Hurricane Florence: Damage in Wilmington & What’s Open [PHOTOS & VIDEOS]

Getty People wait in line to fill up their gas cans at a gas station that was damaged when Hurricane Florence hit the area, on September 15, 2018 in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Wilmington, North Carolina was hit hard by Hurricane Florence. The damage was extensive in some locations, and some deaths were also reported in the area. Here is a look at some of the damage in Wilmington, North Carolina. Scroll to the end of this story for a list of what’s been reported as open in Wilmington.

Damage Is Still Ongoing

Damage is still ongoing in Wilmington, so the reports below are just preliminary, as rain continues. There were also tornado threats the night of Saturday, September 15. There was confirmed tornado damage in Brunswick County near Wilmington.

Family Dollar Store Looted & Arrests for Dollar General Looting

In the middle of all the chaos, looters cleaned out a Wilmington Family Dollar store on Greenfield Street in downtown, WSOCTV reported. The manager told police to let the looters go ahead. You can watch a video of the looting below:

RAW VIDEO: Looting at Wilmington Family Dollar after Hurricane FlorenceRAW VIDEO: Looting at Wilmington Family Dollar after Hurricane Florence. Read more –

Officers also arrested five people who looted a Dollar General at 5th & Dawson Streets.

Meanwhile, some people were not too kind to the media reported on the damage, WSOCTV reported. People threw items at the media, including a glass bottle that shattered at the feet of a Channel 9 reporter.

A Tree Fell Into the Roof of a Sonic & There Was Serious Wind Damage at the Shell Station on Eastwood Road

A tree fell into the roof at a Sonic:

And a Shell station also suffered serious damage:

Coastal Fuels Gas Station Was Torn Apart by the Storm

Hurricane Florence Rips Off Roof of North Carolina Gas StationYou can see just how powerful the winds are as Hurricane Florence makes landfall in North Carolina. A gas station roof in Wilmington was torn apart as the storm pummeled the East Coast. In Beaufort, an American flag was ripped to shreds by strong gusts. At least 200 people are being rescued from their homes.…2018-09-14T17:50:53.000Z

On Friday night, the Coastal Fuels gas station was torn apart by the high winds.

A Slope Collapsed at a Coal Ash Landfill

NBC Washington reported that heavy rains from Florence resulted in a slope collapsing at a coal ash landfill just outside Wilmington, at the closed power station called the Sutton Plant. About 2,000 cubic yards of ash was displaced and contaminated storm water likely flowed into the plant’s cooling pond, Sutton Lake. Duke Energy was still confirming whether any of that contaminated water might have flowed into Cape Fear River.

Some Reports Indicate Downtown Might Have Been Spared Serious Damage

Some shared that downtown appeared to have been spared serious damage:

But areas near downtown weren’t so lucky:

Trees Fell & Window Were Shattered Across the City

In addition to buildings, hundreds of trees and power lines were down in Wilmington. Many homes were also damaged. Tragically, a tree fell on one family’s home, killing a mother and baby who were inside. You can see footage of some of the damage below:

Hurricane Florence damage flooding Wilmington, NC – 9/14/2018Hurricane Florence brought down hundreds of trees and power lines in Wilmington NC. Storm surge and intense rainfall also caused the Cape Fear River to overflow its banks onto nearby roads. Shot Description SHOT 1: A large tree branch fallen on a Cadillac parked on the street. SHOT 2: A passing view of a large…2018-09-15T04:01:04.000Z

According to StarNews Online, some of the damage included:

  • Trees down on Ann & Second streets
  • Flooding at the base of the stairs to Lula’s
  • Trees down at St. James Episcopal Church on Third and Market
  • Major tree damage at Second and Nun streets, and Third and Nun streets
  • Trees down at Fifth and Orange streets, and Fourth and Dock streets, and Fifth and Ann streets
  • Extensive debris at 10th and Market Streets
  • Broken glass at many stores
  • Windows blown out in the First Citizens Bank Building at Front and Market
  • Damage at North Front Street
  • Castle Hayne was extensively flooded (according to a Facebook group)
  • Several breaks were reported in the Bogue Inlet Pier-El

Damage was extensive in some areas.

Here you can see storm damage in Historic Wilmington and 12th and Market Street:

One resident shared on Twitter that she returned home to find serious damage from a pine tree that fell into her house:

Here is a drive-through of Wilmington, North Carolina:

Drive through Wilmington reveals damage from FlorenceDowned trees, branches on the hurricane-lashed streets of Wilmington, North Carolina. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. The number one network in cable, FNC has been the most watched television news channel for more than 16 years and according…2018-09-14T17:58:36.000Z

Here is a video of damage at Kings Grant, North Carolina:

VideoVideo related to hurricane florence: damage in wilmington & what’s open [photos & videos]2018-09-16T02:30:41-04:00

What’s Open in Wilmington

A variety of Facebook groups were set up specifically for people who are in Wilmington. They have reported that the following locations are open during regular hours. These aren’t confirmed, however, and it is not known if they will still be open on Sunday, so you might want to double check before visiting:

  • Waffle House on Market
  • HT Gas Station at Beau Rivage
  • Candy’s Exxon & Mini Mart (but the ATM/credit/debit machine wasn’t working earlier on Saturday)
  • Hardees on CB Road
  • Chris’s Restaurant
  • Lightpoint Church Mercy Chefs are providing meals to victims and first responders starting Sunday.

Facebook Groups with More Updates

Multiple Wilmington Facebook groups with details about damage and open locations have been started. The largest group can be found here, and includes frequent updates and details about damage in neighborhoods, welfare checks, and more. Another good group to visit is here.

This is a developing story. Do you know of damage in Wilmington? Let us and other readers know in the comments below.

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