Phill Kline Lost Law License in 2013, Now Joining Trump Election Lawsuits

YouTube Phill Kline speaking at Amistad's press conference.

Phill Kline is a former Kansas Attorney General who lost his law license in 2013 following his years-long investigation into an abortion clinic. He lost his license after allegations of misconduct surfaced against him, which he disputed. He’s now director of a conservative legal organization known as the Amistad Project. The Amistad Project has joined Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s election lawsuits in support of President Donald Trump.

Here’s what you need to know about Phill Kline.

1. He’s the Director of the Amistad Project

Kline is the director of the Thomas More Society’s Amistad Project, Lawrence Journal-World reported. WISPolitics describes the group as a conservative legal organization.

On December 10, it was announced that the Amistad Project had filed a motion to intervene in Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawsuit, according to a press release.

The press release notes: “Whereas the Texas lawsuit asks the Supreme Court to evaluate the impact of legal violations against the razor-thin margins of victory in several states, the Amistad Project’s intervention asks the Supreme Court to recognize that state legislatures have a constitutional duty to certify that election laws were properly followed and that the reported outcomes reflect the free and fair elections Americans expect and are entitled to based on the social contract that serves as the foundation of our republic.”

Rudy Giuliani said about the project: “We are excited to have the Amistad Project as a partner in the fight to ensure the integrity of our elections,” Wis Politics reported.

2. Kline Was Kansas’ State Attorney General & Ran in His First Political Race While He Was a Law Student

Phill Kline 2006 KS Attorney General TV Ad #1Phill Kline 2006 KS Attorney General TV Ad #12017-09-27T18:22:43Z

Kline served as Kansas’ attorney general from 2002 to 2006. He lost his re-election campaign in 2006 to Democrat Paul J. Morrison. Prior to serving as attorney general, he was a representative for Kansas’ 18th district in the Kansas House of Representatives. He was there from 1992 until 2000, and gave up the seat to run for the U.S. House of Representatives. He lost against Democrat Dennis Moore.

Kline also served as Johnson County’s district attorney during his career.

He was on Bob Dole’s presidential advisory committee in 1996, and also ran for Congress in 1986 while he was a law student at the University of Kansas School of Law, LA Times reported. He won the Republican primary then too, but lost to Democrat Jim Slattery.

Los Angeles Times reported in 2005 that while he was attorney general in 2003, he argued that boys who have had sex with an underage boy should face a tougher punishment than those who had sex with an underage girl.

3. He Lost His Law License After Being Accused of Unethical Conduct When Prosecuting Abortion Providers

The Amistad Journey | Michigan Lawsuits Press ConferenceAmistad Project of The Thomas More Society announces a national effort to reign in Governor’s who are using COVID fear to deny First Amendment rights and suspend laws that protect the integrity of the election. Phill Kline, Director of The Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, with representatives of the One Nation and the…2020-09-30T18:14:08Z

While attorney general, Kline focused much attention on prosecuting abortion providers in the state. A state disciplinary panel ruled that he had presented false testimony and obtained medical records of women planning to have abortions through illegal means, Kansas Reflector reported. The Kansas Supreme Court indefinitely suspended his licenses in 2013, writing:

Ultimately, we unanimously conclude the weight of the aggravating factors — i.e., Kline’s inability or refusal to acknowledge the line between overzealous advocacy and operating within the bounds of the law and his professional obligations; his selfish motives; and his lengthy and substantial pattern of misconduct — weigh more heavily than the mitigating factors and merit his indefinite suspension.

Talking Points Memo reported that Kline had been accused of having staff record women’s license plates as they entered an abortion clinic, obtaining records at motels where they stayed, and obtaining medical files. Kline’s attorney disagreed with the conclusions, telling The Kansas City Star that the state Supreme Court was “cherry picking” evidence. Thomas Condit said: “There was never any deliberate dishonesty on Mr. Kline’s part… This is not an acceptable result.”

You can read the full case here.

Kline had used the evidence to form a 107-count criminal indictment against a local abortion provider, The Kansas City Star reported, and the case was later dropped by the Johnson County District Attorney.

In 2015, Kline sued Kansas Supreme Court justices over the decision, KCUR reported. He later tried to get his case heard by the U.S. Supreme Court, Kansas Reflector reported.

4. He’s Participated in Interviews Disputing the Results of the Election

Phil Kline: I don't believe the Attorney General was familiar with this.Amistad Project's Phil Kline responded to journalists request for comment regarding AG Barr telling the Associated Press there's no evidence of election fraud.2020-12-02T00:59:29Z

Kline has participated in multiple interviews claiming the election was unlawful. He claimed that U.S. postal workers engaged in efforts to influence the election, Kansas Reflector reported.

He said about the election: “They used COVID fear to justify lawlessness and within that lawlessness they created a system where we can’t have faith. Now we’re proving that all the flaws had a direct impact on results.”

He alleged that potentially corrupt ballots in Georgia were 15 times greater than Biden’s lead, Lawrence Journal-World reported.

Phil Kline on ballot securityFormer Kansas Attorney General on the importance of protecting the integrity of the ballot – via Newsmax TV's 'The Chris Salcedo Show' For breaking news & expert analysis, watch Newsmax TV on DirecTV 349, Xfinity 1115, DISH 216, U-Verse 1120, FiOS 615, Spectrum (see channels), Cox, Suddenlink, WOW!, Live on YouTube, or the Newsmax app.…2020-09-25T23:05:18Z

Attorney General William Barr said that the Justice Department found no evidence of voter fraud that could have changed the election’s outcome, USA Today reported.

The New York Times reported that after contacting top election officials in every state, 45 responded and none reported any evidence of fraud or irregularities that could have changed the outcome of the election. The Times also spoke to state officials or found public comments for four out of the other five states, which also did not reveal any irregularities that could have changed the outcome. Texas officials didn’t respond, but Harris County officials said there were only minor issues.

5. He’s Married & a Member of the Pastoral Team at Amherst Baptist Church

YouTubePhill Kline in a political ad.

In 1989, Kline married Deborah Kline. Their daughter Hillary was born in 1992, NCN News reported in 2002 when he was elected Attorney General. He and Deborah were members of the Central Church of the Nazarene in Lenexa, Kansas, in 2002.

According to his LinkedIn, he’s now a member of the pastoral care team at Amherst Baptist Church. He wrote on LinkedIn: “My wife Deborah and I join with retired pastor David Clay as the church pastoral team.”

He is also an assistant visiting professor of law at Liberty University School of Law, his LinkedIn notes.

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