Jason Fishbein ‘Gave WikiLeaks Password to Anti-Trump Website,’ Mueller Report Says

Jason Fishbein Twitter

Twitter/Jason Fishbein Jason Fishbein pictured on his Twitter page.

Jason Fishbein gave WikiLeaks the password for an unlaunched Anti-Donald Trump website during the 2016 Presidential campaign, according to Robert Mueller’s report into possible Russian interference in the election. The redacted report was released publicly on April 18.

On page 59, it is written that “an individual named Jason Fishbein sent WikiLeaks the password for an unlaunched website focused on Trump’s “unprecedented and dangerous” ties to Russia, PutinTrump.org” on September 20, 2016. That URL remains active today.

Fishbein Allegedly Told Mueller’s Office That He Got the Password From Someone in a Chatroom

On September 21, 2016, WikiLeaks tweeted: “”Let’s bomb Iraq” Progress For America PAC to launch ‘http://PutinTrump.org ‘ at 9.30am. Oops pw is ‘putintrump’ http://putintrump.org/.”

The Mueller report says that “several hours” after that tweet, WikiLeaks sent a direct message on Twitter to Donald Trump Jr. The organization allegedly told Trump Jr. that they had “guessed” the password. In the citation, the report reads, “When interviewed by our Office, Fishbein produced what he claimed to be logs from a chatroom in which the participants discussed U.S. politics; one of the participants had posted the website and password Fishbein sent to WikiLeaks.”

On August 3, 2016, Fishbein tweeted, “I’m not a Trump supporter, but the media #bias is just as difficult to digest.” Fishbein regularly retweeted messages that were critical of the media coverage of Robert Mueller’s investigation.

In 2013, Fishbein Found Himself Involved in a Legal Scandal Involving ‘NCIS’ Star Pauley Perrette

Pauley Perrette Jason Fishbein

GettyPauley Perrette pictured in December 2016.

In 2013, Fishbein found himself mixed up in a Hollywood celebrity break-up story. The New York Post reported in March 2013 that “NCIS” star, Pauley Perrette, was accusing her ex-husband, Francis “Coyote” Shivers, of violating a restraining order. Fishbein was quoted by the Post as saying of Perrette, “She’s extremely extroverted, extremely intelligent and charming — but she’s wicked.” The Post went on to say that in court, Fishbein said that Perrette “possibly uses restraining orders as a method of harassment.”

Fishbein tweeted in February 2016, “I’ve known Perrette’s ex-husband, since 2001, & can prove she lied to police & courts, ending in his wrongful incarceration.”

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