Boulder Colorado Party Videos: Rioters Damage Car, Assault Officers

boulder colorado party video

Twitter Screenshots from the Boulder Colorado party turned riot.

A massive party and riot in Boulder, Colorado, led to the destruction of a car belonging to a woman named Isabella Sackheim. Videos captured the damage to Sackheim’s car, as well as the general mayhem during the party.

It appears the riot consisted of some college students, including those attending CU-Boulder.

Sackheim’s father, Jonathan Sackheim, shared video of the crowd damaging his daughter’s car.

Videos showed people setting off smoke bombs and gathered in the street before police arrived. According to Daily Camera, hundreds of people were involved in the mostly maskless party.

“Detectives will review every lead we have to identify and arrest those responsible for this reprehensible and unacceptable behavior,” Chief Maris Herold said in a statement posted to the Boulder Police Department’s Twitter page. On Saturday, March 6, 2021, the night of the party, police wrote, “CU Alert: Boulder Police is responding to a large party in the area of 10th & Pennsylvania. People in the area could be subject to arrest and CU sanctions.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Police Say the Boulder Colorado Party Turned Riot Resulted in Assaults Against First Responders

Boulder police wrote on Twitter that they are scouring social media videos and photos to identify suspects.

“Regarding what happened tonight on University Hill, the Boulder Department is reviewing all body worn camera footage and shared social media videos/photos to identify the individuals involved in damaging property and assaulting first responders,” police wrote.

They added, “BPD encourages anyone with information about tonight’s events to send it to detectives via our website or social media. More information will be released when it’s available.”

District Attorney Michael Dougherty said in a statement that the community “was put at risk last night by the individuals involved in the incident in the Hill area. Their callous disregard for our community’s safety and well-being is shameful.” The DA pledged to hold people “fully responsible who damaged private property or “assaulted first responders.”

The University, CU Boulder, Called the Violence ‘Unacceptable & Irresponsible’

In a statement released to FOX31, the university condemned the “allegations of violence toward police officers,” writing:

We are aware of a large party on University Hill on Saturday evening and allegations of violence toward police officers responding to the scene. We condemn this conduct. It is unacceptable and irresponsible, particularly in light of the volume of training, communication and enforcement the campus and city have dedicated to ensuring compliance with COVID-19 public health orders. CU Boulder will not tolerate any of our students engaging in acts of violence or damaging property.

CU Boulder has made it clear to our student body that following county public health orders is required under the student code of conduct. The vast majority of our students have followed these directives. When health officials and police have referred public health order violations to our student conduct office, CU Boulder has responded quickly and imposed discipline when violations were established. Disciplinary actions include interim exclusions from campus and 45 suspensions so far this academic year. We will continue to take these actions to make clear that protecting our community and our campus is of utmost importance and that we will not tolerate such violations. Any student who is found responsible for having engaged in acts of violence toward the law enforcement or other first responders will be removed from CU Boulder and not readmitted.

We appreciate the efforts of law enforcement to address the unacceptable conduct of these students and apologize to the residents of University Hill for their behavior.

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