Scottish Man Dies After Playing Russian Roulette: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Russian Roulette Scotland

The illegal game of Russian Roulette ended up taking a man’s life in Scotland. Here’s the top five facts you need to know about who was killed during this game, what happened during this game and two other cases of Russian Roulette deaths.

1. Alan McWilliams Was Playing Russian Roulette With A Friend
Alan McWilliams Russian Roulette
41-year-old Alan McWilliams was playing a game of Russian Roulette with a friend at around 8:30 p.m. on Saturday night. The game took a turn for the worst when the gun went off. Police and emergency personnel swarmed the home and they soon rushed to Glasgow’s Southern Hospital. Sadly, Alan passed away from his injuries. Alan leaves behind three children and a wife.
2. Alan’s Wife Spoke About Her Husband
Alan’s wife, Andrea Henderson, spoke to The Scottish Sun about the pain she currently feels from her husband’s unfortunate death:

I am devastated. It is a hard time just now. I can’t believe this has happened.

Plenty of written tributes were placed in front of Alan’s home: One read:

Best papa in the whole world.

Another note read:

Best dad in the world. Forever my angel xxx.

A final tribute from a friend of the family, Tam, read:

Even in death, best mate forever.

3. Local Residents Were Shocked
Alan’s neighbors were shocked and devastated to hear about his death. The Scottish Sun received a comment from one neighbor about what took place:

He was playing Russian roulette with a pal when the gun went off; it’s been the talk of the town for the past two days.

Another neighbor was quoted as saying:

He wasn’t alone in the house. We didn’t hear a gun shot at the time, but knew something had happened when the police arrived. There were armed cops and a helicopter overhead.

A spokeswoman for the Strathclyde Police had this to say:

Detectives are carrying out extensive inquiries following the death of a man in Johnstone at the weekend.

4. Another Case of a Russian Roulette Death Occurred In Pennsylvania
Russian Roulette Death
In July of 2012, 15-year-old Neal Hammond died during a random game of Russian Roulette. During a slumber party with two other boys, one of Neal’s friends played around with a revolver that was loaded with two bullets. One of the boys, Cole McConoughey, jokingly aimed the gun at Neal’s head. He proceeded to pull the trigger and ended up shooting him in the head. Bedford County District Attorney Bill Higgins gave a statement on this incident to Fox News:

This is a tragic example of the consequences of the irresponsible handling of a firearm. Sadly, this is a situation that could have easily been avoided by adhering to two basic firearm safety measures — always assume a gun is loaded, and never point a firearm at a target you do not intend to shoot. My heart goes out to the family and loved ones of the young man who lost his life.

5. A Russian Roulette Also Claimed a Life In Brooklyn
Russian Roulette Scotland
Another sad case of Russian Roulette gone wrong took place in Brooklyn in November 2012. 18-year-old James Morris was reportedly hanging out with three of his friends at the time of his death. Morris pulled out the gun, pointed it at his friends and twice pulled the trigger. After bragging about his mastery of Russian Roulette, James spun and reloaded the gun and aimed at his head. The gun went off, killing him. Police discovered James in his home with a single bullet found in his head. Law enforcement spoke to The New York Daily News about their suspicions about what really happened:

It could be a very elaborate plan to cover something up.

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First funeral i ever went to as akid….was another kid who died playing russian rouleette. @13

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