Mark Zuckerberg Mocked for Hawaii Sunscreen Surfing Photo

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg And News Corp CEO Robert Thomson Debut Facebook News

Getty Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks on October 25, 2019 in New York City.

A photo surfaced on Sunday, July 19, showing Mark Zuckerberg surfing in Hawaii and wearing a lot of sunscreen, which sparked humorous comments and memes on social media. The 36-year-old Facebook boss was captured on an electric surfboard wearing a blue sweater, shorts and a thick layer of sunscreen on his face.

According to the New York Post, the Facebook CEO was seen surfing with pro surfer Kai Lenny and followed by his security team on a boat. He was also said to be surfing on a $12,000 Efoil board, which glides above the water.

Unsurprisingly, many people took to social media to roast the billionaire for his sunscreen-covered face.

Many Posted Memes Comparing Zuckerberg to the Joker or a Mime

Here are just some of the memes circulating. One user posted:

He wrote, “my therapist: mark zuckerberg with a face full of sunscreen and a thick a** isn’t real, it can’t hurt you mark zuckerberg with a face full of sunscreen and a thick a**,” alongside the photo. Another Twitter user wrote, “You cannot simultaneously shame whites for aging like prunes and trash Mark Zuckerberg for applying geisha like sunscreen. If he dies of skin cancer who will sell our data to teenage Crimean hackers?”

Another posted:

She wrote, “google photos of mark zuckerberg over the years and you can see the human leave his body year by year.” One person joked, “Cute misdirection from Mark Zuckerberg while he quietly grows a new face under the sunscreen.” Another said, “Mark Zuckerberg looks like a damn mime. Wait what photo.”

One person shared the photo and said simply, “Straight up one of the most absurd and horrifying photos I’ve ever seen.”

The post reads: “No one has ever seen Mark Zuckerberg and the ghost from Spirited Away in the same room, just saying.”

The caption says, “Was trying to think of who Mark Zuckerberg surfing reminded me of & then it came to me.”

Zuckerberg Was Recently Accused of ‘Colonizing’ the Hawaiian Island of Kauai in a Petition

A petition on titled “Stop Mark Zuckerberg from Colonizing Kauai” began gaining steam recently, collecting over 800,000 signatures. It was launched by Mia Brier, a native Hawaiian, who wrote: “Mark Zuckerberg is the sixth richest man in the world… and he is suing Native Hawaiians in Kauai for their land so he can build a mansion. They have built lives there. They have built families there. Hawaiians are already mistreated enough as is. We need to let them have this.” Newsweek received an emailed statement from Zuckerberg’s spokesperson, who said that “the premise of this petition is false.”

She said the Facebook CEO is “greedy” for suing Hawaiians with properties close to his 700 acre, $100 million estate on the Kauai north shore. The New York Post reported that in 2017, Zuckerberg filed lawsuits against native Hawaiians who owned small amounts of land, with the intent of forcing them to sell at auction and thereby “enhancing” his property. He later dropped the lawsuits but in 2019 was accused of getting a local resident, Carlos Andrade, to sue on his behalf and obtain the land, the Guardian reported.

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