Alex Cooper: TikTok Controversy Ignites Over Photoshopped Pic

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Instagram/TikTok Alex Cooper (r) and left a screenshot from the TikTok video

Alex Cooper is a podcast star who is responding to a TikTok controversy that ignited over a photoshopped picture.

She was caught photoshopping when a friend posted unedited pictures from the same Nevada event to social media. People then began highlighting the issue on TikTok, with one user accusing her of promoting unrealistic body standards.

Cooper has addressed the controversy head on. The photo no longer exists on her Instagram page, where she has 2.3 million followers under the name Alexandra Cooper.

In a new episode on her popular Call Her Daddy podcast, where she talks about everything from sex to social issues, Cooper addressed the issue. “I Got Caught Photoshopping,” the episode is titled.

One TikTok user wrote, “Literally the reason why there are unrealistic body standards #greenscreen #callherdaddy #alexcooper #bodypositivity #sofiawithanf #barstool #bffs #fy,” and shared both photos, which you can see below.

Here’s what you need to know:

Cooper Discussed the Topic & Hateful Messages in her Podcast


Literally the reason why there are unrealistic body standards ##greenscreen ##callherdaddy ##alexcooper ##bodypositivity ##sofiawithanf ##barstool ##bffs ##fy

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The episode description explains that “Father Cooper addresses a recent Tik Tok that went viral after exposing her for photoshopping. Opening up a larger conversation Alex discusses the role insecurities and bullying from her childhood play in her current relationship to social media.”

The description adds, “Why is there such a pressure to edit photos? Does it really matter if everyone does it? Is she only saying this because she was caught? Will she continue to edit photos? Following this discussion, Father Cooper speaks with Dr. Jean Twenge who holds a PHD in psychology and is a personality and social psychologist. Dr. Twenge has authored multiple books, has over 140 scientific publications and her research focuses on generational differences and more recently the influence of social media. The pair continue the conversation surrounding the negative impacts of social media on one’s mental health.”

In this episode, Cooper exposed some of the hateful messages she received. “I go onto Instagram and open my DMs and there’s a DM from a girl that says ‘go f**k yourself, you should kill yourself, you are the biggest f**king poser. You say you don’t edit your photos, you’ve been exposed you f**king c**t.'”

Cooper Revealed the Backstory Behind the Edited Photo

According to Cooper, the photo in question was taken on her birthday in Las Vegas, but she “didn’t like how my body look.” She felt happy throughout the night until she saw the photos. They “upset” her, so she edited the picture with FaceTune to create an “hourglass” shape to her body.

“I saw those photos and I was upset but immediately Lauren wanted to post it and I said hold on, I want to edit this photo. I have edited photos before, I don’t edit absolutely every single one, but I absolutely edit photos,” she said in the podcast.

In the podcast, Cooper admitted editing photos even back in high school. “The first thing I ever photoshopped was to make my legs look bigger,” she said, adding, “I remember I got bullied for how thin my legs were. I got called malnourished when I was younger, people told me I had an eating disorder.”

In June, Cooper inked a $60 million deal for the Podcast with Spotify, according to Variety. Spotify told Variety that the goal for the show, which moved to Spotify after a controversy with Barstool Sports and Cooper’s original partner, was “to uncover the importance of therapy, self-care and personal growth by sharing her own mental health journey with her listener.”

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