Anna Timmer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Anna Timmer is the Grand Rapids, Michigan woman who went viral after posing a question to Representative Justin Amash. You can watch Timmer questioning Amash here.

Timmer accused Amash of “political grandstanding” because of his well-publicized calls to impeach President Trump. Timmer implied that Amash is planning a run at a higher office and said that hewas failing to represent the political will of his district. “You just talked about how you did better in District 3 than Trump. Do you want to talk about how the last election you got the least amount of support that you’ve ever had because you haven’t supported the MAGA agenda? It’s your right to support whatever you want, but you also know you have no future in this district because of that, as a Republican. So you want to go bigger and brighter,” Timmer said.

Here’s what you need to know about Anna Timmer:

1. She Once Volunteered for Amash’s Campaign

Timmer told Amash that she had voted for him in every election since he first ran for office in 2010. She added that she had even volunteered for his electoral campaign. But now, Timmer said, she had changed her position on Amash.

“I think a lot of the people here who are cheering and applauding your courage most likely didn’t vote for you,” Timmer said, during the town hall. “I, on the other hand, voted for you in every election since 2010,” she continued. “And in fact, I worked on your first campaign in 2010. I knocked on hundreds of doors for you. I made hundreds of poll calls for you, inviting people to your events to meet you. I made tons of personal phone calls to friends to vote you in when you were running against a bunch of other people. So I was there for you from the very beginning. I’m not sure how many people applauding your courage were. But I would like to say that since that time I have changed my position on you.”

Timmer said that she had changed her position on Amash because she didn’t think he was representing the views of his district.

2. She Describes Herself as a Trump Supporter & a Christian

Timmer’s Twitter page describes her as “pro-America, pro-Trump, saved by Grace.” She runs a YouTube channel under the name Sola Veritas. Timmer describes the Democratic party as “depraved” for the party’s stance on abortion. She is a staunch supporter of President Trump and critiques what she calls the “Russia hoax.”

Voter records say that Timmer is registered to vote but has no known party affiliation.

3. She Has an Enthusiastic Following on Social Media & Some Say She Should Run for Office

Video of Timmer questioning Justin Amash went viral on social media. After her identity was revealed, Timmer built up a huge and enthusiastic following. Some of her new fans are urging her to run for office, maybe against Amash himself. One Twitter user wrote, “You are brilliant, Anna. Go go go! Run. You will win. You absolutely have what it takes. ” Another wrote, “Great give me hope for our future..Run for office! We need smart , intelligent fearless Patriots like you! MAGA!”

4. She Studied Nutrition at Western Michigan University

Anna Timmer lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. According to her Facebook page, Timmer studied nutrition science and dietetics at Western Michigan University.

5. She & Her Husband Have Two Children

According to her Facebook page, Anna Timmer is married to Jon Timmer. The couple has two children. In recent days, Anna and Jon’s Facebook pages have been full of comments from Anna’s supporters, praising her for confronting Justin Amash during his recent town hall. Media outlets have also used the Facebook pages to request interviews with Anna.