Violent Tuscaloosa Police Arrest: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

tuscaloosa police

An altercation turned violent after Tuscaloosa Police responded to a noise complaint. (YouTube)

The Tuscaloosa police had a violent altercation with a group of students that ended in one man getting tasered, thrown to the ground, and beaten with a nightstick. (You can watch all the videos here.) Three people at the apartment were arrested following the incident and the videos have gone viral on social media. The Tuscaloosa Police Department has said that internal affairs is reviewing the videos.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. The Tuscaloosa Police Were Called to the Apartment Following a Loud Music Complaint And Tensions Escalated Quickly

The altercation happened after a loud music complaint was made around 3 a.m. about an apartment at 12th Avenue Place Apartments on Frank Thomas Avenue near Buffalo Phil’s in Tuscaloosa, reported.  The videos show the police standing in the door, announcing that they are responding to a noise complaint. The students then questioned if the officer has the right to search the apartment or if they are being detained, The Crimson White reported. The students refused to exit the apartment and at one point, a student tried to shut the door on the officer. Shortly after, an officer pushed his way inside and appeared to push a student onto the ground.

2. A Witness Said the Scene Was Chaotic After the Students Questioned Whether They Were Being Detained

What happened next was chaotic and hard to decipher, since many of the videos looked dark. But you can hear people in the apartment yelling and screaming about what’s happening. In one video, an officer is told the incident was being videotaped and he replied, “I don’t give a (expletive),” reported. It appears that at least a dozen officers arrived at the scene for the noise complaint.

3. Videos Show the Officers Taking One Man Outside, Tasered Him, And Then Beating Him With a Nightstick

After the altercation inside the apartment, a video shows the officers dragging two students outside and pinning them onto the ground. The first student was tasered and held his hands up in surrender. The video then shows the officers beating him with nightsticks. You can watch all the videos here.

4. Two Men And a Woman Were Arrested

tuscaloosa text message, who was arrested

Text message about what happened at Tuscaloosa. (Reddit)

After the videos stopped, two young men and a young woman were arrested, reported.  A poster on an online message board shared two text messages talking about what happened, including the text pictured above. Because the names and the text message had not yet been confirmed at the time of publication, the names were blurred out of the photo.

The names of the three arrested students have since been confirmed: Brandon Williford, 21, of Tennessee; Matthew Macia, 22, of Georgia; and Caroline Giddis, 22, of Tennessee, WVUA reported. Williford was the student seen being beaten and tased in the videos.

All three students were charged with obstruction of governmental operations. Williford and Macia were also charged with resisting arrest, and Williford and Giddis were charged with harassment. Williford, the student who was beaten and tased, was held on a $2,000 bond. Giddis were held on $1,000 bond. All three have since been released.

5. The Tuscaloosa Police Said Internal Affairs Is Investigating the Situation

The Tuscaloosa Police Department announced that videos of the incident were forwarded to internal affairs. A full investigation is going to be conducted and a statement released by the Tuscaloosa Police Department read, in part:

A full investigation of the circumstances that are depicted in these videos will be conducted and all appropriate measures taken to ensure the integrity of the Tuscaloosa Police Department in serving the citizens of Tuscaloosa.”

Later, the police department announced that three officers involved were suspended with pay, including the officer who used the stun gun, Montgomery Advertiser reported. The names of the officers haven’t been released.




No ones kids are safe. Tazering and beating peoples sons and daughters with clubs???? Americas true terrorists ARE those who wear a badcge. Just frightening whats been revealed in these videos and in hundreds of videos across the United States. Hundreds have died after being tased and these dirty cops are using them as punishment???? Freakin OUTRAGEOUS!!!


Looks like a bunch of punks who refused to listen to cop directives and got what they deserved. All of a sudden, everyone’s a lawyer, questioning whether a cop has a right to do this or that. Just listen to the cops and nothing would happen.


first poster is a fucking idiot, no wonder cops think their behavior is ok.


Haha, I concur. You are stupid. We just watch them breaking multiple laws and parameters of being a police officer.


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Genius, we all watched it on video. Ever heard of the Constitution of the United States? You don’t need NASA credentials to understand that police officers cannot enter the homes or residences of citizens without a warrant, signed by a judge,proving probable cause.


Yeah, don’t stand up for your right, be like you and bend over and take it up the ass.


Several things stand out as odd here:
1.) Why were there so many cops for a simple noise complaint? Did the first officer call back-up after they refused a first time to come out or were they expecting trouble from the occupants of this apartment due to prior experience of problems with them?
2.) We no not know what happened before the filming started. We don’t know the cop’s initial attitude, what he asked of the students, etc. We also don’t know how the students initially responded.
3.) Why wouldn’t the students just do as the cop asked? If they had nothing to hide, what’s the big deal about letting a cop inside? Or taking a look around? File a complaint with the department after the fact if it’s that big a deal. If they had cooperated from the beginning, this wouldn’t have escalated.

Note: I’m not saying the cops were correct to take such extreme measures, but I am not jumping to defend the students either. Neither side seemed to handle this situation in the best way, but WE DO NOT KNOW ALL OF THE DETAILS. It isn’t smart to jump to conclusion without hearing both sides of the story and gathering all of the information.

Furthermore… As a female college student, I am embarrassed at the behavior of the girl (Giddins, I believe) who was screaming in the video. I completely agree that she should have been charged with harassment. Scared, mad, or whatever, there is no reason to go into hysterics. I’m talking about before she was pulled outside – she screamed at just about everyone, cursed, made a fool of herself, and didn’t even listen when the other people in the apartment told her to shut up.


You really should read the Constitution of the United States. “If they had nothing to hide, what’s the big deal about letting a cop inside? Or taking a look around? File a complaint with the department after the fact if it’s that big a deal.” Ironically, this is the only post or statement that is more idiotic and historically clueless than the first comment on this thread. Seriously, you should be ashamed of yourself! Why even have a Constitution, limiting the power of government then? Why even have RIGHTS at all? To answer your terribly embarrassing question, the bid deal is: it is their RIGHT to not have their homes and effects unreasonably searched and seized. (4th Amendment) the big deal is: It was the police, who were openly and blatantly in violation of not only the laws by which our nation is governed, but in violation of the rights of these FREE citizens of our Republic.
Every single police officer that crossed the threshold of that apartment door committed a burglary. (Entering a dwelling with the intent to commit a crime)
These police violated the constitutional rights of the students
These police openly and blatantly assaulted the citizens, and initiated violence when none was being exhibited by the citizens.
These amount to nothing more that bullys…Criminals wearing badges.


Wow. Just wow. You actually want police to be able to do what ever they want without question???? Sheeeeesh I have to agree with the popular opinion of you!


A person has a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to be safe in their home. The police officer grabbed the guy by the arm and wanted him to come out. The student was under no obligation to come out nor did the officer have the right to ” follow him in to the apartment on hot pursuit ” since it wasn’t a felony. The police officer was a thug and they weren’t punks.