When Does Fortnite Season 4 Start? Date, Leaks & More

fortnite season 4 release date

Epic Games

For the first time in Fortnite Chapter 2, it looks like there is not a delay or extension in the cards, which is enough for celebration in itself.

This has been backed up by the fact that Epic Games isn’t currently testing another patch for this season, but has instead set their eyes on Season 4 and has been testing that update with a lot of regularity.

With just under two weeks to go in the season, there’s still a lot we don’t know about what the future will entail, but we do have some ideas.

Here’s a look at what we know (and don’t know) about Fortnite Season 4.

Season 3 Ends August 27

We do know that Fortnite Season 3 will wrap up on August 27, which means a new season will start around that time.

Traditionally, the old season transitions right into the new one, with the exception of Season X becoming Chapter 2 which saw Fortnite go offline for a few days.

That will most likely not be the case this time around since the new Chapter is still relatively new.

When Does Season 4 Start?

Going by how Epic usually operates, the new season will begin just as soon as the old one ends, meaning August 27 will be the end of one and the start of another.

Fortnite leaker HYPEX says August 27 will be the day Season 4 starts, so there’s really no reason to not expect that to be the case.

In the leadup to a new season, Epic will provide teasers, so we can begin to expect those any day now. There will also be some in-game signals to what the new theme will be, but there might have already been some of those already.

Space Theme?

fortnite spaceship

Epic GamesSpace theme incoming?

There have been a few indications that Fortnite Season 4 could take us to space, but nothing has been set in stone as of yet.

While the majority of Season 3 has given us a sense of discovery as the map slowly began to dry up, there’s really not a lot of wonder left.

That’s why taking us to space in the next season would be a perfect idea, and it’s something that might have been hinted at.

If you think back to earlier this season, you’ll remember the crashed spaceship that had to be repaired, maybe that actually signaled something. Perhaps the visitors from another planet could make a return and take us somewhere new entirely.

Thor? Wolverine?

Epic GamesBehold Thor!

There has been a lot of discussions so far as to who the secret Battle Pass skin will be in Season 4, and it seems like we’ve pretty much settled on it being a superhero.

Wolverine and Thor have been narrowed down as the two skins, and there are arguments to be had for both, but even that isn’t confirmed.

Nobody knows the plans except for Epic, but we’re sure many players in the community would be happy to see another superhero as we have for the past two seasons.

Since we’re getting a special DC villain bundle, why not just include a superhero skin for Battle Pass owners as well?

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