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Jake Aaron Adkins

Facebook screenshots Jake Aaron Adkins

Banned nationwide by Walmart, Jake Aaron Adkins of Lexington, Kentucky, says it’s because he openly carried a firearm in a store and pointed out what he said was lax security of guns in its stores. He said he wasn’t upset with the five Lexington police officers that surrounded him either. They said he’d not broken any laws but the store wanted him gone.

Adkins, a goat farmer, hunter, amateur country singer, and conservative gun rights supporter, had his handgun on his waist as he filmed a live video of himself in the store’s sporting goods section for nearly 20 minutes as he complained that the gun section was unattended and that posed a danger. He said it was a “good thing” he’s armed in a Walmart.

“… I carry for a reason in Walmart because of the past issues, and if anyone was to pull a gun I would drop them dead in their tracks.”

Adkins claims he was banned for pointing out that Walmart had a firearms security problem. And, he alleges, he was banned for carrying a handgun openly carry in the store. He claims Walmart, which he at once bashes and says he loves, violated his Second Amendment rights.

On the morning of Aug. 3, at an El Paso, Texas Walmart a gunman shot and killed 22 people and injured 24 others. The attack is being investigated an act of domestic terrorism and a possible hate crime by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

A month later, on Sept. 3, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon announced that the behemoth global retailer would no longer sell short-barrel rifle ammunition, handgun ammunition and will cease sales of handguns in Alaska, “marking our complete exit from handguns.”

“As a company, we experienced two horrific events in one week, and we will never be the same,” he said. McMillon was referring to a shooting at a Southaven, Mississippi Walmart where an employee killed two other staffers and the El Paso “hate-filled attack in our store” when a gunman using an assault-style rifle shot 48 people, killing 22.

Going further, McMillon said that in states with open carry laws, he’s “respectfully asking” that people not “openly carry firearms into our stores …”

Adkins’ Walmart exchanges, one he live-streamed and another recorded by someone else, happened on Aug. 16, less than two weeks after the domestic terror attack in El Paso.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Adkins, with a Handgun on His Waist, Pulls up a Chair, & Goes Live in the Sporting Goods Section at Walmart

Adkins sits in a chair he’s pulled form a store aisle, armed, in the gun department at a Lexington Walmart. He records on Facebook Live for more than 16 minutes, providing a running commentary on the store’s failure to have any employees at the gun counter noting it’s a”good thing”he’s armed “in case anything goes down at this Walmart.”

“How do they leave a gun counter without anybody watching,” he asks, pointing out that gun shops and pawn shops that sell firearms are never unattended. “Walmart leaves the counter alone all the time. Good thing I have my gun on me in case something goes down at Walmart.”

Adkins said he called for customer service help several times “over the intercom” and no ones comes. So he pulls up a store chair and sits in front of “gun counters that are clear open.”

He waxes extensively about crappy Walmart customer service in general adding that he’d posted videos of “crappy” service on TikTok, now since removed, but in the Facebook live video says that leaving a firearms department unattended is asking for trouble: “Someone comes in and breaks in and takes those guns and does whatever they’re gonna do with them.”

“Good thing I have my firearm,” he says panning to show a handgun on his belt, “in case anything pops off here.” He does acknowledge that while the guns are locked up, “anybody can break glass.”

Adkins talks to customers walking by, pointing out that the gun department is unmanned. People chuckle. Adkins begins to roam around looking for a Walmart employee as he criticizes the big box retailer of having “the worst” service and that seems the point of the video.

He says he “ain’t buying this chair,” when asked by a customer, “I’m just waiting.” He says he’s been waiting an hour. But also says that he’s concerned about the danger of leaving firearms unattended, again reminding that he’s armed. The video appears to be at once a statement about guns, poor customer service done in a casual, mocking and joking manner” he screams, and laughs, “Customer assistance needed in sporting goods!”

Over the intercom an employee says a manager is needed in the department. Adkins notes he’s probably going to get in trouble at this point.

Until the cops show up.

2. Soon, Cops Showed Up, Took Adkins’ Firearm, & Told Him Walmart Was Banning Him

The police say “you’re not in any trouble with us. You haven’t committed any crimes.” But says they have to wait for management. An officer has Adkins’ handgun weapon. Adkins says he wants it back. The officer says, “Sure,” as he hands the gun and clip back to Adkins who loads it.

A moment later, the officer tells Adkins that Walmart is serving him with a “no trespass.”

“That’s what the manager says,” the officers tells him. Another of the five Lexington police officers hands Adkins a paper to sign and tells him that he’s banned from the store. Actually, all Walmart stores “nationwide.”

In a Facebook-posted video taken by someone else, Adkins wrote, “BANNED FROM WALMART for life for my last live video!!! Of some liberal complaints! Cops agreed I did nothing wrong,” he wrote.

He claims “Walmart and other liberals didn’t like my video and didn’t like that I was caring (sic) a firearm and didn’t respect my second Amendment! Walmart banned me from the stores as well as Sams club for life and the refused to sell me the $85 in items I wanted.”

3. Trump Supporter Adkins Said he Carries a Gun in Walmart Because of Shootings & Would ‘Drop (a Shooter) Dead in Their Tracks’

Adkins said he’s a “firm believer” in the movement #WalmartStrong after mass shootings in the stores, and in his “Second Amendment rights, but they handled this wrong,” claiming the store did not like him “pointing that out.”

“… as I told the officer I carry for a reason in Walmart because of the past issues, and if anyone was to pull a gun I would drop them dead in their tracks.”

He said the police agreed: “You have to do what you have to do,” he claims police said.

Adkins said “who knows I could have been the next man to stop a violent crime in a Walmart in my town,” he wrote, adding he will continue to shop at Walmart, albeit online. “For the people that don’t agree that’s on you and for the people that do agree God Bless you and this country and what we stand for! God Bless America!!”

4. Millions Have Seen His Videos & Many Back His Position But Not All. People Praise Walmart’s Ask For Gun Owners Not to Open Carry

He noted that nearly five million have seen the videos. But a group called Dad’s For Survival Duty not only posted the video which as nearly seven million views, but jumped on board making it a campaign against Walmart’s move to stop selling certain guns and asking people in open-carry states to not carry in their stores.

And Adkins’ posts have been shared by Concealed Nation, Secure America’s Borders and other gun rights groups.

But some took Adkins’ videos and utilized them as a way to support Walmart in its efforts to stop selling some guns and in trying to keep customers from walking around openly armed. Like Moms Demand founder Shannon Watts.

“Grateful @Walmart is enforcing its new policy to prohibit open carry. It took five officers to get this man to leave the store. Last month, customers were allowed to shop while open carrying. Cultural change results in political change. #GroceriesNotGuns”

5. A Father of 2, Adkins is a Goat Farmer, Bull-Rider, Horse Trainer, Deer Hunter & Guide, & Viral Video Guy With Previous Beef With Walmart

Adkins, who is originally from Powell, Wyoming, is the father of two young children, is a deer-hunting guide, owns a goat farm, owns and trains performance horses, is a bull rider, a former ranch hand at a rodeo company, was a volunteer firefighter, and studied equine hoof care.

Adkins has had beef with Walmart and posted videos about it on TikTok but after the Aug. 16 incident. He’s removed them.

“450.1K views!!!! So everyone can see my first shitty Walmart experience before my one now!!”

And he’s still at it.

“What the the absolute f**k and I get banned from life for a legal open carry of a firearm and we and plan bat shit crazy people in Walmart’s ???”

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