5 Archero Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Archero Game


Over on the mobile gaming front, an unknown title surprisingly turns into a smash hit.

One of those game’s has to be HABBY’S 2019 action game, Archero. Archero sees you command the arrow flinging skillset of a hooded archer as you brave hordes of enemies throughout several stages. Not only do you have to worry about keeping your archer alive, you also have to pay attention to which abilities, equipment, and other items you’re better off utilizing. This tips guide will maximize your time spent with Archero and help you take down every threat that comes across your arrow’s path.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Archero:

Download the Archero APK here.

1. Alternate Between Standing Still to Attack and Running Away From Mobile Threats

Archero Game


Archero’s a pretty easy game to understand – you control a masterful archer who has to brave the assault of multiple baddies across several regions. Some enemies tend to stay in place and attempt to pick you off with their own ranged attacks. Other enemy types are a bit bolder and try to take you out by coming straight at you like a kamikaze. Whenever you come across rival archers, stand in place while their red attack path notifier covers your character. As soon as it’s gone, start moving outside of their attack path and you’ll easily bypass their incoming assault.

• Get used to having to switch up your battle strategy every time you enter a new stage within a region. When entering a completely open battlefield, it’s best if you stay still near the opening portion of that stage to get a hold of the situation at hand. Once you realize what you’re up against, react accordingly as you carry out your plan of attack. Stages with no obstacles to impede your path are usually the easiest to conquer since you have a lot of room to maneuver. These stage types are also great since you don’t have to worry about getting trapped in a corner that’s packed with hordes of crawling skulls or bats. Open stages are usually where you’ll have to confront the game’s bosses, by the way.

• Stages with obstacles require a bit more movement, so quickly memorize the layout of these stages and try to move a safe distance away from your enemies. If you happen to trap your foes within a corridor, pelt ’em with arrows from a safe distance so you can attack them simultaneously. Abilities such as “Bouncy Wall,” “Piercing Shot,” and “Ricochet” tend to work extremely well when you’re forced to take out enemies behind/within obstacles.

2. The Best Skills You Always Need to Have on Deck

Archero Abilities


• Every time your archer levels up, three randomized skills pop up. At this point, you’re only allowed to choose one temporary skill from that list that’ll assist your archer during the remainder of their current stage run. There’s obviously a set of abilities that you should always pick up no matter the situation at hand. The abilities posted below happens to be our top 20 skills list, so be sure to select these power-ups every time they come across your screen:

1. Ricochet
2. Multishot
3. Front Arrow
4. Piercing Shot
5. Bouncy Walls
6. Attack Boost
7. Attack Speed Boost
8. Crit Master
9. Diagonal Arrows
10. Rear Arrows
11. HP Boost
12. Poisoned Touch
13. Blaze
14. Freeze
15. Holy Touch
16. Bolt
17. Shield Guard
18. Rage
19. Invincibility Star
20. Bloodthirst

3. Replay Past Stages in Order to Farm Coins

• Once you finally make it through all 50 stages of the game’s starting location, you’ll move on to the next one and attempt to do the same. The regions that unlock from this point forward are a lot tougher to overcome – you’ll need to have a lot of your “Talents” unlocked and upgraded as much as possible in order to complete its 50-stage lineup.

• Once you check out the new area’s enemies at least once, revert back to the area you previously bested. If you have enough energy to do so, go back and replay those completed areas multiple times so you can acquire as many coins as possible. Farming these areas for coins helps you unlock and upgrade more of your Talents and makes those tougher stages a lot easier to complete. By the way, keep those gems for extra coin purchases at the shop. Since they’re so hard to come by, it’s really not worth spending your gems on an an extra retry after your archer dies.

4. “Spirits” and Equipment are Essential to Victory During the Later Parts of Archero

Archero Equipment


• Eventually, you’ll get to call upon the assistance of “Spirits.” It’s possible to equip two Spirits at once – not only do they attack enemies, they also take advantage of the “Wingman” ability by absorbing any damage you take while they’re still active.

• Remember how we mentioned the benefits of farming coins? Coins also come in handy when you’re looking to upgrade both your equipment and Spirits alongside the usage of “Scrolls.” Equipment can also be fused together in order to produce higher tiers of gear (those tiers are Common, Great, Rare, Epic, Perfect Epic and Legendary). Spirits also stick to the same rarity tier list. Spirits and equipment are usually obtained through random stage treasure chests, plus your daily “Golden Chest” and weekly “Obsidian Chest” freebies.

5. So What are the Best “Spirits” in Archero?

• So there’s four main Spirits you’ll come across – the “Laser Bat,” “Scythe Mage”, “Elf” and “Living Bomb.” The Laser Bat can shoot through obstacles, the Scythe Mage can pierce through multiple enemies, the Elf can fire off quick projectiles and the Living Bomb can fling bombs at any nearby foes. Spirits kind of act like equipment since you can also fuse them together to create much rarer ones. The Laser Bat and the Living Bomb are the best Spirits, in our opinion. In combination, these Sprits are extremely useful during stages with obstacles in them.

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