Tesfaye Cooper & Jordan Hill: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

tanishia covington, brittany covington, tesfaye cooper, jordan hill

Clockwise from top left: Brittany Covington, Tanishia Covington, Tesfaye Cooper and Jordan Hill. (Chicago Police)

Teenagers Jordan Hill and Tesfaye Cooper are accused of being part of a group of Chicagoans who tortured and harassed a special needs man on Facebook Live.

“The actions in that video are reprehensible,” Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said in a Thursday news conference announcing the charges, which included hate crime offenses.

Charges were announced Thursday against Hill and Cooper, both 18, and two sisters, Brittany Herring (Covington) and Tanishia Covington in connection with the horrific videos, which have gone viral and been viewed by many thousands of people. Of the four, Hill is allegedly the closest to the special needs victim who was attacked on the videos that went viral.

The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office said the suspects are charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated unlawful restraint, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and residential burglary. They are all also charged with hate crime, a charge police had initially hesitated on committing to Wednesday night. Police had drawn criticism on social media for refusing to outright label the crime as a hate crime during their initial news conference, but they were talking a tough tune on Thursday.

The most serious charge, aggravated kidnapping, carries a potential prison sentence of 30 years, with a minimum sentence of six years.

Hill is from Carpentersville, Illinois, while Cooper and the Covingtons are from Chicago. Brittany Herring (Covington) had initially streamed the  video onto her Facebook page.

The group allegedly forced the victim to say “f-ck Donald Trump” and accused him of being a Trump supporter while punching him, cutting his hair, and forcing him to drink from a toilet. Some of the suspects also made disparaging comments about white people.

The suspects are black, and the victim is white.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Hill’s Grandmother Told the News Media He Had ‘Drug Problems’

Brittany Covington, brittany herring

Brittany Covington. (Chicago police mugshot)

Hill’s grandmother, Michelle Ludington of Streamwood, Illinois, told the Daily Herald “she was surprised to hear about what her grandson is accused of doing. Hill had lived with Ludington while attending school nearby, and the victim occasionally came over to hang out.”

The newspaper said that Hill had stopped living with his grandmother, who told the Daily Herald that Hill allegedly “had drug problems.” She told the newspaper: “I tried to get help for him a long time ago.”

Police had unraveled the horrific saga when they found the victim wandering around.

Police said in a statement that “patrol officers observed a disoriented male walking (along) 3400 W. Lexington on January 3, 2017 who was then transported to an area hospital for treatment.”

At 5:26 p.m., officers then responded to a battery report at a residence on the 3300 block of W. Lexington “where they discovered signs of a struggle and damage to the property and (were) able to link this evidence to the disoriented male,” the police statement said.

This led police to Facebook.

Officers later “became aware of a social media video depicting a battery of an adult male which is believed to be the same individual. At this point CPD believes the video is credible and detectives are questioning persons of interest in the case,” the police statement said.

brittany herring, brittany herring chicago, brittany herring facebook, brittany herring video

Brittany Herring. (Facebook)

Chicago police said the victim, whom police believe is from a neighboring suburb, “was transported to an area hospital in stable condition. The investigation is ongoing.”

Captain Steven Sesso, who is the commanding officer of the 11th District, said “alert 11th District officers encountered” the victim and added that it “didn’t feel right, the situation. They saw clearly this individual was in distress, that he was in crisis. And they cared enough to do something about it.”

Police have said the victim “was missing from Crystal Lake,” the Chicago Tribune reported.

WATCH: Man ‘Tied Up & Tortured’ on Facebook Live in Chicago

A man with special needs was tied up and tortured in a Facebook Live video in Chicago, police say. In the video a person can be heard yelling slurs about Donald Trump.

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2. The Viral Videos Show the Man Being Tortured & He Knew Hill Previously, Police Say

In the first Facebook Live video, which is very lengthy, you see the man gagged, and some of the suspects cut his sweatshirt sleeves with knives as music plays in the background.

The video was first streamed live on the Facebook page of the young woman named Brittany Herring (Covington), who laughs during the video as another suspect says such things as “F-ck Donald Trump. F-ck white people, boy.” He is seen being kicked and punched.

They cut off pieces of the victim’s hair and order him to stand up, while the woman streaming the video calls him a “b-tch as- white thug.” At one point, she says that her little sister “said it’s not funny,” but she added, “This sh-t is hilarious.”

In a second video, the suspects force the victim to drink from a toilet and to say “f-ck Donald Trump.”

The New York Daily News reported that, according to police, the victim knew Hill through school and initially “voluntarily” hung out with him after his parents dropped him off at a McDonalds.

Chicago Murders 2016: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Chicago murders in 2016 reached the highest number of homicides in the past 20 years and were more than Los Angeles and New York combined.

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3. Hill Allegedly Had a Stolen Van & the Suspects Allegedly Sent the Family of the Victim Text Messages

jordan hill

Suspect Jordan Hill is charged in the Chicago torture video. (Chicago Police Department)

That account came from police, who said the “suspects had been sending the victim’s parents text messages while holding him hostage,” according to NBC 5.

“This is going to affect him for probably the rest of his life,” the grandmother of the victim told the television station.

Hill allegedly showed up at the McDonalds where the victim’s parents had left him in a stolen van. They drove around the city for several days, crashing with friends before ending up at the apartment where the attack happened, and, eventually, the victim’s parents reported him as a missing person, the Daily News reported.

Hill is also facing charges of robbery and possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

The victim escaped the house of horrors when a neighbor complained about the noise. The complaint distracted the suspects, some of whom went to deal with the neighbor, providing the victim his chance to get out, The Chicago Tribune reported.

An officer found the man “bloodied” and “battered.” The neighbor then called police, The Tribune said, after two suspects allegedly kicked her door in.

Brittany Covington & Tanishia: See Pictures of the Chicago Sisters

Brittany Herring (Brittany Covington) and Tanishia Covington are two sisters accused in the Chicago torture video Facebook Live case. See photos of them.

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4. Police Had Initially Hedged on the Hate Crime Charges

tesfaye cooper

Tesfaye Cooper. (Chicago Police)

Before socking the teenagers with hate crime charges, police had given a variety of statements that some felt downplayed the seriousness of the incident.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson referred to the incident as “stupidity” and a police commander, Kevin Duffin, had called it the result of stupid decisions. The Chicago police spokesman had said that police believed the victim was targeted because he was a special needs person, not because of his race, even though some suspects referred to white people in derogatory fashion in the videos.

Chicago hate crime laws do not only limit hate crimes to race, though. And police were talking a tough tune on Thursday, with Johnson referring to the crime as “reprehensible.”

The City of Chicago website contains a detailed section defining hate crimes. It reads, “Hate crimes are acts of bigotry, and are committed because of the intended victim’s actual or perceived ancestry, color, creed, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability (including HIV status), or national origin. Hate crimes not only harm the victim, but also the group in which the targeted member belongs.”

The site continues, “Hate crimes can only be charged when another crime such as battery, assault, aggravated assault, criminal damage to property, criminal trespass to vehicle or to real property, mob action, looting, disorderly conduct or harassment by telephone occurs and a specific hate motive is established. Hate Crime is a Class 4 felony. If a convicted hate crime offender receives a probationary sentence, the court may also impose community service hours.”

The website – which urges victims of hate crimes to contact Chicago police – adds: “According to Illinois law, hate can be considered an aggravating factor and ‘accorded weight in favor of imposing a term of imprisonment or may be considered by the court as reason to impose a more severe sentence.’”

5. Some Suspects Have Prior Arrest Histories but Others Have Minimal Paper Trails

brittany covington, brittany herring, brittany herring mugshot

Brittany Covington in an October 2016 mugshot. (Chicago Police)

Police alleged in a Thursday news conference that the two sisters under arrest were instrumental in tying up the victim after they became angry because the victim was play fighting with Hill. The entire episode then escalated, and it took about four to five hours, police contended.

Tanishia Covington

Tanishia Covington. (Chicago police mugshot)

Tanishia Covington is a young mother who has indicated support for members of a local gang that is involved in rap music culture on Facebook. Both sisters have had prior arrests for petty crimes, according to a Chicago police arrest database. Tanishia Covington had been caught previously in a stolen vehicle. The Chicago Tribune reported that she was also accused in 2014 of domestic battery and endangering a child “for slapping a woman twice in the face as the woman held a 10-month-old infant.” Brittany was accused of stealing liquor, but the case was dismissed, the Tribune reported.

Tesfaye Cooper has basically no record trail, at least not under his birth name. His name doesn’t come up in data mining sites or on Facebook, and there is no arrest history under his name in the Chicago police database. There is a 37-year-old Chicago man with the same name who has a lengthy arrest history in the database. No arrest history comes up for Jordan Hill in the arrest database. However, the database only allows searches for adult arrest histories, not potential juveniles records, and all of the suspects are only recently adults.

You can read more about Tanishia Covington here:

Tanishia Covington: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tanishia Covington is accused of being part of a group who tortured a special needs man on Facebook Live video in Chicago, saying he was a Trump supporter.

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Read more about this video in Spanish at

VER: Hombre Es Atado y Torturado en Vivo por Facebook Live [Vídeo]

Un video de Facebook Live muestra cómo un hombre es atado y torturado en vivo por el internet.

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  1. charged with a hate crime ?
    What is going on ?
    I guess they was watching too much C.N.N.
    But ! We all know, because of their great great ,great, great ,great ,great ,grandpappy !
    They have an excuse to be violent terrorist against that poor white handicapped boy !
    And that they were set up by the man !
    Yes I could hear the stories now !
    They’re poor they’re black they’re uneducated and they went to Sunday school every day but that one !
    Either that or they belong to the Muslim religion ?
    And should get special rights !

    • Feral animals……black youth. They are not human, do not share Neanderthal DNA like all other humans and have the lowest IQ of any race. Blacks are another hominid altogether. Homo-felonies, the American Black.

        • No not really. It’s actually a pretty common and reasonable theory. Races that intermingled with Neanderthals had smarter children, and thus where that interbreeding didn’t occur, an evolutionary spurt of intelligence didn’t occur (as is 100% proven to be the case with African cultures that didn’t go intermingle and turn into something else). Of course no matter how much evidence or proof we discover on this topic it’s shunned b/c it basically says “Science proves all races are smarter and more geared to learning and getting smarter than blacks are.” And we can’t have that be out there no matter how true. (until they interbreed enough to counteract that, but will always be way behind those with a million year head start.

          • The theory is “reasonable” only among unaccomplished, backward ETHNONARCISSISTS, grasping at straws to feel better about their lives. People like YOU –who are envious of black people who DO BETTER THAN YOU, and FEARFUL of a level playing field.

            With all the PRIVILEGE and HEAD-START that the SAVAGERY of your ancestors bestowed upon you, how has it come that YOU STILL CANNOT SUCCEED? Why are you crying that Carrier ships your factory job to mexico? Why are you still a BUM in need of denigrating black people in order to feel better about yourself? Why are you reaching for theories of “genes” from EXTINCT cannibalistic ice age losers to feel better about your existence? If you are the product of neanderthals, THANK THE LORD I have NONE of their “genes” in ME. THANK THE LORD that INSTEAD OF “NEANDERTHAL GENES” I am imbued with the spirit of GOODNESS, such that I have NO NEED to be an ETHNONARCISSISTIC RACE-BULLY.

            Yes, even though I am carry “the black man’s burden” (ie. I’m subject to the ever-present SPIRITUAL ENVY of DEVILS like YOU), I THANK THE LORD that I am in no way your KIN. The ice-age should’ve kept you, for the sake of all good men, like it did the brow-ridge bunch.

            The BLACK PEOPLE who are outperforming YOU (in spite of a history of marginalization and brutality… in spite of laws that forbade teaching them to read… in spite of the constant assault on their psyches for birth onward today) are the BEST EVIDENCE that it is YOU who are inferior. Remember that next time you spy your ugly, fat mug in the mirror. It is YOU who has to ride the coat-tails of OTHERS for “proof” of your fitness. It is YOU who has to campaign for birthright advantage in order to feel secure. Thank the LORD that I am of NO KIN to YOU, and the BEDEVILMENT that you ARE.

            SUICIDE is the best answer for YOU. GO. NOW. DO IT. You will feel RELIEF that way, you god-damned devil.

      • Neanderthals died out because they were unfit for survival, ya worthless APE. What’s YOUR “IQ”, pray tell? You have done nothing with your life, will do nothing and ARE nothing, so you are ENVIOUS of black people who make MORE of themselves than YOU. “IQ” isn’t some magic word that you can spout to make yours higher. YOU are NOTHING, and should you get so full of yourselves that you touch a hair on the head of any “American Black” that I care for, YOUR FATE WILL BE WORSE THAN SOME TEENAGE TORTURE.

        God damned DEVIL. INFERIOR, LOWLY, BACKWARD EVIL DRAG ON ALL PROGRESS. That’s you. You should commit SUICIDE because the world would be BETTER OFF WITHOUT YOU.

      • Just that statement alone shows your lack of intelligence, there are many factors that go into an IQ test such as education. African Americans were denied educational rights and segregation was outlawed only 53years ago. You can’t measure an IQ of someone who got a quality education and someone who was DENIED education and compare them.Second, even in basic biology classes, you will be taught that all humans originated from Africa. And the reason African Americans have a darker complexion is because of high melanin production because they live in areas with high sun exposure, not because they have any more or less homo sapiens than their caucasian counterparts. Also according to a case study done by Harvard university, there are systematic laws to this day that put African Americans at a disadvantage and make sure that they are oppressed and uneducated. Africans Americans are also incarcerated at a rate of seven times faster than Caucasians for the same crimes. 300 years ago we had something called slavery and now we have the same problem but we call it mass incarceration. Also according to the FBI, only 10 percent of hate crimes are conducted by African Americans while 60 plus percent are by Caucasians. Statistically, Caucasians are the largest users of drugs and substance abuse. Seems to me that you lack education and have no evidence for the ignorant believes you have. Go look at statistics and educate yourself, Because by looking at your comment I an assure you that the only low Iq, homo Sapien, uneducated person here is you.

    • “Nobody” your name is perfect. Take away your SPIRITUAL ENVY and your SPIRITUAL GRUDGE, and there’s nothing left of you. Ya worthless devil. You are lower than the people who perpetrated this crime.

  2. Jessica McBride, why humanize the vile entities that acted with ZERO humanity by calling them teenagers and cast shade on the victim by referring to him, although the same age, different skin color and special needs as a MAN? The silence of the black community is deafening.

    • Hmm Patricia S I am a BLACK woman and I am EXTREMELY sickened by these idiots and their stupid actions. And I believe they deserve the utmost charges and consequences….I am truly embarrassed by them. However what you will NEVER understand my dear is that this young man being beaten is actually NOTHING new for our young black men. Do understand that the the deafening sound you’re referring to is the EXACT SAME deafening sound the black community has said about white America as the world has watched TOO MANY unarmed BLACK men be killed on FB Live and other videos. Thankfully, by the grace of God this young mans parents will not have to bury their son as a result of, again, these idiots and their stupidity. So I ask you Patricia S, would you ageee that it really doesn’t feel too good to see this happening, right?!?!

      • Shut it Veronica you self serving disingenuous phony. How dare you slither here and attempt to downplay the vicious abuse of a defenseless white man and come here babbling about black men beaten Whether or not young black men are beaten is totallly irrelevant to the issue at hand which is this young white disabled boy was friggin tortured by 4 black people so are you trying to make us think that because black men have been beaten, who cares about this disabled white boy who was tortured? FU#$ you Veronica, which isn’t even your real name.. Go back to watching Jerry Springer. You selfish disgusting human being.

      • when someone says “but” or “However” it means the thing they said before it means nothing.

        Here’s the sad truth, and one that blacks in the USA simply can’t deal with.
        MLK knew this, Farrakhan knew how to put on theater to fake this, but there’s no great black leaders anymore, maybe that’s part of the problem.
        There’s no fair solution for blacks in the US. There’s no equality. It’s horrible but it’s true.
        There is only what you’re *allowed* to have today that may or may not be more than it was yesterday, and a large part of that is a rewards system mentality.
        Dr. King knew it though.. because of history, and statistics, and bigotry and the general shittyness of humanity…(all unfair things but still things that won’t change in our lifetimes)
        Black culture needs to do MUCH better than it’s expected to by those who hold the reins.

        Everyone is told blacks will be violent, and to an extent it true.
        But when you start talking about “How white people, Police etc.. are killing blacks” you need to stop and look at the big picture and how “Everyone else” sees it.
        Basically no one cares about 5 cats and screaming about it and trying to force them to makes people care even less.
        What I mean by 5 cats…

        The violence that black people talk about (see your post above) where other people are “Killing/beating them” is minute compared to black on black & Black on “Other” violence so there’s no leg to stand on. You can’t stand in a room with your 400 cats and yell at all the neighbors about how the one woman down the street has 4 cats and that everyone should be up in arms about it and how everyone in this house of 400 cats should not take it anymore!!”
        That’s silly, and it’s just one more thing that detracts from anything ever moving forward.

        Many black people will be shot by police.
        Many of those people will be unarmed
        Of those some will have died for absolutely NO reason.
        For every one of these there will always be a lingering doubt in everyone’s mind (see black people are violent above)
        This will not change any time soon. (Again probably not in our lifetimes)
        Fair? Nope.
        Horrible. Yep.
        The way it is/will be. Yep.

        When “People” (not just whites, but anyone plucked from the world) sit down and look at the statistics surrounding black people and crime and violence in the USA the “WHY’s” simply don’t matter I know it sucks, so many factors IMPORTANT factors, reasons, whys, causes,..

        People say “But,.. disproportionate opportunity, but class oppression, but drugs, but….”
        All true things, all horrible things, but…
        NO ONE CARES! Seriously, people look inward first.
        “Did I have a horrible life and/or do I know people who have horrible live’s that don’t resort to crime/violence? Yes I do! (because that’s almost always true for every person.)”
        “Am I (or are they) some kind of superhero, or did we just “Do what’s right” as opposed to not? Nope, just chose right b/c I’m not a horrible person. Ok then, let’s look at these other people…”

        And THAT is the mindset of most of the free world.

        Because while there ARE many causes, not one of them, or all of them together equal JUSTIFICATION.
        People see the crime and violence and that’s all that matters, you can’t “However” when you’re talking about assault/rape/murder/etc…
        Black people in other countries look at blacks in the US and say “Wow, why are they so stupid?, why don’t they embrace their opportunities instead of dwelling on what they don’t have? Why do they not stop their own people from doing these things?”

        And I’ll admit it, when I’m in the US and I see a black person I instantly crank up my situational awareness.
        Black crime is epidemic, and it’s always at the top of the list for serious crimes.
        When you adjust for population it becomes terrifying and it simply becomes stupid and dangerous to NOT be racist.
        When you’re talking about “How likely is someone to say something to me that I don’t want to hear” that sounds silly, but when you’re talking “How likely am I to get mugged/assaulted/raped/murdered/robbed… and those numbers do nothing but rise, why would you even give the benefit of the doubt “Just to be PC”

        Is it right? No it’s horrible but it simply *IS*
        Is racism against blacks rampant in the US? Absolutely.
        Is it fair? No of course not.
        Have there been great strides made to try to counter this? Yes!
        Should black people be able to just get by on their own individual merits in every situation. Yes.
        Will that ever happen? Not remotely soon (see below)
        Is the insane amount of needless over the top violence justified on either side? Nope.
        But at the end of the day the majority of both white people and black people have it in the far far back of their mind that: “Black people are largely stupid/violent/dangerous”
        Until that isn’t the first kneejerk reaction people have, nothing will change.

      • I think they deleted my other post. But to summarize: VERONICA, you are a MONKEY if this incident embarrasses you. Were you embarrassed by Dylan Roof? He prayed with those people and after he slaughtered him, said he almost couldn’t do it, because they were so nice to him. WERE YOU EMBARRASSED BY THAT?

        Innocents are innocent. Please don’t be a MONKEY for these DEVILS. If you’re feeling “guilty” for this, imagine how they’re making your KIDS feel… Impugning their “IQ”, saying they’re bad from birth… Should your kids feel “embarrassed” too? Do they deserve the assault on their psyche and outlook?

        This is no time to be WEAK. Don’t CAVE to these devils. We deserve our DIGNITY no matter what anyone else does. PERIOD.

    • That’s because this is 100% indictment of the black community. “Black Culture” in America has embraced and adopted hip-hop/rap culture as it’s root in the USA. It’s a culture that glorifies violence, removes empathy, denigrates learning and intellect, and goes into “Wounded duck” mode at the bat of an eyelash.

      There’s no roar from black communities (aside from the mouthpieces that HAVE to do it as part of the game) because most of them are upset these kids got caught, and/or are looking for ANY excuse to somehow turn this around into a parable about how whites have wronged blacks.
      “Well they were poor and on drugs because white people wont give them jobs and put drugs on the street for black people to take, and slavery caused them to have a victim mentality so they felt they were only acting out the wrong done to them and thus aren’t criminals, they are simply a call to arms that #Blacklivesmatter.
      These kids are all usually perfectly well behaved and their rap sheets are just for minor things, so we should start a scholarship and raise millions for them and other black families to teach them about people with disabilities then everything will be 100% ok,.. OK so where that money at?”.

      Yeah,.. I know what you’re thinking “This guy is just a racist/biggot/jerk!” But I’m not… I’ve traveled the world and met thousands of amazing “Black people” that I love, and I would love to see be a part of my community and I would love to be a part of theirs. Loving, giving, caring people who are appalled by violence and eagerly embrace knowledge and education, and don’t look for the free hand out or the path of least resistance at every decision in life.

      But in the USA. “Black Culture” is a cancer. Sure there’s a lot of great, educated nice black people, but the majority of black people in the USA subscribe to the US black culture and are now (or are on well on their way to becoming) human garbage.

      It’s obvious, everyone white, black and in-between knows it, people talk about it all the time with their close friends in hushed voices, but everyone is soooooo terrified of being branded a racist (because then you lose your job, livelyhood, respect etc.. and are basically a villain no matter how accurate your “so called racist” observations are.
      I guess we just have to wait till have open race riots b/c blacks have caused such violence on the (already disproportionate) scale that it’s just impossible to deny their complete drain and negative impact on history and society. (Yeah, I love peanut butter, but I’d gladly wipe it from history to offset the never ending crime/violence machine that is black culture) We’ll have to wait until even rich people are constantly afraid too before anything can change.

  3. Funny the liberal/progressive that wrote the above called these ‘obama children’ “teenagers” (one 24) and said their victim was a “man” (18 years old).

    Can’t wait for the racist blacks and leftists to blame the white victim and/or Trump or slavery or….

    • “Funny the liberal/progressive that wrote the above called these ‘obama children’ “teenagers” (one 24) and said their victim was a “man” (18 years old)” Actually it is not Funny at all…it’s PC BS (liberal propaganda). Yes they will try to spin this as the white guys fault. Just like everything’s been Bushs fault now before Trump even gets into office it is his fault …talk about racism and lies. You can bet if a Liberal befriends you “it” has an agenda and a knife ready for your back….as many, if not all black communities should be more than aware of

  4. These guys have that tough bad boy look going on. I’d like to see their faces as Bubba crawls into their bunk in the Big House.

  5. People, People, Chicago will be Chicago. If it were any other city I would be “appauded” (intentionally for Chicago readers)

  6. These criminals are people, never dehumanize another person for the crimes that they have committed. It frees them from the crime by alienating them from our species. What these 4 have done is horrid and they should be persecuted fully, but you shouldn’t mislable them as sub-human. They are terrible humans, but not sub-human. I hope the justice system punishes them harshly but duly.

  7. Why does everybody assume “liberals” will defend the deplorable actions of these individuals or make excuses for them? I consider myself very socially liberal, but absolutely condemn acts like this.

    I can be socially liberal and fiscally conservative, but the response I will receive for being either is “communist thug” or “racist hick”.

    This election cycle has led us to adopt snap judgements that if somebody doesn’t agree with us fully, they represent the worst example of the opposing party and are an enemy.

    Thugs attached themselves to BLM, terrorists attached themselves to Islam, but I know far better than to classify every BLM supporter or Muslim as a thug or terrorist.

    Changing this culture of hate starts with you and me. What will really “Make America Great Again” is not one man, it is all of us collectively remembering how to respect our differences and listening to other viewpoints, not plugging our ears and shouting hateful generalizations.

    Do something nice for a stranger today and ask them to pay it forward to another stranger. Let’s change this culture of hate and intolerance that we’ve adopted.

    • Since they obviously were not raised right..along with their NON PLEA BARGAINED sentences the judge should order somebody to bitch-slap their mamas!

  8. Yeah, they’re calling it a “hate crime”, but it’s due to the victims mental problems, not his race. No doubt, if the races were reversed, they would be very clear that the hate crimes were based on white racism against the black victim. No doubt whatsoever.

    • If the roles were reversed and the white kids had said “His stupid black shirt” it would have been a hate crime instantly.

  9. The sentences for the crimes charged range from 40-60 years—some will get whittled down, crybaby libs will get more reduced and in the end, with parole and overcrowding, they’ll all do at least 5 years on these charges in State Prison—which in Illinois is not pleasant time—they wont get “minimum security” for that type of crime. All 4 will get turned out, beaten, extorted, raped daily and sold—they have no gang affiliations or enough real money to buy protection…they’re toast, even if lauded as heroes for going after a white boy–however most inside will be upset for bringing heat to Blacks over this crime against a disabled white man. Cause this one crime, more than any in the last 10 years has brought White America more together against Black thuggery and violence than any—and the timing of Trump and Sessions arriving soon? War on Black thuggery that is for sure…these 4 will pay dearly for their crimes—not from the sentence, but the carrying out of it by fellow inmates on and against them. Enjoy—you 4 earned it. That kid will become the Emmett Till of Whites….though he wasnt killed, he probably would have been had the downstairs neighbor not gotten testy about the noise.

  10. Sad to hear about the tourture. May the four of you be blessed with the maximum charge. Drug problems or addiction doesn’t change that a premeditation still happend. Four sicks took the anger of Donald Trump out on someone who has nothing to do with the outcome of the world. Thanks for giving many Americans to discrase the black community.

  11. lol Take A Look At The Two Black Sisters… Brittany Covington & Tanishia Covington…
    They’re Both From The Same Family The Same 400 Pound+ Big Fat Black Mama…
    But They Look Nothing Alike… Ya Now Why???
    Because Their Big Fat Black Mama Probably Has Several Different Baby Daddies No Doubt…
    She’s Probably Just Always Passed Out On The Couch From Smokin Crack And Black Guys Just Passing Through Make A Deposit An Split!

  12. Wow Isn’t It Ironic That They All Just Turned Eighteen And Thats Just Old Enough To Go To Jail!
    lol And They All Hate White People I Just Love It! I Got News For Ya Boneheads…
    The White Cops, The White Prosecutor, And The White Judge Are Gonna Put Your Stupid Black Racist @zzes In Jail For Life!
    Too Funny… Can’t Stop Laughing… Mwuahahahahahahahahahahahahaa ;D

  13. Obama’s reaction to the brutal video taped torture of a white disabled man from Chicago, was so disingenuous. Much like his fake tears over the white children shot in a school. You could see Obama smiling beneath his phony psychopathic face when talking about this recent crime. It was really creepy, as if he was happy these 4 black thugs beat up a white person. There’s something very sinister about Obama. Notice how he showed no real empathy towards victim or family, but rather gave a one word adjective to say what he thought, only to then launch into his babble about race and social media, which has nothing to do with the horrific acts these thugs committed against a defenseless disabled person. Obama is a narcissitic psychopath. It’s always about him. He’s totally crazy and we can’t get rid of this pathological liar (Barry Sotero…a foreign student..who suddenly became Obama, the president) fast enough. BUHHHBYE

  14. 7 out of 10 black children grow up with no father in their lives. THIS is the result.
    HOW do SO MANY black men breed like animals then disregard their children?

    I don’t know these ‘people’ but I would bet that NONE of them have a father in their life.
    You have a kid, BE A MAN AND RAISE THE KID.

    These ANIMALS wannabe thugs, now they ARE thugs.
    NOW they can experience the consequences of being thugs.
    And they WONT be laughing much any more…
    And their fathers probably don’t even know their names.

  15. animals. They can’t even speak english. Sound like a bunch of monkeys. Ghetto black trash. Throw them in the zoo where they belong with the other animals.

  16. I love how they just say paper trail and petty crimes like,.. eh no big deal. Doesn’t set a precedent or show any indicators of how these people are human garbage or anything. I haven’t committed any petty crimes, does that mean I get a medal or something?

  17. Im glad they Called it what it IS, a HATE crime!!!
    Disgusting. ESPECIALLY when the young man is special needs!!! That is even MORE DISGUSTING!!!

  18. This Is a hate crime. Furthermore, it’s a sign that white males need to stop being ignorant to what is going on. We are being turned into pussies by those who have felt inferior to us for years. This is the only way for those who hate us to hurt us. We have to fight back. Blacks are only 13% of America’s population. We out number them by a lot. They stand no chance if we decide to do something about hate crimes like the one mentioned above. Stand your ground. I suggest anyone who is terminally I’ll go and make a statement. Make one of these “urban terrorist’s” loved ones pay for this. Send a clear message to these second class citizens. It’s only the right thing to do.

    • You are a jackass and your mental state is your terminal illness numbnuts id string a rope up just for you advocating for more violence against unrelated people you are no better than these 4

  19. How disgusting i hope for maximum sentences all around if an animal of any race religion ect. treats a human being like this and receives minor punishment the judge should be condemed publicly shamed removed from the bench and prosecuted for facilitating i pray this will not be the case for if behavior such as this is allowed more shall follow we must restore law and order for the good of all people black white brown red yellow green orange it does not matter a human is a human and should be treated as such these 4 have displayed they fall short of being called human and should spend there time in prison in dog kennels how you could sit there watch this record this post this and all along be laughing like that shows an absolutely unacceptable lack of morality and humanity, just all around disgusting behavior thank GOD this didnt go as far as it appeared that it could have and this young man is still with his family we must teach our children to love or we shall be consumed by hate ourselves. to all who find this deplorable let it be known that it will not be tolerated and to those of you who enjoyed it fall on your knees repent and pray that it is not you in that video next time because it appears law and order may be a thing of the past outside of nancy pelosi and john baynors neighborhoods i just hope justice has atleast one more appearance to make for this young may GOD bless the righteous and send evil where it is to dwell for eternity maybe these young fools will see the light and seek forgiveness but i doubt it i really really doubt it stinking cockroaches

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