5 Basketball Arena Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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The team behind Head Ball 2 is back with another addictive serving of mobile basketball action.

MASOMO LIMITED’s latest release is Basketball Arena, a two-versus-two experience that’s easy to get into but oh so hard to put down. You’ll amass a squadron of ballers, coaches, and superpowers as you look to win your way up to new leagues and acquire a huge fan following along the way. Coming out on the winning end of every match is far from an easy task, but we’re here to help you attain victory as much as possible. Use our essential advice to nab yourself a healthy winning streak and become a miniature beast on Basketball Arena’s mobile court.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Basketball Arena:

Download Basketball Arena from Google Play here.

1. As Soon as You Log In For a New Daily Playthrough, Head Straight to the Free Rewards Tab

• If there’s one thing about Basketball Arena that’s truly awesome, it’s the fact that it hands out an abundance of goodies. Whenever you find yourself logging in for a new daily playthrough, you should head straight to the Free Rewards tab. Before you hop into the actual online arena, collect as many reward chests and other items as possible before you do so. Activating the free fan boost before you do anything else is essential since it helps move you farther up the league leaderboard and farther along the events leaderboard to collect even more prizes as you win games. Getting extra superpower chances is also great – you’ll rarely run out of a particular superpower if you regularly collect free duplicates.

• Be sure to pick up everything else within the Free Rewards tab before you set foot on the court to make sure you walk away with everything you need to upgrade your players, unlock new ones, earn new superpowers, etc. By the way, make sure you fill up all four reward chest slots before you log off for the day. This is always worth doing since you can set at least one of them towards unlocking over the course of your away time from the game. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you earn a reward chest but don’t have the slot space needed to add it to your rotation, spend your diamonds to crack one open to make space for the new one. That’s the best way to use your diamonds if you ask us. Saving up your diamonds to purchase new chests from the shop isn’t really worth it since you’ll regularly earn free chests from match victories.

2. If You Grab the Ball First, Pull off a Three-Pointer ASAP!

Basketball Arena


• At the tip-off of every game, you’re obviously going to fight hard to gain possession of the ball. If you happen to come out on the winning end of that starting situation, pull off an immediate three-pointer. Since your current player’s energy level is in the green at the beginning of each game, you’ll always have the energy needed to pull off such a tough shot. You should also keep this tip in mind when the second member of your team becomes active – go for a three-pointer as soon as the ball is in their hands to nab yourself those essential points.

3. Put Your Stealing Skills to Good Use and Get As Close to the Hoop as Possible to Score

Basketball Arena


• Whenever your opponent is on the move, it’s best to move towards their position. Catching them off guard with your dash is the type of maneuver you should become a pro at early on. Take note of your current opponent’s gameplan and adjust accordingly so you can pick up on the perfect moment to dash in and release the ball from their grasp. Dashing from a good distance instead of doing so when you’re extremely close catches your opponent off guard more than usual.

• Once you successfully pull this move off, get as close to the hoop as possible so you can drop a two-pointer or a dunk. Try not to dash your way towards your next shot after a steal – save your energy for the next time you attempt to dash in on your rival. Just move at a normal pace after you steal the ball to conserve your energy and get in close to further push the score in your favor.

4. Activate Your Superpowers Whenever You’re Falling Behind in Points

• Superpowers are essential towards cutting off your opponent and pushing the score back in your favor. Keep in mind that you don’t get infinite uses for each superpower – not only do you get a limited number of each one, but you can also only activate each superpower just one time during a match.

• It’s only worth activating one of your superpowers when you’re down on the scoreboard. Freezing your rival whenever they have full energy, going invisible to give yourself a better chance at stealing the ball, and switching up your opponent’s buttons whenever your rival is ahead of you on the scoreboard are just many of the clever ways you can put your superpowers to good use.

5. Prepare Yourself to Watch a Ton of Advertisements to Acquire Tons of Rewards

Basketball Arena gives you plenty of opportunities to earn a ton of rewards. But getting extra items and even more pieces of a particular item can only be done simply by watching video advertisements. You’ll need to be extra patient if you plan on playing this mobile baller without activating its season pass – video advertisements will come across your screen more often. But watching them is worth it since you’ll always be gifted with a reward for your efforts.

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