Election Fraud: Why Are Voter Registrations Changing?

POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK - APRIL 12: Senator Bernie Sanders speaks at his rally at McCann Arena at Marist College on April 12, 2016 in Poughkeepsie, New York. (Photo by Kenneth Gabrielsen/Getty Images)

Senator Bernie Sanders speaks at his rally in Poughkeepsie, New York. Many voters in New York and other states are reporting problems with their voter registration, and the issues seem especially prevalent among Sanders supporters. (Getty)

Huge voter registration problems are plaguing states with closed primaries, leading to allegations of election fraud around the country. People who said they were previously registered Democrat or Republican suddenly found their registrations inactive or their party affiliations dropped, and now they can’t vote in their primary. These problems were a big issue in Arizona, and now they’re being seen in New York, California, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and more.

Many people are concerned election fraud is happening, but others think it could be widespread clerical errors. Either way, the problem is affecting people’s ability to vote. Is your voter registration affected, too?

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Many Voters Are Reporting Mysterious Changes to Their Registration and Party Affiliation

voter registration change

Shelly Berry shared this photo of what she says is a forged signature on her voter registration. (Facebook)

Many people across the country, including New York and California, are reporting problems with their voter registrations being changed without their permission. Here are just a few of the many examples.

Shelly Berry shared on Facebook that she had proof her New York voter registration was changed. Her registration was switched from Democrat to unaffiliated and she was told the change was made in 2012. She had the agent at the board of elections office print out the 2012 form and compare it to another form on file that she knew she had filled out. The handwriting was distinctly different, as you can see in the photo above.

Meanwhile, Anthony DeVincenzo shared that he changed his party affiliation for New York on the DMV website before the deadline. But it took the DMV five days to complete the transfer, and now he’s ineligible to vote. In fact, Gothamist reported that just before the late deadline to register for the April 19 primary in New York, Board of Elections spokesman Tom Connolly said they were getting hundreds of calls a day from angry voters.

Many voters from other states are also reporting problems.

A long list of stories about people who couldn’t vote in Arizona can be found on this thread on Reddit. Stories include one commenter whose brother registered Democrat two days before the deadline and received an email verification that he was registered as Democrat. But when he got to the poll, he was told he had no registered affiliation and had to vote provisional. Another Arizona story came from a Redditor whose fiancee couldn’t vote. (You can read the story here.) They both registered Democrat on the same day and got their voter identification cards on the same day. They showed up to vote in Maricopa County and he was able to vote, but his fiancee was told she was Independent. As she dropped in her provisional ballot, one person working at the polling station said, “We’ll see if this is even counted.” They finally got hold of the Secretary of State and were told that she was, indeed, registered as a Democrat the whole time.

Meanwhile, in California, voters are reporting problems too. Kelly Tolman Curtis shared this post about how her voter registration status changed three times online in the span of just a couple days:

In Connecticut, a Redditor shared that he changed his party registration to Democrat last fall, but now he’s listed as unaffiliated. These baffling voter registration problems seem to be widespread, occurring in states across the nation.

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2. Election Justice USA Has Filed a Lawsuit on Behalf of New York Voters

Sanders rally

Senator Bernie Sanders speaks at his rally at McCann Arena at Marist College on April 12, 2016 in Poughkeepsie, New York. Some voters in New York are filing a lawsuit because of voter registration issues. (Getty)

The problems are adding up as closed primaries conclude and disenfranchised voters want their voices heard. Now voters in several states are pursuing legal recourse. In Arizona, the legal pursuit began with a hearing on March 28 (which you can read about here.) Now the Department of Justice is investigating the registration and polling problems that left many voters without their voices heard.

In addition, John Brakey, co-founder of AUDIT-AZ, has filed a lawsuit in Maricopa County that accuses election officials of misconduct. The lawsuit also demands a partial recounting of ballots, the Phoenix New Times reported. Brakey said the voter suppression problems could have cost as many as 150,000 people in Maricopa County that right to vote, both in the Democratic and Republican primaries. Brakey told the Phoenix New Times:

…A consistent theme is that people are complaining that their voter-registration record was either obliterated or changed from ‘Democrat’ to something else… We have strong reason to suspect something went wrong with the voter-registration data.”

A lawsuit is also brewing in New York. There, voter registration problems are so numerous that representatives with Election Justice USA filed a lawsuit on behalf of the people whose registrations were changed. Any New Yorkers who experienced switched voter registration should send a form explaining their problems to You can fill out a form online here. Election Justice USA has said all information shared with them will be kept confidential.

In addition to New York, Election Justice USA is now seeking voter registration stories from people whose registrations were mysteriously changed or purged in any state. The form to fill out for states beyond New York is posted here.

Because of all the problems in New York, many residents are pushing for the primary in New York to be opened, so people who were disenfranchised from voter registration issues can still vote. Assemblyman Fred Thiele introduced legislation to the New York State Legislature on March 24 requesting that the primary be opened. You can read Thiele’s submitted legislation here. The bill would open the presidential primary and, if approved, would take effect immediately upon approval. Supporters of the legislation are asking voters to vote their support for the bill online here.

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3. Here’s What To Do If Your Registration Is Wrong

The video above, shared by Jonathan Carrillo, shows the Long Island resident finding out he was incorrectly registered as a Republican and, thus, unable to vote in the Democratic primary. He later found out it was due to a 2013 DMV form showing he chose to be a Republican, but he doubted that was accurate.

According to Gothamist, New Yorkers who find out they can’t vote can speak to a judge who may issue a court order to direct poll workers to let them vote. The judges will be “on hand” on primary day. A person who works with the Board of Elections in New York described the process in more detail on Reddit here. Affected voters can ask for a court order at the polls and then meet with an on-call local State Supreme Court judge. Many of the judges side with the voters, the employee explained. You can also sign an affidavit ballot, but the BOE employee suggested going with the court order route.

Voters can also file provisional ballots, but unfortunately these are often thrown out if available data shows the person is registered, but with a different party than they tried to vote with.

In the meantime, no matter what state you’re in, there are a few things you can do if your voter registration information is wrong. First, call your local Board of Elections office to double check that what you’re seeing online is correct. Sometimes your information may actually be correct in their files, even though what you’re seeing online is wrong. Other times, they can look through the files, find an error, and fix it.

If the problem persists, there are a number of people you can notify, which we’re listing below.

Election Justice USA would like to hear your story of voter registration changes. Just fill out the online form here and include what type of problem you encountered and what state you are in.

Pratt Wiley, the National Director of Voter Expansion for the DNC, told a Redditor that he wanted to hear from people who had problems voting in Arizona. If you have a personal story of encountering problems voting in Arizona or other states, you can write him at

Because many of the people encountering the problems are Bernie Sanders supporters, the campaign is interested in hearing your stories. You can contact the Bernie Sanders campaign at

The Facebook group “Record Instances of Voter Party Tampering” is collating stories of voter registration issues here.

You can also contact Election Protection with your story.

Your local ACLU may also be interested. In California, for example, you can contact the CA Attorney General and the California ACLU if you think you were affected by a voter registration issue. In New York, you can call the local BOE at 518-473-5086 and the local New York ACLU. A list of local ACLU chapters is here.

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4. Some Worry the Issues Are Connected to a Voter Registration Leak in December

voter registration issues

A record number of voters turned out at the Democratic caucuses in Utah. Meanwhile, in some closed primaries, voters are finding their registrations are stopping them from voting completely. (Getty)

Exactly what’s causing all the voter registration problems isn’t yet known. Some say these are just clerical errors (albeit, quite a large number of clerical errors.) At The Gothamist, one reporter said his wife’s voter registration was listed as inactive because when she changed it, a clerical error caused her name to be misspelled. Connolly said that if a New Yorker has a voter registration problem, he can only trace the problem through his county office records. Unfortunately, there’s not one set standard for how voter information is retained, so the details can be stored different from district to district. He added: 

“Any time [county officials] change a voter record, it’s supposed to send updates to our system. There are times where that’s not the case.”

This potentially haphazard information storage could put voter registration information at risk. In December, a database of 191 million voters’ records was mysteriously leaked, Forbes reported. No one ever figured out who was responsible for the leak. A computer researcher found multiple databases left open for perusing, including names, addresses, party affiliations, and logs of whether voters had participated in the primary or general elections. According to Forbes, “every registered U.S. voter is included in the leak.” Much of the information was already publicly available, but that didn’t cause many voters to feel less uneasy about the whole thing. Could this lead to voter registration tampering? That’s unclear and there’s no direct evidence at this point. However, Bloomberg wrote an article about how one hacker helped rig elections in Latin America for years, as an example of how it might happen.

Whether it’s voter tampering or simply technical and clerical glitches, many people are finding they can’t vote. Whatever the cause, many voters are now calling for open primaries in the future, due to the unreliability of the voter registration process.

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5. Check Your Voter Registration Status If You’re in a Closed Primary State

If your state’s primary or caucus hasn’t been held yet, then you need to check your voter registration status. This is especially important if you’re in a closed primary state. You can check your status here. If your voter registration shows up correctly, take a screenshot of the correct information, just in case it changes as primary or caucus day gets closer.

Here’s a list of upcoming primaries and caucuses that are closed or semi-closed and how to check for that specific state:

  • California – The primary is on June 7 and is semi-closed. You must be registered as a Democrat or unaffiliated (no party preference) in order to vote in the Democratic primary. The Republican party, however, does not allow “no-party preference” voters to vote in their California primary. People registered with the American Independent party in California won’t be able to vote in Democrat or Republican primaries. The deadline to register with your respective party is May 23. Check your status here.
  • Connecticut – The primaries are on April 26 and they are closed. You must be registered with the right party to vote. The voter registration deadline for new voters is April 21 by mail and April 25 in-person at your town hall. Previously registered voters who are unaffiliated can register with their party up until April 25 at 12 p.m. at their town hall. Check your registration status here.
  • Delaware – The primary is April 26 and it’s closed.
  • D.C.  – The primary is closed and it’s on June 14. The deadline is May 16 for previously registered voters to change their party affiliation. However, unaffiliated or unregistered voters have same-day registration on primary day at One Judiciary Square.
  • Kentucky – The Democratic primary is May 17 and it’s closed. You must be a registered Democrat to vote. The voter registration deadline for new voters is April 18 and the date to change your party affiliation is April 13. Previously registered voters had a deadline of December 31. Check your registration status here.
  • Maryland – The primaries are closed and are on April 26. The voter registration deadline was April 5. However, if you’re not registered, you can still do same-day registration for early voting only April 14-April 21.
  • New Jersey – The primary is June 7 and it’s closed. The party affiliation change deadline is April 13 for previously registered voters. Undeclared voters can change their party at the election ballot. Check your registration status here.
  • New Mexico – The primary is June 7 and it’s closed. The voter registration deadline is May 10. Check your registration status here.
  • New York – New York is a closed primary on April 19. Check your registration status here.
  • Oregon – Oregon has a closed primary that is on May 17. The deadline to register is April 26. Check your registration status here.
  • Pennsylvania – The closed primaries are on April 26. Check your registration status here.
  • Puerto Rico – This caucus is June 5 and it’s semi-closed. You must sign a party affiliation sheet when you vote, but if you didn’t vote in the Republican primary then you can vote on June 5.
  • Rhode Island – The Rhode Island primary is semi-closed and it takes place on April 26. To vote Democrat, for example, you must be registered as a Democrat or be unaffiliated. You can check your registration status here.
  • South Dakota is a semi-closed primary on June 7. You must be registered with your party or unaffiliated in order to vote. The deadline to register is Mary 23. Check your registration status here.
  • West Virginia – The primary is May 10 and it’s semi-closed. You must be registered with the appropriate party or unaffiliated to vote. Voter registration deadline is April 19, but undeclared voters can also vote with the party of their choice on election day. Check your registration status here.

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    • The pattern being, a bunch of people registered as independents in order to express their dissatisfaction with both political parties, and failed to take into consideration what impact that decision would have on their ability to vote in party primaries.

      • Nope, here in Indiana, I don’t have to register as either party, we just pick a ballot when we go to vote in the primary. I have been registered to vote for years, and re-registered every time I moved or updated my driver’s license, and my registration got wiped entirely a week before the registration deadline. Fortunately I had been checking it online on a regular basis, so I caught it and re-registered.

        • Democrats are suddenly and without their knowledge or consent being changed to either “no party”, Independent, repug, or not registered at all. I check my reg and my mothers 3 times over the Last 6 month and found that it had been change 3 times . The day of the week of election my mothers had be changed back to Independent. She did not get to votie

        • Democrats had this problem a couple years ago. If they signed up for grocery store give-a-ways, there was (in very small print) that unless you opted out, your party preference would be changed to Republican. Democrats were also sent ballots that had the WRONG date to go vote. Gotta watch out for the sneaky pete’s out there. But most of this confusion come from Bernie supporters who did not change their party to Democrat to vote in closed primaries.

      • No, people registered as Democrats are suddenly and without their knowledge or consent being changed to either “no party”, Independent, repug, or not registered at all. This is HRC’s doing, and if you didn’t see this same thing in AZ, she did that, too. If she were so damned confident in her abilities, likability, trustworthiness, and qualifications, she wouldn’t feel the need to cheat, lie, and sling mud at Bernie. She’s a loser. With the FBI investigations, the Panama Papers, and now voter obstruction, she’ll end up in prison before this is over, and I’ll gladly give her a penny a month for her store supplies while she’s in there. Bernie or bust, that’s it.

        • Plausible but I am more inclined it is our modern worker after the younger workers went to schools where if you said 2+2=5 they were told close enough here is your star, after all, we don’t want to hurt your self-esteem. Too many workers now days think close is good enough.

        • “This is HRC’s doing” don’t be ridicules…how in the hell would she know anything about YOU or who you’re going to vote for? You’re not that special and changing random people’s party designation from Democrat to something else hurts her too. If it’s voter suppression, it’s more likely to be Republican based to keep democrats from voting at all.

          • Do you not recall a few months back when the “portal” of registered voters opened between the parties? Hilary’s people complained that Bernie’s camp could see all thier info BUT at the same time they could see all of Bernie’s!! It was a simple thing for them to get the names of all of Bernie’s donors and change them or erase them. After all, the DNC supplies these names to the election committee – they just altered the, Hilary has to cheat to win and she know it – she is not likable and certainly not trustworthy!

            • I believe that there has been election fraud against Bernie. However, it does not mean that the Hillary campaign is responsible. There are any number of people who do not like Bernie who could do the hacking. Bankers. Oil Companies. Military Contractors. Pharma. Big Media. etc.

              • Come on Jane, BS knew all the Primary Rules, it was up to his tea to disseminate the information. When I heard that BS supporters complain that they couldn’t take part in the Nevada DNC because they weren’t registered Democrats, I had no sympathy for them; they knew the rules. If we as a Society don’t follow the rules we set for ourselves, then we descend into Anarchy – as evidenced by the Disgruntled BS supporters who then proceeded to trash the Convention space, released Wasserman’s personal information, and made threats against her and her family. What finally turned me fully off BS Bernie, was that he refused to call his troops to order, refused to condemn their actions in Nevada. That, to me shows he’s just as bad as Don the Con. Sorry, but if BS Bernie doesn’t join forces with Clinton on Wednesday, encouraging all his supporters that the goal should be the defeat of Donald Trump in November. If he doesn’t throw his full support behind Clinton now, he’ll be forever known as the Biggest Boor, the Crybaby who made Trump President.

        • Thanks for being the perfect example of how ignorant and gullible someone has to be to buy into this stuff … an article of unsubstantiated, random situations that have no real similarities occuring over several years … sometimes long before anyone knew who was going to be in this race … and people like you read poorly written blog posts like this and start screeching about conspiracy theories.


          • The level of complaint of electoral fraud that is new here. Anecdotal evidence is not conclusive, but it is the first line of finding evidence. If the elections were rigged, we want do know, don’t we? And if the elections were rigged, it does not mean that the Hillary campaign is necessarily responsible. Many people, or rather, corporate and banking special interests are threatened by the Bernie campaign and want him to lose. Any of them could be responsible.

    • No, there is definitely no pattern here. Even if you buy into the idea that party registrations are being deliberately changed (which there is zero evidence for) the idea that Sanders supports were able to be identified and targeted as much as 4 years ago is ridiculously delusional.

      The only thing going on here is a bunch of indifferent infrequent voters who don’t bother to check their registration and found out it’s been wrong for 4 years after it is too late to do anything about it.

      • There are lawsuits being filed over this and the disorganization happening at major primaries and caucuses is noticeable to absolutely anyone paying the vaguest level of attention to this election process. If you’re going to deny there’s a pattern here you’re a fool. Sure, you can’t know exactly who is and isn’t going to vote for Sanders, but only someone utterly brain dead or paying zero attention to the news this deep into the presidential primaries would fail to realize that voter turnout very heavily ties into Sanders’ chances of getting good margins in any state and that voter suppression is bound to be in Hillary’s favor.

        It’s also extremely worth noting that voter registration records have been hacked and released to the public in a database format. Millions upon millions of voters.

        • “but only someone utterly brain dead or paying zero attention to the news this deep into the presidential primaries would fail to realize that voter turnout very heavily ties into Sanders’ chances of getting good margins in any state and that voter suppression is bound to be in Hillary’s favor”

          No need for insults, especially when the opposite is actually true, despite what Bernie says. He won a couple of high turn out primaries but the majority of his wins have been in low voter turn out caucuses. Look it up.

      • You are the one being foolish. I have not heard of any Republican en=countering problems nor any Hilary supporters having these issues. Dont be naive – she needs these votes and she engineers these issues – she has access to these names

    • There should be no voting until this is resolved and made an open primary, register to vote at the polls, then vote. HRC needs to be caught. I know she’s behind this, because she was giving her AZ “victory” speech for AZ before more than 1% of the vote had been counted. She’s a criminal!

      • The idea that I should be prevented from voting because fellow NYers have been too stupid, too lazy or too indifferent to check their voter registeration until the last minute is asinine.

        But then the idea that Clinton is behind it is flat out delusional, so it’s not surprising you think stopping the vote is that answer. You apparently aren’t quite bright enough to grasp that not having the vote while it still could impact the national primary would hurt Sanders not Clinton.

  1. Whoever is tasked with investigating this needs to look into “The IVY Project” formed by the DNC……#STOPVOTERSUPPRESSION

  2. Hey. I’m not sure if people with “No Party Affiliation” can vote in the Republican Party. Last time I checked, the Republican Party hadn’t notified the Secretary of State that they would accept No Party Preference voters in their Primary. The list on California’s site says that “no party preference” voters can vote in Democratic, American Independent, and Libertarian primaries only.

    • You are correct, Chris. The article is wrong. Here is the language on the California site:

      “Presidential Primaries are especially unique because political parties have the ability to decide whether voters registered as No-Party Preference can “crossover” into their party, and vote for one of their candidates. For the June 7, 2016 Presidential Primary Election, the American Independent, Democratic and Libertarian parties have allowed “crossover” voting. All voters who are registered as No-Party Preference and want to vote for one of those three respective parties can do so, but will first need to fill out a “crossover” ballot request. Please note that if you choose to request a “crossover” ballot, it will not change your party preference.

      Voters who are registered as No-Party Preference and would like to vote in the June 7 Presidential Primary for a Republican, Green, or Peace & Freedom Presidential candidate, must re-register to vote for one of those respective parties by May 23, 2016.”

  3. “Many people are concerned election fraud is happening, but others think it could be widespread clerical errors.”

    I’ll put my money on neither. It’s people who suddenly realize that registering as an independent means they’re not able to vote in a closed primary, and they scream “fraud!” instead of admitting to their own foolish actions.

    • Why don’t you just move to a dictatorship, Cal, instead of blaming the millions of voters who have had their registrations switched on them, some of them with proof of it happening. Instead of victim blaming and shaming, try giving a damn that democracy is being attacked? And the time to switch party affiliation was October 9, before even the first debate happened, where the major news networks like CNN (whose parent company Time Warner happens to be HiIIary’s 7th largest contributor which is saying something) were silent about Bernie so that nobody even knew who he was… you call this democracy? Most Americans, and the rest of the world watching, call it voter suppression and very likely flat out fraud. You don’t like that we’re fighting for our right to vote, then like I said, try moving to a dictatorship.

      • Millions huh? Looks more like dozens to me. And tell me, how does Hilary know which voters registrations to switch? Because I would be interested in a President with ESP. Especially one who could know this information years before Sanders ever declared his candidacy.

        • It’s pretty easy, “dumbledore.” You figure out a list of voters who have expressed sympathy or support for Senator Sanders online and randomly target them. Perhaps you also randomly target some voters who are demographically likely to vote for Bernie, like young white male college students, and voila. Voter supression.

      • You are the one being foolish. I have not heard of any Republican en=countering problems nor any Hilary supporters having these issues. Dont be naive – she needs these votes and she engineers these issues – she has access to these names

  4. Clerical errors my ass!!!! This is HRC, pure and simple. She was giving her “victory” speech for AZ when only 1% of the vote had been counted. New Yorkers are NOT going to stand for this. All hell will break loose if the courts don’t open the primary where people register to vote the same day they actually vote like they did here in Washington State. This is nothing but corrupt bullshit, and if $hillary thinks it’s going to work, she’s got another thing coming!

    • Hillary has nothing to do with this and i’m sorry but every state has the right to decide how they are going to run their state primary/elections, New York has been a closed primary long before Hillary decided to run for President and Sanders has not won one closed primary state so I guess you want it open because you think Sanders would have a shot then. Sanders did well in caucus states and Hillary does well in closed primaries and out of the next 16 states coming up for a vote 13 of them are closed. Hillary didn’t have to do anything because she’s leading and Sanders knows he’s not going to win New York or this election

  5. If you’re checking on line don’t assume your first try is going to get you good results or that you’re being suppressed. I tried every permeation of the spelling of my name and finally found it.

  6. As far as New York, the primary should be OPENED. The People must be counted! This is America for God’s sake, yes I said God. If that offends you, tough s. But I STILL believe your vote should be counted. This shouldn’t even BE a question. OPEN THE PRIMARY, ALL AMERICANS SHOULD BE HEARD!

    • Oh look, another person who can’t tell the difference between an election and a primary.

      Here let me make it simple for you … voting in a primary is not a right.

      Primaries are how the PARTY decides who their candidate is. The PARTY in each state can organize that effort however they want. They could draw names out of a fish bowl if they wanted to and enacted that method using the process defined by state and federal law.

      The idea that you or any other American has some kind of right to vote in a primary is clear demonstration of how many Americans are pathetically ignorant of how elections work.

      • Yes, namely you. This Country was not set up so that a “Party” could select a candidate to run for POTUS. Show me in the Constitution where it says ANYTHING about a political party. Some people are dumb enough to believe that the Constitution is to be redefined each generation, that’s ridiculous. The candidate is supposed to chosen by delegates which are supposed to DIRECTLY REFLECT the will of THE PEOPLE,period. So your ignorant “fishbowl” and “party” theory is just that, your own IGNORANT interpretation of I don’t even know what. The Constitution is to be interpreted AS WRITTEN, at the TIME it was written. This Country had just succeeded from England and fought off being “ruled” by King George. The whole system is based on a Government FOR the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE. You’re honestly going to tell me that the framers intented for the PEOPLE to have absolutely NO SAY in something as important as selection of a Candidate for POTUS? That some “PARTY” could hand select from their distinguished little club anyone THEY see fit for a candidate? 😂 Now that’s what I call ignorant. What was the point in succeeding at all, we could have just gone along with the system that was already in place, WHICH IS the system YOU described above. I don’t know what kind of bs they’re trying to teach you in School these days, but it isn’t the correct way the REPUBLIC was set up. If THE PEOPLE were actually meant to have no role in the process, which is what the “parties” are trying to convince everyone of, there would be NO reason to even have a primary or a caucas. So, go sell your bag of horse shit to someone else, I remember very clearly my Government class in school, and more than that, I have participated in MANY Presidential elections and Primaries in my day, and this is THE FIRST time this bs has EVER happened.

      • The thing is, the two major parties don’t own our government or our election system, well at least they’re not supposed to. If the two major parties want a true representation of who the people, i.e. those who govern themselves, then they wouldn’t restrict primaries or disenfranchise anyone, and the requiring a voter to register with a party is bullshit.

      • As I understand it, the taxpayers pay for primaries. If so, all taxpayers should be able to vote in them. Not in this primary, but in future. I read articles all the time about the Awful Red States who are disenfranchising voters by calling for IDs and special qualifications. But this NY early registration as Dem is a form of voter suppression as surely as the republican need for extreme voter ID. I say, make voting easy, if not in this primary and election,, then in the next. Change the rules.

    • This is the Democratic primary and only democrats should be allowed to pick it’s nominee, they all should be closed.

  7. I want to know if ElectionJusticeUSA has in fact filed anything, or if that was smoke and mirrors and misdirection. I am trying to contact them to be directed to a public record of any legal action.. Have not received a response. Please look into this!

  8. Well changing people’s party affiliation won’t do Shillary a damned bit of good in California because we have open primaries here…. You just walk in and request the party ballot you want as long as you are registered they can’t say no…

  9. Checking your voter registration status above won’t do any good if your state’s Department of Transportation never notified your party through so called “motor-voter” campaigns. I’ve been selecting Democrat when renewing my driver’s licence every 5 years for the past 20 years. I never thought to “check” my status, I just trusted them because they are a State Agency. When I arrived at the polls yesterday they set me up to vote just by signing in as usual, and let me vote without my knowledge as an “Independent”, and the was then turned away from voting in the Primary.

    When I check the status above I’m listed as “No Affiliation”.

  10. Those who are experiencing this are primarily supporters of Bernie Sanders. Clinton’s camp had access to his voter data in that breach in which they falsely accused the Sanders’ camp of hacking, and locked them out of their own data. Then, voter registrations got changed nationwide. Clinton’s camp has the motive to alter voter registration, they had the means to do it, and they had the opportunity to do it. In a criminal case, these are all that is needed to arrest and try a suspect. Why isn’t it enough to launch an investigation into the DNC and the Clinton campaign?

  11. It is definitely NOT widespread clerical errors. I have had real time conversations with Bernie supporters as they checked their registrations and found that they were altered with NO changes on their part. One was in CA long time dem changed to R… another was long time Dem voter in NY at same address… He was purged. When he called BOE they said we show you moved away, and he had not moved… THOSE WERE NOT CLERICAL Errors.

  12. They don’t have to know who was planning on voting for Bernie. They just have to attack the states and demographics in which he’s gained favor. If this look like coincidence to you, you’re blind.

  13. IMPORTANT: When I called in to check on my own registration, I learned that in California unaffiliated voters can vote in the Democratic Primary ONLY if they specifically contact the Registrar of Voters and request that they be given the Democratic Party ballot before the deadline!

  14. Same thing happened to me and my son – changed voter registration to republican and received democratic voter info and liberterian/green – changed it again and kept the receipts. And I also get bunches of Hilary emails now. really….anyone but Hilary.

  15. My Husband and I are both very angry..we live in California, and both of our voter Registrations have been changed, from Republicans to “no selection”.. we too did not get to vote in the Primary…Sad the media can report all the canadet garbage talk, however, could not take the time to inform people to check their voter status….#CNN#KTLA

  16. I’m having these same issues this election. I registered to vote when I was 18 years old now I’m almost 48 and they say cause I didn’t vote 2 elections I have been dropped. That’s not right it’s my right to vote or not and now I didn’t register cause I did years ago now I have missed the deadline to read reregister which is wrong I shouldn’t have been dropped unless I signed something to be dropped I live in the same state