5 Dragon Quest Tact Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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The bright and colorful world of Dragon Quest has stepped into the mobile gaming space once again.

But this time around, you won’t be in the middle of a world-saving adventure with a party of human heroes and heroines. Dragon Quest Tact puts you in the role of a monster collector/trainer that puts them to good use in the heat of battle. The battles in question are played out in a tactical manner that strategy RPG fans will surely get a kick out of. Welcome to Dragon Quest Tact, a surprisingly worthwhile mobile experience that does right by Square Enix’s legendary RPG franchise. We’ve spent a good amount of time in its world and now we’re back with some advice on how to secure victory for your monster armies.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Dragon Quest Tact:

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1. Using a Strong Party to Secure Victory Via the Auto and Fast Speed Options is Worth Doing, But Start Out Making the Decisions During Episodes Containing Treasure Chests

Dragon Quest Tact

Square Enix

• After you’ve put together a band of trusty monster companions, you’ll have to participate in all sorts of tactical battles in Adventure mode. Now it’s worth letting your party work for you by using the Auto battle and fast speed options by default. But whenever you come upon an adventure battle that has a treasure chest present, it’s worth doing everything manually at first so you can recover that precious item through your own efforts. Once you’ve done that, revert back to the auto-battle and fast speed options to let your party secure the victory.

• Relying on the same party of monsters you started out with is the best way to go during the main adventure’s story missions – the gradual increase in that mode’s difficulty shouldn’t present too much of an overwhelming challenge since your main party will regularly level up over time. As you amass a collection of even more monsters, be sure to add them to your other party lineups so you can use them for other adventure-themed battles and Training Quests.

2. Use Your Skip Tickets to Farm Monster XP and Monster Duplicates for Your Awakening Needs

Dragon Quest Tact

Square Enix

• Getting your hands on Skip Tickets can be accomplished by completing various Adventure quests and purchasing them from the Handy Items section within the Swap Shop. You’re going to need to put them to good use as they come in handy for farming XP for all your parties of monsters. Of course, you’ll need to clear all three of each battle’s stage missions to open them up for your skip ticket usage. If you have the stamina to do so, put one of your weaker parties into place and use up all of your skip tickets to earn all the XP and items you desire.

• Keep in mind that using your skip tickets on the types of completed missions that award you with a new monster on your first completion may just give you another copy of that monster. So keep that in mind whenever you’re looking to acquire the monster duplicates you need to awaken the monsters that are already in your possession.

3. Be Sure to Complete Your Non-Story, Limited Chance Adventure Quests on a Daily Basis

• As you make your way through adventure mode’s story battles, you’ll gradually unlock new types of training quests and the special Battle Road quests. Every time you log-in to Dragon Quest Tact for a daily playthrough, you’ll want to complete your training quests before anything else.

• Since you have limited chances to get through those types of quests, it’s always worth finishing them ASAP so you can farm the essential items that come from them as a reward. You’ll want to continually strengthen your main party of monsters for these mission types since the recommended CP level for training quests jumps to difficult levels really fast.

4. Focus on Fulfilling the Types of Objectives That Gift You With Gems

• One of the most essential types of currency you’ll want to accrue is gems. Gems can be used to acquire all sorts of handy items from the Swap Shop. But you should really save them when it comes time to perform an x10 scout. Going that route when it comes to earning new monsters and duplicates for your awakening needs is always a route worth embarking on.

• Now there’s a ton of ways you can get your hands on gems. The main method towards earning them is simply by fulfilling all of the stage missions tied to an adventure mode battle. Completing an assortment of daily, weekly, and feats missions also nets you a good amount of gems. You can get your hands on even more gems just by earning them as daily log-in and game release celebration gifts. Gems can be purchased from the Handy Items section within the Swap Shop, but you should refrain from doing so. Just save your gems for your monster scouting efforts instead.

5. Every One of Your Parties Should Have a Leader With an Active Perk in Tow

Dragon Quest Tact

Square Enix

• When it comes time to assemble a party of monsters, there’s one objective you need to keep in mind at all times – make sure the monster that’s in the number one spot has an active leader perk in tow. If they have a perk that increases a certain stat or lowers the cost of magic usage, then the rest of the party should be filled with a nice variety of monster types.

• But if the leader perk you have activated works best for a certain monster class, try to fill the rest of that party with the types of monsters that stick to that specific monster family. Having a party full of beasts while its leader has a perk that raises all beasts’ physical potency is a good example of that type of party composition. Parties that are filled with a full lineup of a certain monster family are even better if you’ve attained Master Rank level boosts for them. Going the recommended route for each monster party’s equipment setup is always the way to go, by the way.

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