WATCH: Walmart Loss Prevention Detains Shopper Who Paid for All Her Items

Gina Lescarbeau was at a Walmart in Burnsville, Minnesota when she was accused of stealing a Lion King Disney Junior toy by store employees Kenny Swanson-Peck and Thomas Ewalt. In the video, Lescarbeau begins filming when she is stopped by Swanson-Peck at the store exit, who demands to see her receipt.

Swanson-Peck then escorts Lescarbeau to the Walmart office with Ewalt.

“Don’t treat me like a f**king criminal, ’cause I’m not,” Lescarbeau says as she obliges to his demand.

The trio then heads to the Walmart office.

“Go through my sh*t,” Lescarbeau tells the two men.

“The lion is fifteen dollars,” Swanson-Peck says, referring to the Lion King Disney Junior toy.

“It’s seven dollars!” Lescarbeau responds. Her receipt reflects this. “What’s the price on it?” She then has Swanson-Peck scan the toy.

The toy is seven dollars.

Lescarbeau continues to curse out Swanson-Peck as he walks away.

“Keep cussing at me, see where’s it’s gonna get you,” Swanson-Peck says to her.

“Am I going to cussing jail?” Lescarbeau answers back as she leaves the store, promising to never come back to Walmart again. She also informs the duo that they will be on social media once the video goes viral.

The video was shared on YouTube on July 23 and has since garnered nearly 35,000 views.

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I must’ve missed the part where he admitted being wrong unless “I don’t have time for this” counts.


Where did he Admit he was wrong ? Because he doesn’t apologizes in away way. He throws her toy that she bought and says he doesn’t want to deal with this anymore hahahaha what shit this article is

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