Sony’s Much-Anticipated Games Reveal Will Take Place June 11 Amid Rumors the PS5 Could Cost Up To $750

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Getty The Tokyo Game Show of 2019.

Sony is preparing to unveil the new games coming to PlayStation 5 on June 11 during its “Future of Gaming” event amid speculation that the new console could cost anywhere between $450 and $750.

According to the PlayStation website, the new PS5 will be faster, incorporate stronger graphics and feature more immersive technology. The company had delayed the event, which was originally scheduled to take place a week earlier on June 4, out of respect for the protests around George Floyd’s death.

Since then, rumors about the potential price of the PS5, as well as images of the new controller and information about the PS5 specs, have left many fans of the brand excited about the game reveal.

Here’s what we know so far:

Sony Is Exected To Release Several Familiar Titles

Tech Radar reported a Sony executive has implied that the God of War studio might have a role in the event and the writer of Dead Space hinted that a new game of his might also be revealed.

Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, The Elder Scrolls and Ghost of Tsushima are due for arrival and may do so at the game reveal, according to T3. Godfall, Outriders and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla are also expected to be available.

According to Benzinga, Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst Mikio Hirakawa said, “We expect Sony to announce strong first-party titles such as ‘God of War 5,’ ‘Gran Turismo 7,’ and ‘Horizon 2.'”

You can watch the game reveal event on PlayStation’s official website, Twitch page and on YouTube as well. Sony has advised people to wear headphones for the full audio experience. It is taking place at 1 p.m. Pacific Time.

The New PS5 Controller Will Feel Different

The new controller will feature DualSense technology, which will introduce haptic feedback (make the controls responsive to the tension). According to PlayStation, designers wanted to build on the success of DualShock 4, which already produces gameplay-responsive vibrations, by making L2 and R2 mimic the tension of gameplay.

The new controller will also feature a built-in microphone, according to Best Buy.

Additional specs of the PS5 itself include an 825 GB solid-state disk drive and AMD Radeon RDNA 2-based graphics engine. The new console will also feature 3D Tempest AudioTech and support of 4K and 8K TVs as well as VRR (variable refresh rate)-capable TVs. The disc reader will support Ultra HD Blu-ray game discs of up to 100 GB.

The PS5 Price And Release Date Are Still Unknown

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It’s unclear whether Sony will announce the release date for the console, but some details about the gaming reveal have emerged. According to Tech Radar, the event has not promised to feature any gameplay and has only been described as giving a “first look” and “digital showcase.”

The image of an Amazon screenshot on has led some to believe the new PS5 could be the priciest model yet.

The screenshot showed it at roughly $750. However, that price is unlikely, according to Tom’s Guide, which noted that “there are clues that this price could be a load of nonsense.” The 2 TB hard drive is one of those clues and another is that — despite the demand — pricing the PS5 that high could put PlayStation out of competition with its main competitor Microsoft Xbox.

The price will likely be closer to about $500, which is what Michael Pachter, the Wedbush Securities managing director of equity research, told USA Today:

“I think anything over $499 is problematic,” he said. “Add to that the fact that we will likely still be in a recessionary environment in the fall, so it’s likely to dampen demand if the PS5 price is higher than that.”

Sony is offering a sign-up for updates on PS5 release dates and launch games. Best Buy is also offering a pre-order option on its website and is suggesting that it could launch during the 2020 holiday season.

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