Tristan Thompson Parents: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Instagram Tristan Thompson's mother Andrew Thompson is her son's biggest fan and supporter.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are getting ready to face off against the Golden State Warriors and as Tristan Thompson prepares for the big game, his biggest fan is waiting to cheer him on.

Andrea Thompson, Tristan’s mom has been his biggest supporter since he first realized he wanted to be a basketball star at 10-years-old. His mother followed him around the country to cheer him on as he pursued his dream of being drafted by the NBA, and remains his biggest fan to this day.

Here’s what you need to know Thompson’s parents:

1. Thompson is Very Close to his Mother Andrea, Who He Calls Nearly Every Day

Thompson is very close to his mother Andrea Thompson, a former school bus driver originally from Jamaica who’s always been her son’s No. 1 fan—and who just celebrated a birthday in April.

Thompson posted a heartfelt birthday wish to his mother on Instagram saying: “Happy birthday to my mommy! Thank you so much for all of the sacrifices you have made for me and our family! Watching your hard work and dedication for our family is what made me the man I am today! I love you soo much and enjoy your day MOMMY!”

In the article “My Brother’s Keeper,” Thompson talks about taking care of his three younger brothers, one of whom has epilepsy and suffers seizures on an almost daily basis. Thompson is very close to his siblings as well as his mother, whom he calls nearly every day.

“Even though I don’t live at home and I’m four hours away from home, I talk to my mom every day – ask how the kids are doing, ask how she’s doing, too,” Thompson explained. “Everyone knows that my mom, she’s very dedicated in taking care of her sons – especially Amari. But at the same time, you need to make sure that she’s ok.

“It’s asking a lot for one parent to do, so I always try to make sure that she’s doing well, too. Whether she’s getting a massage or just get out of the house and have a babysitter watch for a couple hours, that’s crucial.”

2. Thompson’s Parents Traveled All Around the United States to Support His Dream of Being an NBA Player

Andrea Thompson, Tristan’s mother, says that Tristan had dreamed of being a professional basketball player since he was 10-years-old. In an open letter to The Star, Andrea talks about how proud she was of her son the day he was signed by the Cavaliers.

“That was my son, Tristan Thompson, putting on the cap of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team Thursday night, shaking the hand of commissioner David Stern, doing just what he told me he would when he was just 10 years old,” Andrea wrote.

She talks about taking her children all over the country for AAU tournaments as Thompson pursued his dream of being drafted by the NBA.

“We went all over the place to watch him play, she said. I would take off work three days at a time, losing money I didn’t have, but you have to support your kids.”

3. Andrea Claims Thompson Get’s His Drive From Years of Watching his Parents Work Hard to Succeed

Where does Thompson get his drive from? His mother says he is driven by watching his parents work hard to get ahead.

“I guess he watched his mom and dad. Trevor is a truck driver. I drive a school bus. We work hard. In life you have to work hard to receive your blessing, everybody knows that. I never had it easy as a child. I didn’t have to tell Tristan anything to empower him. Tristan saw us always working hard, and he wanted to get ahead.”

Raising four children, including one with special needs, is incredibly hard work, and Thompson knows that, especially after watching his mother give up her life to take care of him and his siblings.

“My mom really distanced herself from a lot of her friends and some family members just because what we were going through – no one really understood and no one really knew how to help.”

Watching his family struggle while caring for his brother encouraged Thompson to begin the Amari Thompson Fund – a program Thompson began back in 2013 that, along with Epilepsy Toronto, has helped nearly 40,000 families deal with the sometimes-debilitating neurological disorder, according to the NBA.

4. Thompson’s Father Once Attacked Tristan on Social Media Claiming that he Doesn’t Respect His Last Name

Although Thompson is close to his mother, he has had some rocky times with his dad Trevor Thompson, who once took to social media and accused Thompson of basically abandoning his first child to be with Khloe Kardashian.

According to Bet, an IG user commented, “Talk some sense into Tristan PLEASE. Prince Oliver will one day question his father,” to which Tristan’s father sent a strongly worded response to the user.

“Tristan act like he does not have a father…. what gos around comes right back around…. watch and see he’s a want to be a man….LOL Tristan only listen to his self and mother what a joke they don’t know any better…. lol sad sad sad shame on them time will tell watch and see.”

He then went on to praise his own father and accused Thompson of not respecting his last name.

“There’s nothing like having a father in your life for guidance…. I give thanks each and every day for my DAD whò knows what time a day it is ….. Tristan dose not respect his last name Thompson because he is $85 million stupid.

“Khloe has a boy and a baby too raise…LOL.”

5. Trevor Thompson Blames His Son’s Habitual Cheating on the Family’s “Broken Home”

The senior Thompson has reportedly spoken out in the past about how their “broken home” is to blame for his son’s affairs and for him leaving his ex Jordan Craig for Khloé when she was still pregnant with their first child, 16-month-old son Prince Oliver.

According to OK Magazine, Trevor claims that their lack of communication is a major factor in the NBA star’s persistent habit of cheating, which began long before Khloé’s pregnancy.

Everyone is talking about Tristan and Jordan… Tristan needs to communicate with his father so he can be a better person to me and to others,” Trevor said. “If Tristan was communicating with me, these problems would not happen. Mothers can’t get through to the son the way the father would be able to.”

Although Khloe forgave Tristan for cheating on her with several women who she calls “stupid groupies,” his father doesn’t agree, and feels the blame should still be leveled against his son for the choices that he made.

“This is TRISTAN’S problem,” Trevor insisted.