Carolyn Palisch: Arizona Woman Saves Neighbors From Fire in TikTok Video

Carolyn Palisch

TikTok/Facebook Carolyn Palisch saves her neighbors from a fire on a TikTok video/Carolyn Palisch

Carolyn Palisch is an Arizona nurse who became Internet famous after she saved her neighbors from a fire on New Year’s Day, pounding on their door until they escaped in the moments before their Avondale home collapsed.

The neighbor, Nicole Salgado, posted the video of the rescue on TikTok January 3, 2021, and it had more than 29 million views January 5. The video shows Palisch rushing to the house in a bathrobe and persistently pounding on the door. Flames can be seen coming from the side of the house in the video as she runs up to the door. The video was captured by a Ring doorbell, Salgado said in a followup post. Watch the video here or below.

Here’s what you need to know:

Palisch Rescued Nicole & David Salgado & Their Four Children Just Before Their Roof Collapsed


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Palisch was getting ready on the morning of New Year’s Day when she noticed smoke coming from her neighbor’s house. There, Nicole and David Salgado and their four children were all sleeping inside.

“”All I could think of was the kids,” said Palisch told KMOV4.

She ran to the door in her bathrobe, pounded on the door with both hands and rang the doorbell while shouting “Get out!” and “Wake up!” About 20 seconds into the video, members of the family opened the door.

“Get out. It’s on fire,” Palisch said.

She went inside for several seconds, disappearing from the view of the camera. She then left behind Nicole Salgado and her children.

“It’s OK,” Palisch said soothingly. “You guys can go to my house.”

“Within minutes of us getting out of the house our roof collapsed,” Salgado wrote on the video. “The firefighters said that if we didn’t get out when we did, we wouldn’t have made it out alive. We are so grateful to this angel that saved our lives.”

Palisch Is a Nurse & Nicole & David Salgado Also Work in Healthcare


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Palisch has been a nurse for 40 years, and Nicole and David Salgado are also healthcare workers, according to KMOV4.

“I’ve been a nurse for 40 years and you hope that you’ve always done good for everyone but to actually see the result and to see them alive and well and their children are here. Can’t ask for nothing else,” Palisch told the news outlet.

Nicole Salgado posted a followup video on TikTok January 4, thanking everyone for their support. She also clarified her husband also escaped even though it was not captured on the video. She said she ran back in to help him and saved their pets – two dogs and a bearded dragon. She also introduces Palisch on the video and shows footage of their destroyed home.

Salgado Said They ‘Lost Everything’ But They Are ‘Grateful to Be Alive’

Nicole and David Salgado

FacebookNicole and David Salgado

The Salgado family lost their home, their only car and most of their belongings in the fire, Nicole Salgado wrote on a GoFundMe started to raise funds for the family.

“2021 started in the worst way possible,” the fundraising page said. “Nicole and David woke up to loud banging on the front door. Their neighbor was alerting them that the house was on fire. Thank God everyone was able to get out safely, but unfortunately they have lost everything. David and Nicole along with their 4 children will have to start fresh. I ask that you please consider donating to help them find a new home and get the basic necessities for their family. Everything is appreciated! God Bless!”

The fundraiser had generated more than $32,000 from nearly 1,000 donors as of January 5.

“First of all we can’t express how grateful we are to every single one of you,” Salgado wrote in an update January 5. “We have been touched by everyone’s love and support, not only the donations but also all of you kind strangers that just want to know how we are. We are doing ok, the kids are of course a little traumatized but they are resilient and strong kids.”

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