Tessica Brown: ‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ Arrives in L.A. For Hair Treatment

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A woman who went viral last week for putting Gorilla Glue in her hair has arrived in Los Angeles, California to meet with a surgeon in a final attempt to remove the product from her scalp.

Tessica Brown, 40, flew from Louisiana to LAX on Wednesday morning, February 10, to meet Beverly Hills Doctor Michael Obeng, according to TMZ. The surgeon offered to do the procedure, which typically costs around $12,500, for free after learning of the woman’s publicized misfortune, the publication said.

Brown took the national stage on February 4 when she posted a TikTok video explaining she used Gorilla Glue Spray Adhesive when she realized she ran out of hairspray. She shared on her account, @im_d_ollady, that her hair had been stuck in a ponytail for roughly a month.

Here’s what you need to know:

Tessica Took Her Story Public as a Cry for Help


Stiff where????? Ma hair 🤬🤬

♬ original sound – Tessica Brown

Brown first went public with her struggle as a plea for help, in which she explained to her TikTok followers that she ran out of Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray about a month ago. The 40-year-old opted to use the Gorilla Glue spray, a permanent, moisture-resistant, heavy-duty adhesive meant for “fabric, paper, wood, plastic, cardboard, foam, metal, and more!” instead, she continued.

She recently told Entertainment Tonight that she thought the glue would be OK to use because she had used it on other non-hair materials before.

Brown has since documented her hair journey on social media, revealing at one point that she washed her hair 15 times. In another video, Brown demonstrated an attempt to remove the glue with Pantene shampoo. However, her hair refused to budge.

After a Failed ER Visit, Tessica Finally Managed to Cut off Her Ponytail

In her first interview, Brown told Kiss 92.5 that even emergency room doctors failed to remove the glue from her hair. The staff tried to use nail polish remover wipes, she explained to the station.

“When [the nurse] started, it just started to burn. They took sterile water to try and cool it off. But it burned so bad that my heart started beating too fast,” Brown said to Kiss 92.5. When the nurse suggested that the process would take at least 20 hours, Brown opted to finish the job at home, she added.

But each time Brown’s sister started the process, Brown revealed to the outlet that it burned “extremely bad.”

Brown was finally able to cut off her ponytail with the help of her friend and Goof Off, a heavy-duty remover of “spots, stains, marks and messes,” TMZ reported.

Gorilla Glue Has Since Issued an Apology Statement

Since Brown’s original post, which has amassed over 24 million views, a GoFundMe has raised almost $18,000 to fund Brown’s potential future wigs.

Even celebrities like Chance The Rapper have weighed in on Brown’s struggle.

The rapper on February 6 tweeted: “I’m glad mfs actually supporting her thru this. When I watched the video the second time it was hard to laugh cause I could tell shorty genuinely didn’t know she had put one of the worlds most powerful adhesives in her shit. I hope she recovers well 🙏🏾 #gorillagluegirl.”

On February 8, Gorilla Glue issued a public statement on Twitter offering the 40-year-old its condolences, writing:

We are very sorry to hear about the unfortunate incident that Miss Brown experienced using our Spray Adhesive on her hair. We are glad to see in her recent video that Miss Brown has received medical treatment from her local medical facility and wish her the best.

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