Super Mario Maker 2: Best Levels You Need to Play

super mario maker 2 best levels

Taumi Super Mario Sunshine's Sand Bird by Taumi

Super Mario Maker 2 has a ton of user-created levels, but which ones are the best ones? What’s the cream of the Fire Flower? Well look no further.

Here are the best Super Mario Maker 2 levels you can play right now. We will continue to update this list as we find more great levels.

Super Mario Sunshine’s Sand Bird by Taumi

super mario maker 2 best levels

TaumiSuper Mario Sunshine’s Sand Bird by Taumi


Now this is how a Mario Maker level is done. Taumi beautifully recreates the infamous Sand Bird stage from Super Mario Sunshine. Here you have to ride on the Sand Bird while occasionally hopping off to collect Red Coins from floating islands to open a locked door at the end. Plus the hidden 1ups are a lovely touch. Very polished and to the point, “Super Mario Sunshine’s Sand Bird” is not to be missed. Well done!

Spring Has Switched by Kona

super mario maker 2 best levels

Spring Has Switched by Kona


This level has hands down the most clever On and Off switch puzzles in Mario Maker. The challenge is not too tough but always leaves you feeling like a genius for figuring them out. Excellent, excellent work.

Switch X Switch by Nore139

super mario maker 2 best levels

Nore139Switch X Switch by Nore139


This course is an excellent example of how to use the On and Off switch. The way that the level makes the player jump a certain way to activate platforms as well as create mechanisms for timing-based jumps is excellent. And it all culminates with an awesome boss battle. It’s a joy to complete from beginning to end, offering just the right about of challenge.


super mario maker 2 best levels



This may look like a level banking off the popularity of dank memes to get attention, but it’s really a level containing some really clever On and Off switch puzzles. It even throws in some Fire Flower puzzles for good measure. The only downside is that the level runs a little long and some of the puzzles require you to wait around for a bit. But other than that, this is another fine example of how to do puzzle-solving right in Mario Maker.

1-1 – Homecoming Hills by Ohara

super mario maker 2 best levels


This level is so polished and well designed it could be part of a normal Mario game. Ohara teaches players the mechanics of the cat power up and the Clear Pipes of the 3D World theme is a way that feels really natural. I love how once secret can be discovered just by paying attention to the background details. It’s given me a ton of ideas for future Mario Maker levels I’ll create in the future.

You vs. Boo (SMB Deluxe) by Andre GX

super mario maker 2 best levels


Andre GX from the YouTube Channel GameXplain recreated a level from Super Mario Bros. Deluxe on the Game Boy Color. Here you race a Boo to the finish while navigating on and off blocks that get in your way. The attention to detail is staggering, but the real fun comes in trying to make it to the end so you can kill the Boo to complete the stage. It can get really tricky and tense here. Be sure to check out the video explaining how it all works.

Suntouch Sanctuary by Matilder

super mario maker 2 best levels


This level has a real sense of atmosphere. The emptiness and architecture of the stage really contributes to the mood. You really feel like you’re exploring a crumbling, sun-scorched ruins in the middle of a desert. The stage itself is a lot of fun too, with plenty of challenges and even some light puzzle solving. One thinks of The Legend of Zelda as you make it to the item in the middle of the stage that lets you complete the level as you go past previously charted rooms. Beautiful work.

Night Light Fire Fight by Waynie

super mario maker 2 best levels


“Night Light Fire Fight” is a nighttime level done right. Your obstacles actually become your biggest allies as they help you to see the platforms you need to jump to. It’s a unique, challenging level with a lot of thought put into it.

Delfino Island by SubBean 64

super mario maker 2 best levels


Here’s another level putting the included Super Mario Sunshine music to good work. SubBean64 recreates a level made by User Kylo Ren from Super Mario Maker on the Nintendo 3DS. The level starts out with a faithful recreation of Delfino Plaza before testing your skills with a recreation of Corona Mountain. It’s fun to explore the plaza, but the real impressive work can be found in the mountain.

Call Of Koop’thulhu by The Mike

super mario maker 2 best levels


Beyond the silly conceit of taking Mario and putting him and friends in the world of H.P. Lovecraft, this level is actually dripping with atmosphere. The horror filter is put to good use and the enemies are combined to make for some tricky Lovecraftian nightmares. It even managed to startle me.

Chocolate-Mountain-Expedition! by Gaudimann

super mario maker 2 best levels


“Chocolate-Mountain-Expedition!” is another great level that wouldn’t be out of place in a regular Mario game or even the story mode of Super Mario Maker 2. The challenge is really fun as you climb up the inside of a mountain before sliding back down. I had a smile on my face from beginning to end.

Simple Switches by Xypher2

super mario maker 2 best levels


You only have 20 seconds to complete this level. Race to the finish line as you hit on and off switches and jump from platform to platform with the perfect timing. It’s as short and sweet as you can get and gives you quite the rush.

Parallel Universe


Parallel Universe doesn’t have the flashiest or most brain-tickling puzzles, but it does have one of the most unique hooks you’ll find in Mario Maker. Here you have to alternate between different planes of reality, and the effect is well pulled off.

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