When Will Fortnite’s Comet Destroy Tilted Towers?

Fortnite: Battle Royale

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There has been a lot of chatter regarding the blue comet in the sky in Fortnite. Many players have speculated it is coming to destroy Tilted Towers and that date may finally be upon us. Read on to find out more about the Tilted Towers comet.

Datamines have shown the comet is a real thing in the game and not just some random object moving across the sky for the space-themed season. With that said, players have a wide variety of theories regarding the comet.

Since the comet first started appearing in the sky, players have also been able to find telescopes in various points of the map that look up at the comet. It seemed like the comet was headed towards Tilted Towers at the time but now seems like it’s headed more towards the water.

One of the more recent updates to Fortnite created some uncontrollable controller vibrations that happen at random times during the match. There have been players that suggested the vibrations were actually Morse Code indicated the comet would hit on April 18.

Epic Games has said the controller vibrations were a glitch but that could just be a misdirection. If you look into the sky it doesn’t really appear that the meteor is headed towards Tilted Towers but there are still some things that possibly suggest it will still be hitting the map in some way or another.

Another recent datamine showed a new game mode called Impact will be entering the game. If that mode doesn’t indicate the comet hitting we’re not entirely sure what it could consist of. There hasn’t been an indication of when this mode will release but it’ll likely be something to close out the season if it’s not in the game before the comet hits.

Another indication the comet is going to make contact with the ground is the fact there are a variety of dinosaur-themed skins coming to the game. Are you sick of hearing the word datamine?

Along with the Tomato Town Guy skin, a variety of skins were revealed and many of them showed dinosaurs. Everyone is likely familiar with the theory that a comet destroyed the dinosaurs and it’s possible Fortnite is seeing this as an opportunity to have a comet resurrect them.

As for whether the comet is going to hit April 18 or not, it just doesn’t seem likely. It’s possible the prophecy has been misread and “418” actually means April 2018 and not April 18. Season 3 of Fortnite: Battle Royale wraps up April 30 so that’s probably when we’ll be hearing more about the comet’s impact.

April 18 has come and gone and Tilted Towers still stands. We’re probably looking at the end of the season for anything major to happen at this point.

Fortnite Comet


Players on Reddit have already taken advantage of the new replay system and might have actually found evidence the comet is actually headed towards Tilted Towers. Using the new system, one player found a way to look under the map and has found an egg-shaped comet of sorts.

On April 25 the Fortnite Twitter account tweeted an emergency broadcast system featuring a llama indicating something is going down right now. Two hours after the tweet Fortnite went down for maintenance and while Epic Games gave a reason for it that didn’t stop players from speculating the end of Tilted Towers.

What do you think? Where will the dreaded comet in the sky finally land, or will it ever actually land? Let us know in the comments.

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