Wisconsin Woman Licked Store Freezer Handle in Coronavirus Protest: Cops

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Getty Food is displayed in the freezer section of a grocery store July 8, 2014 in Miami, Florida.

A Wisconsin woman allegedly licked a store freezer handle to protest the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis in the United States. It was reported by The Smoking Gun that 53-year-old Nona Lindhorst licked a store freezer handle while the store manager of Festival Foods in Marshfield was sanitizing them.

As per the police report, which was shared by The Smoking Gun, the store manager told police that she looked at him and proceeded to lick the door handle of the freezer door. He then sanitized the door handle “immediately” and “called for a welfare check” on Lindhorst.

The store manager does not wish to take legal action against Lindhorst. The Wisconsin woman did become confrontational with the police and the Festival Foods manager, however, so a no-trespass order was requested. She told the cops that she “licked the door handle in protest to the [coronavirus].”

According to the police report, this is the first time Lindhorst has used this method of protest.

Lindhorst Has Posted Frequently on Facebook About the COVID-19 Coronavirus

Lindhorst has been active on Facebook sharing her thoughts about the coronavirus and the Americans’ response to it. On March 18, she shared an image that reads, “Why aren’t we reporting that 68,000 have recovered from CV19.”

On March 14 she wrote, “Why are the people of WI in this [toilet paper] panic don’t they realize that Kimberly-Clark is over in Neenah, HELLO! Neenah is just a short drive from just about anywhere if you can go to a Packer game during the regular season you can go to Neenah for a [toilet paper] run.”

Some Facebook users have taken to the comment sections of her posts to voice their displeasure with her method of protest.

Lindhorst Is Not the First to Be Criticized for Licking an Object Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Another woman that decided to lick an object during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in the United States is social media influence Ava Louise. She posted a TikTok video of herself licking an airplane toilet seat. Here is the video:

Her caption reads, “Please RT this so people can know how to properly be sanitary on the airplane.” In the video, she had the blurb “Coronavirus Challenge,”however the challenge has not caught on.

After posting the video on March 14, Louise said in an Instagram story that she “cloroxed” the toilet for 40 minutes before licking it. Louise also stated that “I need Trump to retweet this,” and she also claimed that she made $4,000 for “breaking the internet.”

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