Donald Trump’s Pueblo, Colorado Rally: The Photos You Need to See
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Donald Trump’s Pueblo, Colorado Rally: The Photos You Need to See


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Well! As far as paying federal taxes? Most truck drivers in America do not pay any federal taxes !! Butt ! Not necessarily, truck drivers pay federal taxes in the fuel that they purchase, which is a state highway tax for using the roads across America, now most truck drivers, (if they know their business). And! (a good Taxman that knows about Trucking) ,with just about everything used in trucking can be written off !! Some truck drivers don’t even pay state taxes but that also appears to be an incorrect statement !! A truck driver receives a per -diem which is considered an allowance for groceries and expenses on the road !! Now if you have seen a truck drivers tax returns it would appear the truck driver paid no State and no federal therefore when you look at someone’s tax returns what deductions are they legally allowed to take? what deductions is there company legally allowed to profit from? the Democrats claim that there is something illegally wrong with Donald Trump’s tax report? If so what are they? what are the legal ? I remember now!! We know nothing about the law !! We are deplorable !! We live in the basement of our parents house!! We don’t understand what they’re trying to say to the voters !! As the Democrats think that everyone is stupid !! They can say anything to us and we will believe them!! But to get back to my point! See how easily somebody can be deceived!! Now! Lying Clinton thats a whole different story


:) lol1 even hillco protesters are stupid and gay111

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