Dianna Ploss: ‘Radio Host Karen’ Tells Landscaping Workers to Speak English

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@crazykarens Instagram Dianna Ploss went viral after she filmed herself telling a group or workers to "speak English."

Dianna Ploss is a former New Hampshire radio host who filmed herself harassing a group of Nashua landscapers because they were speaking Spanish.

Ploss, who hosted on Bartis-Russell Broadcasting talk WSMN Nashua, was on her way to the studio July 10 when she decided to film her herself having an encounter with the group of workers, according to Towleroad.

Throughout the video, the radio host is heard telling the men that they “should be speaking English” because “It is America.” She then asks if any of the workers are “illegal.”

The video was picked up by the Instagram account “Crazy Karens” and has since amassed more than 55,000 views.

When a man confronted Ploss in the video about her behavior, she tells him the same message.

“They should be speaking English,” she expresses. “Are they illegal aliens? Do they not speak the language? Why do you care? I’m not talking to you.”

Ploss then questions why the man is wearing a mask.

“Okay, so this guy decided he’s gonna come over here and be a social justice warrior,” Ploss says. “Because he’s a black man. He’s gonna protect the brown man from this white woman … white privilege, because she happened to walk by and heard this guy talking to all of these guys doing this work, in Spanish.

Many have taken to Twitter to condemn Ploss’ racist remarks.

On Saturday, the host posted a Facebook message saying she isn’t backing down, though it is unclear if she is referring to the video’s backlash.

Here is everything you need to know about Dianna Ploss.

1. The Radio Station Has Since Fired Ploss

After an online petition calling for Ploss’ removal from WSMN Radio gained momentum, the station posted a statement to its website announcing her firing.

“We will not tolerate racism, discrimination or hatred,” the website reads.


WSMN Radio websiteWSMN radio fired Dianna Ploss after the video she posted, showing her accosting Spanish-speaking workers, went viral.

The Change.org petition was created July 11 and initially called for 7,500 signatures to demand WSMN Radio removes Ploss from its lineup.

“She in no way represents this city, which needs MORE diversity, inclusion, and appreciation for cultural history and differences — not less,” the website reads. “We are asking WSMN Radio to do the right thing, suspend her radio program, and stop giving her a platform to spread hate, ignorance, and racist rhetoric. Hate has no place here.”

Nearly 12,000 people had signed at the time of this article’s publication.

2. Ploss, Who Lives in Massachusetts, Describes Herself as the Founder of ‘Massachusetts 4 Trump’

ma 4 trump

\’MA 4 Trump\’ Facebook

The “Massachusetts 4 Trump” Facebook group cites Ploss as the founder in February 2016. According to the group’s page, MA4Trump seeks to uplift the president and his supporters.

“From its’ inception, this Group of Patriots was laser-focused on both electing Candidate Donald J. Trump and remaining true to our Grassroots, Anti-Establishment values and principles,” its Facebook bio reads. “We succeeded in electing Donald J. Trump, who is now the 45th President of the United States. We also succeeded in remaining true to our Grassroots, Anti-Establishment values and principles.”

The group is now focused on helping the president’s re-election, saying it is “determined to do whatever it takes to re-elect Donald J. Trump. And, we will!”

“There will be no second chances. There will be no do overs,” the bio continues.

Adding, “Therefore, you must be made aware that our loyalty is to President Trump, America and Our Fellow America First Patriots, only. We will ALWAYS choose Country over Party. And, on this we remain firm.”

3.In 2016, Ploss told NPR She Was a Democrat Before She Quit Her Job to Volunteer for the Trump Campaign

trump campaign

GettyPresidential candidate Donald Trump speaks before a capacity crowd at a rally for his campaign on April 10, 2016 in Rochester, New York.

“Here & Now‘s” Meghna Chakrabarti spoke with Ploss about why she decided to make the switch, NHPR reported.

Ploss said she decided to leave the Democrat party in 2013 when she campaigned full-time for Trump.

She spoke how about Americans needed to be a “team” and regroup, the outlet added. Ploss has since been a vocal critic of Trump’s opponents throughout his presidency, the outlet added.

4. Ploss Lead Protests at the Home of Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker Over COVID-19 Restrictions

Charlie Baker

GettyGovernor Charlie Baker tours The New England Center for Children on July 13, 2020 in Southborough, Massachusetts.

Ploss vowed in May to protest outside of Gov. Baker’s Swampscott home until he reopened the state, Patch previously reported.

The conservative talk show host was joined by supporters in front of Baker’s house early May for the “third straight weekly protest of the state shutdown of nonessential businesses,” the outlet continued.

Patch said Ploss suggested on her former show that the coronavirus concerns “have been blown out of proportion.”

5. Twitter Users Dubbed Ploss as “Radio Host Karen,” Joining a Growing List of “Karens” Who Have Recently Emerged Online

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The term “Karen” emerged as an insult for “white women being immortalized on the viral videos in which they are unwittingly starring,” Newsone writes.

Many “Karens” have hit the news as of late, gaining notoriety for allegations of racism or coronavirus criticisms.

A woman named Torrance Karen was accused of making racist remarks in a public park, Heavy previously reported, while a woman named Permit Karen called the cops on her New Jersey neighbors.

“Dentist Karen” went down in infamy after she threatened to sue a dental office for asking her to wear a face mask in the waiting room.

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