Heidi Broussard Missing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Heidi Broussard Missing

Getty Heidi Broussard pictured in a photo handed out by the Austin Police Department.

Heidi Broussard and her 2-week old daughter, Margot Carey, have been missing in Austin, Texas, since the morning of December 12. Late on December 19, Broussard was found dead in Jersey Village, less than 20 miles northwest of Houston, 150 miles from where she was last seen. Margot Carey was found alive.

Anybody with any information about Broussard or Carey’s whereabouts is asked to call the Austin Police Department on 512-974-5250.

Here’s what you need to know about Heidi Broussard and her disappearance:

1. Heidi Broussard & Her Daughter Were Last Seen at an Elementary School

Heidi Broussard Facebook

An Austin Police Department press release says that Broussard, 33, and Carey were last seen about 7:50 a.m. at Cowan Elementary School, located along 2817 Kentish Drive. Broussard was dropping off a child at the school. Police believe that Broussard and Carey returned to their home close to West William Cannon and South First Street.

Broussard is a white female, who is 5’3” and weighs 150 pounds. She has long, dark hair with highlights. Austin Police released a photo from a surveillance camera at Cowan Elementary. The clothing she is wearing in the still photo from the camera is believed to be what she had on when she disappeared.

A friend, Caressa Rachelle Nolte, wrote on Facebook, “She went to (the) book fair today at 8 a.m. with her little boy then at 12 her (fiance) tried to call her and it went to voicemail like it was dead then at 6 p.m. the school called her (fiance) and said that Heidi had never showed up to get (their) little boy.”

2. Margot Carey’s Father, Shane Carey, Described Heidi Broussard as an ‘Awesome Mom’

Heidi Broussard Austin Police Department

Austin Police Department

Shane Carey, the father of Margot, told CBS Austin that he last spoke to Broussard around 8 a.m. on December 12. Carey said that he returned home from work around 2 p.m. and found that Broussard and his daughter were not there.

Carey says he then received a phone call from Cowan Elementary School to say that the couple’s son had not been picked up. Carey went to pick up his child at the school. When he returned home and Broussard still wasn’t there, Carey called the police. The missing persons reports were filed about 7 p.m. CBS Austin noted that when they spoke to him, Carey was at a T-Mobile store attempted to get Broussard’s cell phone records. Carey told the station, “If you see an awesome mom with a baby walking around or in a suspicious van or car or anything, please just somebody call.”

Carey told KVUE, “I don’t know why anybody would ever harm or touch these two beautiful women together.” Carey said, “She is an amazing person. She has amazing support, friends behind her. She’s so personable – one of the best people I’ve ever met, so kind, and she does anything for her kids – one of the best moms.”

3. There Were No Signs of a Struggle in Broussard’s Home

Carey went on, “We’re all stumped because everything’s over here – the car’s over here. There’s no signs of struggle. There’s nothing, no evidence, so we’re just trying to piece it together but there really are no pieces.” Carey also told the station that he and Broussard have two children together and that he has another child from a previous marriage.

He told CBS News, “Her car … everything’s at the house. The baby stuff … everything,” he said. “Nothing’s gone except her and the baby.”

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Carey denied any involvement in the disappearance of Broussard and his daughter. He told Fox 7 News he was aware of the “scrutiny” surrounding him among people following the case. “I know it’s a question,” he told the news station. “I don’t know how to handle it, I just ignore it. I know it’s not true.”

4. Broussard Studied to Be a Veterinary Technician

Margot Carey Missing

Margot Carey pictured in a police handout.

CBS Austin reports Broussard worked at a Cracker Barrel in Buda, Texas. Broussard has worked at the location since 2015. Co-workers told the station that Broussard has been off work since giving birth on November 26. According to Broussard’s Facebook page, she studied to be a veterinary technician in college.

Broussard’s son was born in July 2013, according to her Facebook page. She and Shane Carey met in 2009 and they have been engaged since 2012, after he proposed to her in November of that year, Broussard said on Facebook.

Ty Carey, Shane Carey’s father, started a Facebook fundraiser to help with the search. “My son’s wife Heidi and his 3 week old daughter Margo have been missing since last Thursday and we are raising money for a reward and other expenses he’s incurring during this difficult time. Thank you for your support,” he wrote on Facebook.

A friend, Lauren Alyss Foster, wrote on Facebook, “Help find Heidi and Margo. Shane I’m so sorry your going through this. Know that I am praying for you so hard here in Colorado. They need her home! Please just bring them home!”

5. Broussard’s Family Has Traveled From Louisiana to Help in the Search

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Heidi Broussard’s mother, Tammy Broussard, told KXAN that she was en route from Louisiana to Texas to help with the search.

Broussard is originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana, according to public records. She and Carey have also lived in Kyle, Texas.

Broussard’s aunt, Hope Thompson, wrote on Facebook, “Please keep praying and sharing we need our girls home safe if anyone has seen or heard anything please let someone know Heidi Elizabeth and baby Margot not a moment goes by that my prayers and thoughts are not with yall!! Bring our Girls Home!!”

She added, “Heidi Elizabeth I love you more than I can explain please come home if u can if u can’t fight baby hang on they coming to get you. There are so many ppl praying for you and Margo baby in the name of Jesus we shall see y’all soon!!”

Another family member, Elizabeth Thompson, wrote on Facebook, “God please let us know where they are please keep your loving arms wrapped around them and bring them home. My heart is so broken im so helpless in this situation if anybody knows me i will do anything for my nieces and it’s killing me not to be able to help her everyone i ask for your continued prayers and sharing somebody out there knows and wherever you are please come forth and help us find them Heidi has a son that desperately needs her they have family that loves them and needs them and misses them very much.”

Another aunt, Elizabeth Dawn Thompson, said on Facebook, “Everyone please continue to pray and share away please tia please if anyone knows anything about my nieces whereabouts please come forward my heart is so heavy God please keep them safe and bring them home i know this is treating my sister Tammy Broussard up Heidi is an only child she is a fascinating wonderful amazing person has a bubbly personality an awesome mother please help if you know anything please inform the police call 911 contact any of us inbox me anything im soooooo list and helpless i don’t know what to do.”

She added, “All my life i have looked at the missing people reports and the posts and thought to myself this hurts my heart i know their families must be devastated never in a million years could i even imagine how they felt well a million years was very short because i now know how these families felt and it hurts words can’t even describe the pain. my niece Heidi Elizabeth she has such a wonderful personality she’s an awesome person an awesome mother just to know that i can not reach out and text her or see her post on Facebook or anything is hurting me deep down to soul i know my sister her mother is in much more pain and then her baby girl Margo 3 weeks old new to the world doesn’t know nothing but momma.

The aunt said, “I know her momma is taking care of her God please make sure they safe and eat and have plenty heat God please bring them home please come home if there is anybody out there that knows anything please come forward and say something because just like me you wouldn’t think it would happen to your family but if it does you will feel so helpless and all you can do is beg just for some kind of sign or some kind of something to lead to the whereabouts of your loved ones Aunt Dawn loves you Heidi and Margo come home.”

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