Jarid Haddock, Yakima Shooting Suspect Named by Police

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Yakima police Police say Jarid Haddock is the shooting suspect.

Jarid Haddock is the 21-year-old man who is accused of being the Yakima shooting suspect who shot and killed three people at a Circle K establishment in a random attack, Yakima police wrote on their Facebook page on January 24, 2023.

“Presumed homicide suspect is Jarid Haddock, a 21-yr-old, Yakima County resident. If seen, call 911 immediately, do not approach. The suspect is considered armed and dangerous,” police wrote early on. “YPD and local agencies are following up on leads.”

In a late press conference on January 24, 2023, Yakima Police Chief Matt Murray said the suspect borrowed a woman’s phone and called his mother after fleeing the shooting scene, making several incriminating statements, including, “I killed those people.” Haddock also made several statements that he was going to kill himself, so the woman took her phone back and called 911, Murray said. Murray said the call is “pretty harrowing,” praising the woman as courageous.

She told police Haddock was near the Pizza Hut, Murray said, adding that Haddock was located near a marijuana store. Haddock shot and killed himself before officers arrived, Murray said. He was on foot, the chief said.

Yakima, Washington, police released a photo of the suspect. Murray said in a news conference that police believe the attack was random. He said initially that it was possible that a fourth person was shot or even killed in a car across the street, but later he clarified that the suspect had shot into his own car after the shooting spree because he locked his keys into it. There is no fourth victim, Murray said.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Chief Said Jarid Haddock Had a ‘Large Amount of Ammunition’ & a Weapon When Police Found Him Deceased

Haddock was out in the community for some time after the shootings, according to the chief. At 2:16 p.m., police received the 911 call from the woman, Murray said.

“We don’t know how he got to this area,” Murray said in the news conference.

Police had surrounded a home for some time earlier in the day, Murray said, but Haddock wasn’t in the home when police were there. They had grainy video that led them to the home, the chief said.

According to the Yakima Herald, as of 9:30 a.m., a SWAT team “was on the scene at University Parkway and West Birchfield Road near South Keys Road,” in relation to the shootings.

The 911 call from the woman was a “really emotional call,” the chief said, adding that there is still no information about “why he did this.” He said the suspect had a large amount of ammunition and a weapon when located deceased by officers. He said Haddock had a semi-automatic handgun.

Initially, Murray had said that Haddock was at large.

“Suspect- Do not approach as possibly armed and dangerous,” the Yakima Police Department wrote on its Facebook page on January 24, 2023.

The chief said there was no conflict between the suspect and victims before the shootings, adding, “the male just walked in and started shooting.” Murray said police have both eyewitnesses and video from the Circle K establishment.

2. Two People Who Were Getting Food at the Circle K Are Among the Victims, Police Say

The chief told CNN that Haddock pulled into the ARCO/ampm gas station and “tried to get into the lobby,” but the doors there were locked.

“He then walked across the street to the Circle K,” Murray said to CNN. “As he’s walking into the store he pulls out his gun and there are two people getting food and he shoots them.” Both people died, Murray said.

“There was no interaction between him and the people. They were just sitting there getting food and got surprised by this person who came in and literally as he was opening the door, he started shooting these people,” Murray said in the Tuesday night news conference.

Haddock then walked out, shot another person, and then walked across the street and shot his own car, Murray said. “It looks very much random,” Murray said.

In the initial news conference, Murray said the shootings occurred at about 3:30 a.m. on the morning of January 24, 2023, when police received a call that a man was “shooting parties.”

When officers arrived, they located three deceased parties at the Circle K store, he said.

“It’s dynamic. Things are changing. We are getting new information constantly,” the chief said, adding, “It appears to be a random situation.”

3. The Police Chief Called Jarid Haddock ‘a Dangerous Person,’ Saying the Motive Is Not Clear

Murray said in a news conference: “This is a dangerous person, and it’s random, so there is a danger to the community. We don’t have a motive, and we don’t know why.”

In the latest news conference, the chief said authorities may never know the motive.

After shooting into his own vehicle at the ARCO/ampm establishment, the suspect fled eastbound, he said. He was believed to be in a gray or silver Chrysler Sedan, Murray said.

Murray initially said the suspect shot inside the vehicle, and police thought they could see a person in the car in surveillance video. The suspect then took the vehicle. He said police aren’t sure whether the person in the car was shot and killed, was shot and is alive, or was not injured.

“He just came in and did this,” said the chief. “You wouldn’t know this threat was coming.”

The suspect fled eastbound on Highway 24, he said.

4. Jarid Haddock Once Told Police He Was Homeless, Reports Say

According to a 2020 article by KimaTV.com, a man named Jarid L. Haddock, then 18, was “under arrest after the Yakima Police Department says he was driving a stolen sedan, but claimed that he had woken up in it.”

Yakima police gave Haddock a ticket for trespassing, according to the article, which said he told them “he was homeless and did not have any way to get around other than by foot.”

The owner had left the car running, and police found a wrench in the car, according to KimaTV.

5. Jarid Haddock’s Grandfather Served in the California National Guard

An obituary for Haddock’s grandfather describes the grandpa as loving “family, fishing, gardening and his service to the Lord.”

It says the grandfather “served 10 years in the California National Guard. Lawrence was the District Overseer for the Pentecostal Church of God for 16 years.”

The obit lists Jarid Haddock as one of multiple grandchildren. That obit says that Haddock was from Yakima, Washington.

There is a Facebook page in the name Jarid Haddock, but it is very old.

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