Cristina Bayardelle: GOP Rising Star Madison Cawthorn Is Engaged to CrossFit Star

Cristina Bayardelle, Madison Cawthorn's girlfriend

Instagram/Cristina Bayardelle Cristina Bayardelle pictured on her Instagram page in June 2020.

Cristina Bayardelle is Madison Cawthorn’s fiancee. On June 24, Cawthorn defeated President Donald Trump‘s endorsed candidate, Lynda Bennett, in North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District Republican primary. Cawthorn, 24, was partially paralyzed following a 2014 car crash.

According to his official campaign bio, Cawthorn is engaged to Bayardelle, 26. In a post on his Instagram page in December 2019, Cawthorn announced his engagement to Bayardelle. Cawthorn wrote in the caption of the photo, “Man, I feel like that diamond was created just for her. So joy filled and in love. Thank you all so much for the outpouring of love to Cristina and I. It has made the proposal even sweeter!”

Bayardelle Is Studying to Become an Anesthesiologist

Cristina Bayardelle

Instagram/Cristina Bayardelle

Cawthorn said in a separate post on his page in June 2020 that Bayardelle was “taking her state boards for anesthesia.” Cawthorn added, “She has studied 4-5 hours a day ever since I have known her; that diligence is going to pay off! Can’t wait to celebrate your success!”

On Bayardelle’s personal Facebook page, she says she lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, attended Archbishop McCarthy High School in Southwest Ranches, Florida, and studied at Florida International University.

Bayardelle Has Competed in 6 Different CrossFit Tournaments Over the Last 5 Years

Christina Bayardelle

Instagram/Christina Bayardelle

Cawthorn is also a CrossFit athlete. She has a profile on CrossFit’s official website. That profile says that Bayardelle stands at 5-foot-4-inches tall and weighs 130 pounds. Bayardelle has competed in six different CrossFit tournaments over the last five years, the most recent in 2020. The profile adds that Bayardelle’s back squat record is 285 pounds. Bayardelle maintains an official Facebook profile for her athletic career. In November 2018, Bayardelle was featured in an issue of Men’s Health.

Christina Bayardelle

Instagram/Christina Bayardelle

Bayardelle told Apex Recovery in a 2019 feature that she first began in CrossFit in 2013. In the same feature, Bayardelle said:

Throughout my Crossfit journey I have learned that all good things come to those who work hard and are patient throughout the process. It is very easy to get caught up with your ego in this sport and try to perform skills before your body is ready while risking injury just to prove a point or compete with your fellow crossfitter. This happened to me in the beginning of my crossfit career.

Bayardelle went on to say that being involved in CrossFit has “humbled [her] in so many aspects of [her] life.” Bayardelle said that despite the fact that she has pushed her body to the limit so many times, “there is still room for improvement.” Bayardelle finished by saying, “Crossfit has taught me to be more understanding of the struggles other people go through on a daily basis simply by forcing me to face my own battles inside and outside of the gym.”

Bayardelle & Cawthorn Have Both Joked About Being Quarantined Together During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Instagram Christina Bayardelle

Instagram/Christina Bayardelle

Both Bayaradelle and Cawthorn have made jokes about the couple being quarantined together. On March 20, Cawthorn joked in an Instagram post that he was being “forced” to spend the coronavirus quarantine with Bayardelle. Cawthorn said spending time with Bayardelle and running his campaign was “so fun.” Cawthorn finished by saying, “This girl is my best friend!”

On the same day, Bayardelle posted a photo of the couple together with the caption, “Not the worst person to be quarantined with.”

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