Will Last Year: The Nightmare Come to Steam & Consoles?

Last Year The Nightmare PS4 Xbox One Steam

At long last, Last Year: The Nightmare has officially released exclusively on the Discord Store.

Although the game is a Discord exclusive for the time being that doesn’t mean it’s going to be stuck on that platform forever. Discord has a 90-day timed-exclusivity with Last Year: The Nightmare before it is able to move onto other platforms.

On the PC side of things, there’s no doubt Steam will be looked at for a potential release while PS4 and Xbox One will be the no-brainers when it comes to consoles.

Here’s what Elastic Games, developer of Last Year: The Nightmare, has to say about the game coming to different platforms according to the FAQ.

Other digital distribution platforms are being considered, with Steam being our top priority. However, we are focused on our 90 day timed-exclusive with Discord at the moment. Since we don’t have an exact release date for our Discord launch, we can’t pinpoint an exact date for future platforms. Following our official social channels is the best way to get the latest news concerning this topic.

There hasn’t been any announcement about what specific platforms it’ll be coming to after the exclusivity period ends but since Steam has been mentioned by name we can almost certainly expect it to appear there.

As for a console release? Elastic Games does plan on releasing Last Year: The Nightmare on consoles in 2019 according to a press release. We can assume this means Xbox One and PS4 at the very least, with the potential for a Nintendo Switch release.

Last Year: The Nightmare is out now exclusively on Discord. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as the other platforms are announced.

Update: We have updated the article to reflect a console release has been announced. A previous iteration of this story said nothing had been announced yet.

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