Fortnite streamer can be heard yelling at his partner and daughter and making them cry.

MrDeadMoth, whose real name is Luke James Munday, has since been charged with assault, police say. He has been released on conditional bail and will appear to court on December 13. There were no serious injuries, police said.

Online court records obtained by Heavy confirm that Munday will be in local court in Camden, New South Wales, south of Sydney, at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday. A hearing will also be held on an “apprehended violence application,” which is essentially a restraining order to protect the victim, who has been identified as both his wife and girlfriend, though it’s not clear if they’re married. Luke Munday works as an engineer at one of the largest telecommunications companies in Australia, Telstra. The company has suspended him from his job after his arrest.

According to the Telstra website, “Luke Munday is a network implementation engineer at Telstra. After completing an industry accreditation at the Cisco Networking Academy last year, he’s now responsible for the underlying network infrastructure for some of Australia’s leading businesses.”

MrDeadMoth’s Twitch and Twitter account have since been deactivated and he has not commented about the arrest. Here’s what you need to know:

1. In MrDeadMoth’s Fortnite Video, a Woman Can Be Heard Saying ‘Don’t Hit Me in the Face’ After a Loud Slap Is Heard

In the video above, MrDeadMoth can be seen saying, “Can you not? I said I’ll be out soon.” He then throws down his controller and leaves the screen, and a slapping noise can be heard. Then, a woman (who many have identified to be his wife and as his girlfriend) can be heard saying, “Don’t hit me in the face,” and crying.

MrDeadMoth repeatedly asks the woman to go away and to leave him alone, and a child’s face can be heard, as well. Throughout the altercation, a woman repeatedly tells MrDeadMoth she’s “sick of it” and he repeatedly asks her to go away. One minute and ten seconds into the video above, MrDeadMoth leaves the camera’s vantage point one more time and another slapping noise can be heard, followed by crying.

“F*cking hell…,” he can be heard saying to his girlfriend, “Just leave me alone for ten f*cking seconds of my life.”

2. Camden Police Have Since Confirmed that MrDeadMoth Was Charged With Common Assault

In a press release on Monday, December 10 (in Australian time), Camden police confirmed that MrDeadMoth was arrested and charged with common assault.

The release further states that MrDeadMoth was arrested for assaulting a 21-year-old woman (whom many have presumed to be his wife). It also mentions that police found two young girls in the household at the time of the incident, a three-year-old and a 20-month-old.

The report reads in part, “While the woman was not seriously injured she was distressed and shaken by the incident.” MrDeadMoth was granted conditional bail, and will appear in court December 13.

3. Luke Munday Was Identified by Other Gamers Who Watched the Video

MrDeadMoth, whose real name is Luke Munday, is 26 years old, according to authorities.  He also lives in the Franklin Grove neighborhood of Oran Park, Australia. Police were notified about the video by other gamers who saw the video. It is not clear if it was reported while the livestream was ongoing or after.

It is not clear if Munday, aka MrDeadMoth, has a previous criminal record. Though some have said online that he has been previously arrested.

There’s no readily available information on his girlfriend, who has also been identified as his wife, or children, besides their ages. His partner, Grace, is 21 and the two little girls are 3 and 20 months, respectively.

Twitter user Cylints, who is a self-professed cybersecurity expert and cybercrime specialist, has since released information on MrDeadMoth and the domestic assault situation, though it’s unclear whether that information is substantiated. He claims to have provided police with information on “Luke’s” whereabouts by giving them his IP address, and also claims to know the woman.

Cylints tweeted, “Mrdeadmoth has a previous arrest record. Harassment, assault etc. so when the charges are put against him I’ll update you with a previous record he’ll probably be looking at some time also for those asking his wife had charges dropped against her she was let out of holding.”

He also shared what he claimed to be MrDeadMoth’s password in a subsequent tweet, adding, “I hope none of these people find your Facebook, emails, Snapchat, etc. lololol do as you please with this Twitter (Not every account has this password I’m sure, but I guarantee some do)”

4. Munday Competed in a Competition for Australian Engineers, Which Led to His Job at Telstra

Luke Munday works at Telstra as an engineer, according to his now-deleted Linkedin profile. In November 2017, Munday was profiled by Cisco because of his participation in the Cisco Networking Academy, an IT education and career-building program. According to the profile, Munday, originally from Syndey, is a network engineer trained in CCNA routing and switching and CCNA security.

He credited his participation in the program in for landing him his job at Telstra. Cisco wrote:

Luke works as a network engineer for the largest telecommunications company in Australia. The ‘main reason’ he got the position was because of the Networking Academy and an annual competition for students called NetRiders. Luke worked hard to succeed, saying he ‘spent 26 to 30’ of his Saturdays studying with the academy full time — quite an investment for a dedicated father of two. ‘I never slept,’ he says.

He said he was raised by a single mother after his father left when he was young. His mother died while he was a child after she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, according to the interview. He said “family security is vital to him,” adding that when his partner got pregnant with their first child, a “lot changes, your responsibility just goes through the roof.” He said he didn’t want his own children to experience what he did, not having his mother or father around and feeling unsafe. You can listen to the interview below:

He said during the interview, having children, “does drive you a lot to push yourself in areas you might not have pushed yourself before.”

Munday also took part in Cisco Networking Academy Net-Riders Competition, finishing sixth in an event to determine the top ranking IT networking expert for 2016. He was a student at Northern Sydney TAFE at the time and lived in Campbelltown, according to a press release.

“The competition, hosted by multinational IT manufacturing company Cisco, pitted talented computer geeks against each other as they attempted to troubleshoot complex networking problems while the clock ticked. They also had to sit a series of exams that tested their IT knowledge,” the press release said. “Luke has already received several job offers on the back of his impressive performance in the competition. His longer-term goal is to work in the cybersecurity area of IT. ‘It’s an industry that has a bit of a dearth in workers and is in need of people to help secure networks as companies set up their internet systems,’ he told the Macarthur Chronicle.”

On the Telstra website, he wrote about balancing work and family life:

I often structure my schedule to make more time for my partner and two kids. This can be as simple as starting mid-morning if I’ve had a late customer engagement the day before, or working from home to avoid a two-hour commute to the city. This equates to an additional four hours in each day.

The freedom to adapt my working hours means I don’t need to choose between work and family in order to advance my career. The key to progression at Telstra, my one-up manager says, is diversity of experience and performance – which is about measuring outcomes, not how many hours you’re sitting behind a desk.

5. Twitter Users Quickly Condemned MrDeadMoth’s Behavior

luke james munday

LinkedInLuke James ‘MrDeadMoth’ Munday.

MrDeadMoth’s name has been trending on Twitter ever since news of the alleged domestic assault broke, with users condemning his behavior. Some users have also said that the girlfriend started the argument, but most have pushed back against those defending MrDeadMoth, saying there was no reason for the violence that he used.

Though MrDeadMoth’s Twitter and Twitch accounts have since been deactivated, his YouTube channel is still active. MrDeadMoth has over 5,000 subscribers to his channel, in which he has posted several videos detailing different strategies for Fortnite and recorded videos of his own Fortnite endeavors.

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According to his YouTube channel, MrDeadMoth has also previously streamed “Call of Duty” games. MrDeadMoth has played more than 4,000 matches on Fortnite, winning 389 games, according to a stats tracker website. In June 2018, he and another player set a record for duo kills in Fortnite.

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