WATCH: Trump Leaves Out ‘Under God’ During Pledge at 9/11 Ceremony

Donald and Melania Trump

Getty/ Brendan Smialowski President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump at a 9/11 memorial ceremony in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

At a live ceremony in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, memorializing those who died on September 11, 2001, near the site where United Flight 93 crashed, many online noted that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump seemed to have some issues reciting the pledge.

Video from the Recount showed the first lady place her hand over her heart during the recitation, but keep her lips closed. President Trump, many noted, also seemed to have trouble with the pledge, missing several words and phrases — including “under God.”

Trump Was in Shanksville to Honor the Passengers Who Died Bringing Down United Flight 93 Before It Reached the United States Capitol

Trump Shanksville

US President Donald Trump speaks at a ceremony commemorating the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, in Shanksville, Pennsylvania

The president and first lady made the trip to Shanksville Friday morning near the site where United Flight 93 crashed after several brave passengers staged a revolt on board on September 11, 2001, thwarting the hijackers’ aim of crashing the plane into the U.S. Capitol.

Vice President Mike Pence was in New York City at the 9/11 Memorial, as was Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden.

In Shanksville, Trump promised to help victims’ families and the nation bear the burden, and the pain that remains 19 years after the attacks, CNN reported:

To every 9/11 member all across this nation: The first lady and I come to this hallowed ground deeply aware that we cannot fill the void in your heart or erase the terrible sorrow of this day. The agony renewed, the nightmare re-lived, the wounds re-opened, the last treasured words played over and over again in your minds. But while we cannot erase your pain, we can help to shoulder your burden. We promise that unwavering love that you so want and need, support, devotion and the very special devotion of all Americans.

Trump was to return to the White House around noon on Friday and later present the Medal of Honor to U.S. Army Sergeant Major Thomas Payne, according to his public schedule.

During the Pledge of Allegiance, Melania Did Not Speak or Mouth the Words & Trump Appeared to Miss Several, Including the Phrase ‘Under God’

As the Pledge of Allegiance was recited, the president and first lady both put their hands over their hearts. Trump began to recite the pledge, but appeared to miss a few phrases, including “under God,” many pointed out online, including Vox reporter Aaron Rupar.

Melania Trump, meanwhile, kept her mouth closed for the entire recitation.

The term “Pledge of Allegiance” quickly began trending on Twitter as the video spread.

During the Democratic National Convention last month, Trump falsely claimed that the phrase “under God” was deliberately left out of recitations of the pledge by Democrats. In fact, the phrase was not said in two instances, during council meetings, but was said every night when the convention was live, Heavy reported.

Several Twitter users noted the irony of the Trumps’ apparent pledge flub, given the president’s accusation during the DNC.

The president and first lady’s White House Twitter accounts had not noted or responded to the viral moment as of around noon on Friday. Heavy emailed the White House seeking any comment, but did not immediately hear back.

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