HQ Trivia Winners Say They Weren’t Paid & Cashout Was Disabled [List]

HQ Trivia

A number of HQ Trivia winners have come forward saying the game hasn’t paid out their winnings yet. Although HQ has said they’ve paid millions to winners, the number of people who say they haven’t been paid is steadily increasing. Here’s a look at what’s happening and a list of people who say they haven’t been paid.

An HQ Trivia representative told TechCrunch that the game has paid out $6.25 million, but some winners have to wait 90 days to cash out because they’re making sure the players didn’t break any rules when they won. Still, more people are coming forward saying they haven’t been able to cash out or get paid either.

Alex Jacob Hasn’t Been Paid the $20,000 He Won

The first person to publicly come forward was Alex Jacob, a Jeopardy winner, revealing that he won $20,000 on HQ Trivia on June 10 and hasn’t heard a thing about getting paid his winnings. He wrote on July 8: “Guys, I need your help. I won $20,000 on @hqtrivia on June 10 and still haven’t heard anything about payment. Sadly, I don’t think they’re going to pay. Please RT to tell HQ they should honor their jackpots. If I’m wrong, I’ll happily delete this & give $100 to someone who RT’d!” 


Jacob is a professional poker player who won almost  $400,000 on Jeopardy in 2015. He submitted a request to cash out his money and didn’t hear anything back.

HQ Trivia competitor SkilliSays had an interesting response:

Josh Halbur Won in Alex Jacob’s Game & Also Wasn’t Paid

Josh Halbur (Aperminkie on HQ Trivia), told The Daily Beast that he won in the same game as Alex Jacob too and also hasn’t been paid.

Note: Heavy had another player listed by name in this story, but those details have been removed because we can’t verify they weren’t violating TOS.

A Number of Reddit Users Have Also Said They Weren’t Paid

Meanwhile, a number of people on Reddit have also said they’ve had trouble getting their winnings too.

Redditor u/fromsadtohappyblob provided proof on Reddit that he won the HQ Survivors Oscars Edition about four months ago. His HQ name is SadBlob and he won $10,000. But he had a tough time getting paid until after he did an AMA on Reddit.

He said that at first he was grayed out and couldn’t get paid, but he was “ungreyed” after a few days, filled out the forms, and was paid.

But that luck didn’t last when he won again during the Season 3 finale. He wrote on Reddit: “Final HQ Survivor winner here. HQ also did the same thing to me after previously winning Survivor. While they did pay me the win a few days after I did my AMA here, they wiped my balance after winning Season 3’s finale and when I submitted a ticket in the app all they told me was that I violated contest rules. Haven’t touched the app since. That’s honestly incredibly scummy what HQ is doing, and I’m happy this is finally bringing to light what they’ve been doing. No such thing as “big winners” anymore. Only big bans.”

His balance was wiped out a month ago and he still hasn’t been paid.

A number of other Redditors have said their balance wasn’t paid either. These can’t be verified from posts alone, but combined with the verified accounts it indicates a possible pattern.

Agrajag22 said they lost $49 after their balance was wiped. Their account was under review for months and they were never able to cash out.

Redditor WhyDoYouCare3 said they didn’t know how to prove they didn’t cheat, but they one $1,000 and didn’t get paid.

Redditor UsernameTqken said they never cheated and their account was disabled three months ago, with HQ taking their entire balance. “I still love the game and still play although I am not able to cash out due to my account being under investigation. I’ve messaged HQ support and told them my problems. They reply once and then ignore me. I have messaged them via the Help section of the app regularly. No response.”

Redditor kdiddy733 said they won $34 between two accounts and they were blocked from cashing out, but they can’t prove they didn’t cheat. The first account was banned in July last year, so they made a second account which was also later banned. They said there was no reason to ban the first account because they didn’t violate TOS.

Numerous People on Twitter Also Said They Weren’t Paid

Here are some responses on Twitter from players who also said they weren’t paid:








This isn’t the first issue HQ Trivia has had recently. The popular host Scott Rogowski left in April and the CEO Colin Kroll died of an overdose Twenty percent of the staff has been let go.

If your balance wasn’t paid by HQ Trivia, you can tweet the author of this article.

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