VIDEOS: Alleged Cleveland Killer Steve “Stevie Steve” Stephens [GRAPHIC]

Graphic content ahead

Parts of the city of Cleveland are currently under lockdown as police search for Steve Stephens, known as “Stevie Steve” on social media, after he allegedly shot and killed a man (later identified as Robert Godwin, Sr.) on Facebook Sunday afternoon. Police initially said the video went out over Facebook Live, but later that night Facebook released a statement saying the video was not broadcast live, but recorded first and uploaded later. Cleveland police spokesperson Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia said that the shooting happened on East 93rd Street just south of Interstate 90. A GoFundMe account to help Godwin’s family has been set up here.

The video of the murder stayed on Facebook for about three hours before it was taken down and Stephens’ Facebook page deactivated.

The video below apparently shows Stephens before the shooting, talking about why he plans to do it.

This video shows Stephens after the shootings, discussing them on the phone.

The YouTube channel “Triple Jointed TV” appears to belong to Stephens, though nothing on it indicates Stephens is capable of the violence he is alleged to have committed. The three most-recent videos on that channel were posted last August, and show recordings of the citywide celebrations after the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA championship.

“Look at this, man! They PARTIED! Look at all that trash!” Stephens says in the following video. “Yeah, I had to come down here and touch the stadium. I’m like 20 feet away from the stadium, gotta touch that, boy.”

The rest of the videos on that channel showcase Stephens’ interests in either fishing or bowling. One video posted in January 2016 (though clearly taken during warmer weather) has the title “Down by the river side” and was filmed while Stephens went fishing. There’s some NSFW language, but for the most part it shows various fish Stephens caught during a riverside fishing expedition, while Stephens’ voice can be heard either commenting on the fish, or singing “Down by the Riverside.”

This half-minute video is the first of a three-part series purporting to teach bowlers how to roll a strike. “It’s real easy to do,” Stephens says. “Cold style nice and easy, let it flow, and then boom! That’s called a strike.”

Read more about Steve Stephens in Spanish at


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Peoole believe anyrhing these days how can i shoot someone in the head or face from point blank range and not get one drop of blood on you…and if he got shot in the head it would have blew his head open the blood loss would be so rapid that i would pool and puddle around the body in a matter of seconds smfh stop believing Facebook people realize that this is not a murder but a cover up for something thats about to happen


What ur explaining is something off a video game dumb ass. Have u ever shot a animal? Does all the blood pour out of its body? No it doesn’t it stays in the veins and slowly drops out. The only way it would rush out that fast is if u either blew up his head or hit him in a severe vein such as the jugular or the temple. So stfu and read a god damn book

Frawstee knows ethnic humor

This black guy commonly known as a $&@&er is tending bar when a Chinese guy walks in. Chinese guy say to $&@$er “Hey $&@&er give me a Jigger!” Boy looks at him and says “Hey that’s racist. How would you like it if I was a customer and said something like that to you?” Chinaman says “It wouldn’t bother me one bit.” Boy sez “Ok thennn lets trade places and you be the bartender and I’ll be the customer.” So they switch places and Boy walks in and sez “Hey Chink give me a drink!” Chinaman looks at the boy and sez “Sorry we don’t serve $&@$erz here!!!!”

Felix H. Brown III

MOU, if you mean “Stevie” Steve Stephens… I agree with you. I have absolutely NO sympathy for the murderer. He KILLED an innocent man all because his life was falling apart. He took his frustrations out on an innocent man and took absolutely NO responsibility. The HELL with Stevie Stephens. He was a rabid dog who had his little feelings hurt and threatened to murder many others. Stephens NEEDED to have his ass put down.



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